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There’s no denying that for most of us, everyday life can cause wear and tear on the inside of your car. One area that shows this wear the most is carpet and upholstery. Whether it’s mud and grass stains from picking up the kids at practice, accidentally spilling that morning coffee or energy drink, or trudging in salt, ash, and magnesium chloride from your boots during winter driving, the carpet and cloth seats will become dirty, discolored, and stained over time, and you may find yourself struggling to fully remove all of the dirt and stains. This is where Adam’s Carpet Extractors can make this an easier job, with much better overall results than more traditional carpet cleaning methods.

What Is A Carpet Extractor?

An extractor differs from a wet-dry shop vacuum or a small portable carpet cleaner in a few key ways. Extractors are professional-grade machines that deep-clean carpet and upholstery much more thoroughly than other options, leaving carpets, floor mats, and more with a like-new appearance. Extractors are intended for use on more serious stains and spills or heavy dirt and grime build-up. An extractor uses pressurized water mixed with a cleaning solution, along with very powerful suction from a built-in vacuum to clean carpet or upholstery more thoroughly than scrubbing with foaming chemicals by hand. It sprays the water and cleaning chemical, such asAdam’s Extractor Shampoo, into the stain or affected area of carpet to break down the stain more effectively, and then immediately sucks out the dirt contamination and cleaning solution with a very strong vacuum suction. This leaves the area less damp than other cleaning options and will allow materials to dry out more quickly, with the best results in terms of stain removal.

TheAdam’s Heated Carpet Extractor has several advantages over smaller carpet cleaners. Most smaller spot-cleaning carpet cleaners come with smaller capacity water tanks of 1 gallon or much less, which require frequent draining or refilling if you are trying to clean larger areas. On some less expensive spot cleaners, once the dirty water tank becomes full, if you continue using the machine and do not power it off quickly enough, the dirty water can overflow and begin leaking out of the machine all over wherever it is sitting - which might be the carpet you just cleaned. Our extractor features a 3-gallon tank to hold plenty of water and shampoo solution that will then be sucked back into a separate 3-gallon dirty water tank, allowing you to clean much larger areas each time before having to drain the dirty tank and refill the clean tank.

Many smaller spot-cleaning machines have suction hoses that are 2-3 feet in length or less, in order to keep costs low and suction strength adequate, but when detailing tight areas in a vehicle, this will require you to move the machine around frequently - sometimes even having to rest the machine on a seat while cleaning the carpet underneath it and vice versa. Our Carpet Extractors eliminate this annoyance by having a 15-foot suction hose with a very strong 804 watt motor and 76” of lift, so that you can set the machine safely outside of the vehicle and have much better maneuverability of the handle for cleaning various areas like carpets, upholstered arm rests, and seat backs. The 2-Stage motor for the vacuum provides ample power to suction out larger amounts of water than spot cleaners, meaning the carpet and upholstery will be less damp and dry out more quickly, so less down-time before the vehicle can be driven again.

The third difference between many spot cleaners and professional extractors is having a heating element to provide additional cleaning strength with hot water. The Adam’s Heated Carpet Extractor uses a 600 watt heater to bring water temperatures up to 200℉ to break down more stubborn stains that have set in and dried into a surface. But the main benefit of a carpet extractor is that the overall level of effort in removing dirt and stains is much easier compared to cleaning areas by hand with chemicals and scrubbing with towels. In this video, Adam shows the process of removing stains and cleaning upholstery by hand, and as you can see, it is a more labor intensive process that takes more time than using a carpet extractor:How to Thoroughly Detail Your Cloth Interior

Heated vs. Non-Heated Extractor

Pro Tip: Agitate stains with a cordless drill and the Adam’s Carpet Drill Brush, then use the Extractor to pull even more dirt from the area!

At a cost of just under $1,200, our Heated Carpet Extractor is an expensive investment that may not be in everyone’s detailing budget. For this reason, we now offer essentially the same extractor minus the heating element, theAdam’s Non-Heated Carpet Extractor, at a more affordable price point of $799. It still comes with the same 3-gallon tank capacities, 15-foot hose, and excellent suction power, but in a slightly smaller and lighter-weight housing since it does not include the heater. You can still pour hot water into the tank and achieve excellent results, but the hot water will cool down more quickly without the heated feature.

A few important guidelines for using the Adam’s Carpet Extractor are as follows:

  • (Heated version) Do not run the heater without water in the tank.
  • (Heated version) Turn off the heater if it has been on for more than 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • Pour the Extractor Shampoo into the lower clean water tank first, then pour in the warm water.
    • 2-3 oz of Extractor Shampoo is usually enough to mix into the 3-gallon tank.
    • For extremely soiled carpets, use 5-6 oz of Extractor Shampoo.
  • Empty the dirty water tank after each use to avoid unwanted smells in your garage or storage area.

For a full how-to video on using the Adam’s Heated Carpet Extractor, click the link below:Deep Clean Your Carpet and Upholstered Surfaces with Adam's Heated Carpet Extractor 



We hope you enjoyed this quick blog on our premium, professional-grade carpet extractors. The Adam’s Heated and Non-Heated Carpet Extractors can bring your vehicle’s upholstery and carpet surfaces back to life with a like-new feel and appearance, without the strenuous effort of hand-cleaning spots and stains. If you are a seasoned detailing hobbyist looking to deep-clean interiors or a professional detailer looking to save time and clean better, the Adam’s Heated or Non-Heated Carpet Extractor will provide you with the best results for cleaning carpet and upholstered surfaces in your car in a safe and effective manner. They aren’t just for your car though - use the Extractor and Extractor Shampoo around your home to deep-clean carpeted steps, upholstered couches, benches, chairs, and more! If you are uncertain about any product or process, or have any questions in general, feel free to contact us, or reach us on our online communities on, Instagram, and Facebook, as well.

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