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Adam's All Purpose Cleaner 16oz

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A degreaser that's guaranteed to be one of your favorite products! Safe, easy and effective for a number of jobs.
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  •  Tough On Dirt but Easy On Your Car
  •  Clean Wheels, Tires, Engines and More
  •  Great For Cleaning Up Your Detailing Accessories
  •  Safely Cleans Your Foam Buffing & Polishing Pads
  • Made in 

Adam's All Purpose Cleaner isn't rocket science, but it effectively cleans the worst grime your car brings home without being harsh or harmful to any surface.  At Adam's Polishes, if a product isn't safe, easy and effective, we kick it to the curb.

On tires Adam's All Purpose Cleaner removes the worst caked on contamination you can imagine, without the cheap butyls found in most wheel cleaners that cause wheel damage (etching) and pollute the earth. Adam's All Purpose Cleaner deep cleans tires, removing browning and old tire dressing without drying the tire or damaging the rubber compound

If your wheels have baked on contamination, tar, or other contamination Adam's All Purpose Cleaner is your solution. Sometimes brake dust mixes with nastiness from the road to form a stuck on slurry that can be difficult to remove. A soaking with Adam's All Purpose Cleaner will loosen the contamination where other cleaners may not be able to touch.

Use Adam's All Purpose Cleaner under the hood to degrease your engine. Dirt, grime, grease and oil literally melt away when you apply Adam's All Purpose Cleaner at full strength. For a lightly soiled engine, you can dilute Adam's All Purpose Cleaner 5:1 with water.

Try Adam's All Purpose Cleaner on the worst grime your car has, including the undercarriage, road tar, sap, bugs, bird droppings and just about any soil you can imagine is easily and safely removed with the proper mixture of Adam's All Purpose Cleaner!

When your detail is done Adam's All Purpose Cleaner also makes the perfect pad and accessory cleaner. Spray liberally into your polishing pads and accessories, scrub gently and then hose clean. The cleaner works to dissolve spent polish, wax, and dressings and make them easier to remove from your pads so they're ready to use the next time. 

NOTE: Adam's All Purpose Cleaner is not recommended for delicate surfaces like polished aluminum. Dilute the cleaner as needed and never spray on a hot surface or allow to dry.

  •  Tough On Dirt but Easy On Your Car
  •  Clean Wheels, Tires, Engines and More
  •  Great For Cleaning Up Your Detailing Accessories
  •  Safely Cleans Your Foam Buffing & Polishing Pads
  • Made in 
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give it 5 stars!
Tremendous product with so many interior and exterior uses
I've used All Purpose Cleaner in countless scenarios from removing VRT or Tire Shine to cleaning my shoes up (lol). I only wish they still had the foaming spray... more
Jonathan on 3/20/2017
The All Purpose Cleaner works amazing! Cut down my cleaning time by 75%.
Ryan on 3/2/2017
This stuff is by far the best strong cleaner/degreaser on the market. From rubber floor mats to drop in bed liners, this stuff is unstoppable!
Terry on 2/10/2017
Really good stuff, does what it should do and that is attack stubborn stains. I use this stuff on fender wells, door jambs, polishing pads. Its just a great all around cleaner.
JOSH on 9/15/2016
I use this stuff on everything. Their best product they have or maybe its just my favorite.
Joey on 9/12/2016
Just go ahead and buy a gallon of the APC, you won't regret it. this stuff is great and I go through about a half to a full 16oz bottle each time I clean my vehicles up. It smells amazing and it works equally well. You won't be disappointed with this product. This one and the wheel cleaner are my go-to products every time I detail my vehicles.
David on 9/12/2016
Product is a true apc. It can be used full strength for disastrous tires and oil soaked undercarriages or diluted down for gentle interior scuff touchups. My only complaint is that I'm almost out!
George on 9/12/2016
This stuff is like crack. I use it on every inch of the car before washing it. I can never see myself not using this when washing now because it just makes a great difference.
Tommy on 9/12/2016
This is AWESOME. I use this and my microfiber towels that are near the end of there life span when I need to clean a really dirty place. Door Jambs, Trunk Jambs and under the hood.
Sergio on 9/11/2016
Got this stuff in a mystery box. I absolutely love it.
Shannon on 8/31/2016
Purchased this to clean the wheel wells of the Challenger and Dodge dually. So far have only gotten to use on the Challenger. Glad I purchased. Love the smell. (I am huge on smells) and it works fantastic. Definitely will keep this in my stash and will try it on more stuff as it arises.
Joe on 6/2/2016
This stuff is great, i do a ton of driving and my car gets filthy on a weekly basis. Lots of road oils, tar, bug guts and bird crap, and this cuts through all of it. I like to give my rockers, bumpers and wheel wells a spray and scrub before actually getting to the car wash soap/mit. This breaks down all of that and saves me time from scrubbing more than i need to, and saves me money by keeping my mits/pads clean! Worth every penny.
Brandon on 5/26/2016
Tremendous product with so many interior and exterior uses
Jeremy on 5/17/2016
The All Purpose Cleaner is one of the best smelling, and overall, most useful products Adam's makes. It cleans your wheels, pads, applicators, brushes, etc. Definitely worth purchasing by the gallon.
Jayson on 4/11/2016
This is a great all around cleaner I use on my tires, rubber floor mats, and engine cleaning! I buy the gallon and refill my bottle. Love this APC!
Nick on 2/1/2016
This product is a must have in the cleaning arsenal. It's the only thing I could find that would clean the dirt and grime off my wife's plastic exterior rocker panels.
Edgar on 11/18/2015
This product works awesome use it for my car and even home. Cant be any happier.
Charles on 9/23/2015
Some good stuff. This can be used to clean just about anything.
Christopher on 6/22/2015
I now buy this cleaner by the gallon. Its my go to cleaner for just about everthing. Great tires too.

Good: Smells good too Bad: Smells good, so my wife keeps stealing it
Jim on 6/8/2015
give it 5 stars!
Jim on 6/8/2015
I'm a new recruit of Adam's and what a pleasant surprise to find a cleaning product that cleaned my tires of all the new tire protectant and miscellaneous other stuff that over-the-counter tire cleaners couldn't clean. This product works great on whitewalls or blackwalls and gets the tire ready for Adam's tire shine. I'm ecstatic, went to a car show with my 64 Vette and the tires looked brand new after the Tire Shine application. Great cleaning product without all the scary caution statements about getting the product on your paint!
ralph on 4/3/2015
i use this on everything including the cars that are tough to clean.
staytunedmike on 12/2/2014
This is probably my favorite product in the Adams line up. It just has so many uses other than just washing your car. Aside from using it for cleaning the car, I use it all around the house. So good that I have 2 refill gallons laying around!
Jeff S. on 10/30/2014
This is hands down the the best all purpose cleaner! It works so well on so many
surfaces, and the best part it is safe! It also has a nice lemon scent. I've tried other
apc's, and their is no comparison. This product cleans so well, it is also my favorite
adams product. Try it, you will love it I guarantee it!!
beto1707 on 9/21/2014
This is probably the best thing I've purchased during Camaro fest, had a bunch of wax stains on my trim and couldn't take them off, tried many products and they did next to nothing. With the help of the utility towels now I can polish and wax my car without worrying about getting stains on my trim.
xbam77x on 9/21/2014
I've used All Purpose Cleaner in countless scenarios from removing VRT or Tire Shine to cleaning my shoes up (lol). I only wish they still had the foaming sprayer that I've seen in some of the earlier videos.
Scott on 9/19/2014
A great APC! Many uses for the car and around the house! Use it full strength for tough jobs or cut/dillute it for lesser cleaning power. Good stuff.
Chas on 9/19/2014
Great product and is made versatile by being affective on numerous parts of a vehicle based on dilution.

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