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Adam's Wheel Cleaner 16oz

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Better performance, better scent!

The ultimate way to remove stubborn brake dust and metallic contamination from your wheels.

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  •  Changes Color As It Works!
  •  Tough on Brake Dust, Safe on Factory Clear Coated, Factory Powder Coated, and Factory Painted Wheels
  •  Dissolves Stubborn Metallic Contamination  
  •  Great for Cleaning Brake Dust from Modern Sport Brakes
  • Made in 

Adam's Wheel Cleaner is the ultimate way to remove stubborn brake dust and metallic contamination from your wheels. This thicker formula clings to wheel surfaces and allows the European derived formula to melt away the stubborn brake dust commonly left behind by many of today's high-performance braking systems. The color changing formula lets you know it's working, turning to a deep purple as it activates and does the hard work for you. 

Best of all Adam's Wheel Cleaner is safe for most wheel finishes. So whether you have factory clear coated wheels, aluminum, or paint the highly effective cleaning solution will remove the stubborn brake dust, but won't harm your wheels. Saturate the wheel with Adam's Wheel Cleaner and allow the color changing formula to activate.

With active cleaning agents and advanced surfactants the formula is perfect for cleaning away the worst, most baked on brake dust commonly found in the barrel of your wheels. Simply spray on, allow the cleaner to activate, and then agitate using one of Adam's Turbo Sticks or Wheel Woolie Wheel Cleaning tools (sold separately). 

Adam's Wheel Cleaner is great for more than just wheels too! Have a light colored paint job like white or silver? Then you've no doubt noticed the little orange iron particles that stick to your paint. Adam's Wheel Cleaner can be sprayed on these little trouble areas and used to dissolve the iron from these surfaces as well. 

Adam's Wheel Cleaner is guaranteed to be the best wheel cleaner you've ever experienced!


NOTE: Adam's Wheel Cleaner, as with any wheel cleaner, should never be sprayed onto a hot surface. Always allow wheels to completely cool before cleaning. USE COMMON SENSE: If you will be using Wheel Cleaner for the first time on your wheels be sure to test in a small area first to check for any unusual or unexpected results. The active ingredient in Adam's Wheel Cleaner does produce a slight odor as its working. This is normal and will quickly dissipate.

  •  Changes Color As It Works!
  •  Tough on Brake Dust, Safe on Factory Clear Coated, Factory Powder Coated, and Factory Painted Wheels
  •  Dissolves Stubborn Metallic Contamination  
  •  Great for Cleaning Brake Dust from Modern Sport Brakes
  • Made in 
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4.92 out of 5 stars
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I have used the competition and nothing compares to Adams products, especially this tire cleaner!! This product works awesome along with all the others I own! T... more
WOW! Deep wheel cleaner is the best wheel cleaner I have ever used. Not only does it take off all brake dust but, caked on mud and other crap! Not to mention it... more
Love this product works as advertise this is a must have for all car enthusiast.
Alex on 2/21/2019
My go to wheel cleaner. Works great.
Nick on 1/8/2019
This wheel cleaner is incredible and it’s also certified and sold by GM. Anyway, it’s the best I’ve ever used and smells much better than the competitors out there. I have 22” black wheels on my Tahoe, I soak them down very throughly, and the 16oz bottle lasts me 4-5 washings. I have 2 gallons on hand to refill from. Highly recommended, it clings well, melts contamination fast and easy, and it also adds a lot of lubrication! Pair it with Cermaic Boost, and your wheels will be glowing and looking brand new every time!

Robby on 1/8/2019
Great product that you can leave on for about 4 minutes or so in the shade and it will turn the entire wheel purple, and wash away 90% of the brake dust, I usually follow up with a microfiber after I rinse it off to easily wipe away the last ten percent
Marcello on 12/21/2018
Hands down the best wheel cleaner I have used, it takes all the brake dust off my wheels and does not strip the coating I have on them. Only complaint I have is the smell but other than that it works great.
John on 10/12/2018
i usually dont let my wheels on my personal cars get dirty enough for this to be very effective, BUT! i use this wheel cleaner on all of my customers cars and it melts off brake dust and grime! With a quick wipe after it sits a minute it makes wheels look brand new with hardly any effort! The smell is a little strong but worth it!
J on 9/27/2018
Just got my wheel cleaner in and used it. Not overly impressed, as I still had go back and “tidy up” after using the product. It worked about the same as any other wheel cleaner I’ve used. Bad side, after you take the cap off to put the sprayer on it, with the bottle decompressing, it was only filled a little more than 3/4 the way. Used the product once on all 4 wheels (sprayed per the video instructions) and I’m down about 1/4 of the bottle. So I’ll only get about 3-4 used out of it. In my opinion, not worth $14.99 for a 3/4 full bottle. Just my two cents.
Chris on 9/19/2018
Can't say I'll be buying their wheel cleaner again. While it helps remove the brake dust on my '17 Mustang GT w/performance pack, it still requires a good scrub to get all the grime off. What I'm most disappointed with though is that it dulled the finish on the black lugnuts I just put on the car even though the cleaner was on for just a minute or two. Looks like I'll be buying a new set of those and finding a different cleaner.
Russell on 9/4/2018
Does a great job cleaning wheels... Product does the heavy lifting, just spray it on and let it work for a few minutes, then a quick once over with a wheel brush and rinse. Couldn't be easier, and wheels look great.
A.J. on 8/8/2018
Best wheel cleaner I have ever used. Paired with the Adam's wheel face brush it makes cleaning wheels easy. I have tried other brands using Adam's brush, wondering if the brush is why it's so good, but no. Other brands with the brush don't work as well so this is an excellent wheel cleaner compared to others.
Cameron on 6/18/2018
Love this stuff! Took all the brake dust off the back and front of my chrome hostile wheels like it was nothing! The smell is pretty intense but the cleaning power makes it worth it!
Steve on 6/8/2018
Phenomenal product!!!! Just spray it on, wait a minute or two for it to change, hit it with the Adams brush and BAM!!! Super shiny wheels!
John Green on 5/10/2018
I love this product, despite the smell. This wheel cleaner smells bad, yes, but other brands smell worse and aren't as effective. I had a client that had a 2015 ford f350 that he tows with, The OEM brake pads on that truck made the wheels black. He came to me because his wheels had black spots on them that he couldn't get off. With some of this wheel cleaner, and a very small amount of clay for a few of the spots his wheels looked good as new.
Noah on 3/28/2018
This is by far the greatest wheel cleaner I have ever used, It breaks down brake dust like no other and leaves the wheel super clean.
Lewis on 2/14/2018
This is one of my favorite products that I have used. Use it all the time on my 09 Cobalt SS, with the factory Brembo brakes they like to throw a lot of brake dust on the wheels. With this wheel cleaner, it's no problem to get the wheels to look like new. Wheels still look brand new and the car is 9 years old. I would highly recommend this product however, I would buy it in a gallon.
Carl Ryan on 2/11/2018
This product is better smelling than the previous one. If you don't want your hands to smell like wheel cleaner for hours, you need to wear some rubber gloves. Other than that it works great. Just a few sprays does the entire wheel. You can watch it start to work just seconds after spraying it. Don't wait too long, I've had it almost dry on my wheels before. Great product in my eyes.
Erik G. on 1/30/2018
Works really well. My wheels were looking extra clean after not being able to wash them for about a month with all the messed up weather we have been having lately here in Texas. The only thing I am not a fan of is the really harsh chemical smell this has.
Eric on 1/30/2018
Used this product on our daily drivers and it worked as advertised. Couldn't believe how clean the wheels got and how easy a process it was with the wheel brush and wheel woolie. Tried it next on a brand new corvette. I was a little nervous at first but no worries, those chrome wheels looked fantastic! Time to order a gallon size.
Landon on 1/1/2018
One of the best wheel cleaners out there and it absolutely dissolves the grime right of the wheels. Took two track days worth of brake dust off with just a light misting and rinse. The only catch is this stuff has a pretty potent odor and I would not recommend using in an area without some ventilation.
Alex on 11/14/2017
By far the best wheel cleaner i have used. My 2016 camaro gets a lot of brake dust but this cleaner takes care of it easily.
Marcus on 11/6/2017
I really enjoyed using this product, this is the best wheel cleaner on the market. This product makes cleaning wheels easy and and it takes no time to clean the wheels, I wish the smell was better but other than that I still give it 5 stars.
Dominik on 10/14/2017
Absolutely love this product! My rims have never looked cleaner or shinier!
Tim on 9/24/2017
Wow...seriously, it’s all I can say. I love most Adams products, but this wheel cleaner is the next level. It works so well. I just wish I had some 10 years ago!!! Brake dust just wipes off. Even baked on dust that’s been on for years. Can’t recommend high enough!!!!
Corey on 9/4/2017
I have tried this on chrome and aluminum wheels and had fantastic results. It really made my chrome rims shine and that's before I even polished them.
John on 9/2/2017
Some would say that this product smalls bad and it does to the guy that is used to Adams products but compared to Griots Garage heavy duty wheel cleaner this is like a red rose. I literally puked when I smelled Griots wheel cleaner and also Adams works 110% better.I love this product it pulled up caked up brake dust off on my personal truck and all of my clients cars. Definitely the best product I have ever used.
Ben on 8/25/2017
Great wheel cleaner. Typically no need for even use at full strength unless wheels are incredibly dirty. I'll dilute with a little water just to get some extra life out of the bottles? Paired with a wheel Woolie, wheel brush, and lug brush wheels are easy to clean, quickly!
Taylor on 8/23/2017
This product works better than any item I have ever used in my life. I wish everything else in life worked as well as this does. Very very happy with this product.
Dominic on 8/12/2017
Works great on my Silverado's wheels spray on let it sit for a minute then rinse off and wipe dry leaves a nice clean bright shine
Matt on 7/11/2017
This wheel cleaner is a amazing! Easily better than any others Ive used. Just spray it on, let it sit for a bit, and rinse it off. I like to mist the wheels with detail spray and dry them off afterwards. The ONLY complaint I have is that the smell of this product reminds me of burning plastic.
Michael on 7/7/2017
This is the best stuff I used the whole bottle in about 5-6 washes as soon as I ran out I finished washing my car came inside and ordered the 1 Gallon bottle of the wheel cleaner. You need to buy the ADAM'S WHEEL & TIRE BRUSH KIT with this product to get the most out of it and watch the videos on how to use it.
michael on 7/3/2017
Bought the Wheel Cleaner a week ago and used it right away. I have a 17 VW GTI with the Performance Pack so it has the massive performance brakes that make tons of dust and drive me absolute nuts! Used the product...definitely a TON more than what was needed since it stripped the dust right off the machined alloy wheels on my car. I sprayed them down and scrubbed them down with Adams rinseless wash and scrubbed them dry.

All i can say is i am buying more ASAP my wheels are shinier that i ever thought they could be. I still need to work on them a bit more to get in all the nooks and edges but 200% impressed with the product and how fast it works.
Parker on 6/27/2017
This is an awesome product to keep your wheels clean and shiny. I've used it on my matte black wheels and it works perfectly.
Kevin on 6/24/2017
this stuff is magic in a bottle!!! it has multiple uses primerly for wheels and dont forget thos ewheel barrels u can also use it diluted 1:1 half product half distilled water on the paint before claying the car and doing a full detail and you can also us eit to clean that stiff of your exhaust tips i highly recommend buying the gallon !!!!
Chase on 6/12/2017
The best wheel cleaner on the market hands down.
DCar on 6/8/2017
Great wheel cleaner I'm giving it 5 stars based off how good it cleaned my exhaust tips I mean it made them look brand new again the wheel cleaner actually worked better than cleaning polishers for exhausts without the effort I got them shinny in about 3 minutes with a few sprays of wheel cleaner with exhaust cleaners​ I have to scrub and scrub last my wheels are never really that dirty I wash my car and wheels weekly so dirt never really builds up but it still does a good job on wheels
Vince on 5/24/2017
Another impressive improvement on something that was already amazing. I didnt have to think twice, even before I ordered it - so we got a GALLON to start.
My absolute favorite! It's clingier, works fast, and DECIMATES the brake dust and crud left behind from my big brembos and a 40+ mile commute every day. Skip the bottle and get the gallon!
Jim on 5/9/2017
I like to start with the wheels when I clean my cars and the Adam's Wheel Cleaner gets the process going well. Easy to spray on and get off the wheels, you won't be upset with the results of this product. Another excellent choice!
Omar on 4/11/2017
My favorite wheel cleaner out there. I do not scrub the wheel at all as this cleaner breaks down all the contaminants. I simply wash away with a pressure washer.
Terry on 2/10/2017
Great product, some have commented on the smell but that is a byproduct of the iron decontamination agent that is in the product. I wish it would go further but cannot wait to try it on my wife's car. It did a great job on my rims.
Cory on 12/30/2016
Some of the best wheel clean ive ever used. Used it on a set of chrome wheels that have been caked with layers of brake dust and dirt from years of driving and it brought back the brilliant shine! 10/10
Logan on 12/18/2016
I've ran my own detailing business for over 8 years now and have been strictly a Griots Garage guy until I was introduced to some of the outstanding products Adams has to offer such as the Wheel Cleaner, needless to say, I won't be going back. Adams Polishes products are made for the perfectionist for the perfect end result. One product with so many uses, Paint Decon, exhaust tip cleaner, and wheel cleaner. Kudos Adams Polishes, Kudos!
Ted on 9/27/2016
Great product, along with Adams wheel & tire brush kit and turbo stick my wheels never looked so clean. And it smells good too. It doesn't go far though so I came back to order a gallon. 1 16oz bottle is enough to wash 16 wheels, or 4 car washes. Stock up!
Dan on 9/12/2016
Works very well on most wheels. It works well when combined with Adams wheel brush! Another piece to the cleaning checklist.
Joey on 9/12/2016
This product seems to require less (amount) to do the same job as the Deep Wheel Cleaner and smells much better. Unfortunately I have a gallon of the old stuff to use up, but I will definitely be buying a gallon of this when I run out. Adam's wheel cleaners are the only ones I have ever used that actually cleaned the wheel. All others I have tried seemed to just be wasted effort. This is a great product and well worth the money, I use it every time I wash my vehicles.
Kevin on 9/12/2016
This is by far the best wheel cleaner out on the market! I have powder coated wheels and it's safe to use on them. My high performance brakes leave behind horrible brake dust and this causes the dust and to wash right off. Leaves the wheel looking new again. Pair it with the wheel brush and you are all set with this.
Jeff on 9/12/2016
Great product. Consistency is just right, thin enough to spray well but thick enough to cling. Results are great and the smell is much better than other brands
Levi on 9/12/2016
First time using any Adams cleaner. The wheel cleaner did great on my nasty wheels. I will be shopping here again!
Michael on 9/12/2016
I'm on ig tell you straight up this is the best wheel cleaner on the market, it won't let you down and go buy this product just bc. Thanks Adams for being a awesome company.
Schleppo23 on 9/12/2016
This stuff is the real deal. I'm a huge fan. Came from Sonax, this works better and is a great value considering the time savings. Spray on cool wheels, wait 5, agitate, and rinse with the pressure washer. Makes my German brake dust come right off with no effort or fuss. Highly recommend, just save yourself some time and buy a gallon too because it's that good.
Ryan on 9/11/2016
This cleaner is legit! BMW is known to have super messy brakes and my high performance ones make it even worse, seriously two days after a wash and nearly black again.

Adams wheel cleaner works wonders at restoring wheels, barrel, and calipers back to a crisp clean look.
Jeannie on 9/11/2016
Amazing how clean my wheels are after using the Adam's Wheel Cleaner!
Marc on 9/11/2016
Best wheel cleaner I have ever used. Tried this product for the first time on a set of chrome wheels that haven't been cleaned in 2 years. After using it the wheels looked better than the day the vehicle came off the showroom floor.
Gene on 9/11/2016
This is a great product. Use it on all my vehicles. Easy use and clean up. Spray on wipe or brush and raise. Boooom brake dust clean and shinny wheels.
Michael on 9/11/2016
I am a relatively new customer that loves a clean car. I absolutely LOVE the wheel cleaner. Like all things, nothing is perfect but this product is close. The only negative I have is the smell. I sometimes use this on my daily driver at the car wash and throw my lug nut brush in my cleaner bag inside the truck. The smell can be strong. Everything else is awesome. My wheels look brand new after using. This is my most used Adams product!
Charles on 9/11/2016
Absolutely great cleaner! Smell is not good... but they tell you that. Gets all the brake dust off with ease!
Justin on 9/11/2016
I have used the competition and nothing compares to Adams products, especially this tire cleaner!! This product works awesome along with all the others I own! Thanks again
Josh on 9/11/2016
Magnificent product, best wheel cleaner on the market !
Tyler on 9/11/2016
By far the best wheel cleaner that I've ever used. Clings to dirt and brake dust like crazy and turns to an awesome purple color while it's working. Spray the wheels down and you're good to go.
Julianne on 9/11/2016
Can't live without this if you own a car. Removes break dust and dirt with ease. The rims are the most tedious to wash because of all the grooves and crevices, but I like seeing a shiny car all around. This wheel cleaner is by far the best thing ever!
Brian on 9/11/2016
This stuff is awesome! Cleaned my wheels with ease, will be ordering a gallon soon!
Robert on 9/11/2016
This is possibly one of the best wheel cleaners in my arsenal, it makes cleaning brake dust and grime effortless, the smell is good as well. I believe you really need the chemical reaction (which is what makes it turn purple) to make the cleaning process go the smoothest and produce the best results, and this product gets it done. I always look for the best product with as little compromise as possible and this is my go to, paired with a good degreaser you can make your tires and wheels pop like no other, and I truly believe in the quality and effectiveness of Adams.
Michael on 9/11/2016
awesome product. best wheel cleaner i have used. check out the tire and rubber cleaner as well
Logan on 9/10/2016
THE best cleaner for cleaning the face of the wheel. Purely amazing product.
Sarah on 9/10/2016
Absolutely love this product! Love the fact that it doesn't have a terrible chemical smell to it and that you can actually see it working! We use it all the time for brake dust problems and it does the trick everything!
Mohammad on 9/10/2016
I love to take care of my wheels on weekly basis so I've been through plenty of wheel cleaners, Adam's wheel cleaner by far is the most satisfying one when it comes to cleaning power.. It eats brake dust like crazy and put them down on my driveway, I use it once about every 3 months and seal my wheels, it's very economical as I only wash the wheels with shampoo since they've been deeply cleaned and sealed.. I highly recommend this thing.
Luke on 9/10/2016
Best wheel cleaner I have ever used. Enough said if you even think about buying it, buy it you won't regret it!
Alex on 9/9/2016
Love this product works as advertise this is a must have for all car enthusiast.
Edgardo Rodriguez on 9/9/2016
Adams wheel cleaner is the best on the market. Does not fade or leave stains on painted calipers. I tried other products and had to repaint my calipers. With Adams wheel cleaner you can see it change color so you know it's working. If you're ordering for the first time, this is a must add it to your cart.
STEVE on 9/9/2016
This stuff is great!! Cleans awesome and keeps brake dust and dirt off wheels longer. This is a must have!!!!!
Ryan on 9/9/2016
This is a fantastic product and you will never be disappointed!
brandon on 9/9/2016
Works great yes I would buy this again.
Matt on 8/24/2016
First off let me start off with saying great this company is with there customer service. There products are just as great from the clay bar to the detail spray I've never used anything like it before and I have Tryed many different products. I got my first bottle of the wheel cleaner in today. I went out side and just sprayed it on one wheel that was covered in break dust didn't even scrub it waited till it changed colors and rinsed it off with the some water and I was just amazed with the difference it made. All around great company to deal with from customer service to ship and there amazing products. Adams has me as a customer for life now
jerome on 8/19/2016
What can I say that already hasn't been said about this product? this product does miracles for me, on both a personal, and business level. I always use this product to get my wheels back to that clean factory look. I work at a local car dealership as a bodyshop car detailer, I also own my own detailing business, I have tried countlessly to get the bodyshop to buy me Adam's since the cheap low quality product that we use forces me to scrub and scrub away at the wheels, and even then they still don't come clean, when to be completely honest with you I barely have to touch the wheels to make them come clean when I use Adam's. Thank you very much.
ROME on 7/22/2016
by far one of my favorite products from their line. Makes the job so much easier to clean. honestly not much to say but this stuff is amazing and you should definitely have this in your collection.
Detailer2000 on 7/13/2016
Works just like Sonax, for better and worse, and smells better.
It takes off the brake dust well.
But does not touch the oily grime at all.
I still have to wash the wheels twice, once for dust & once for grime.
It would be great to have a single product that does both.
Jeff on 6/20/2016
Really cuts through the grime on a wheel and eats up that brake dust. Only thing i wish is that smell, if you could make it smell like the detail spray... watch out!
Ken on 6/10/2016
I have been battling the brake dust on my car since I bought it. Anyone who has a Focus ST knows exactly what I mean. After seeing so many posts about Adams on Instagram I decided to give their wheel cleaner a shot. Within seconds of spraying my wheels they were deep purple, I gave them about 5 minutes to work while I washed the rest of the car. Just before I rinsed I hit them with the brush real quick to make sure all the grime came loose. Once I rinsed the cleaner off I was blown away, my wheels had looked better than they ever have (bought the car used). Another added bonus was the fact that the cleaner also took all the old baked on dust off the red calipers that I thought were destroyed and would need to be painted. If you are even slightly thinking about buying this just click add to cart, you will not regret it. I didn't notice much of the smell everyone talks about in their reviews but I did also buy the detail spray and that has an amazing smell, smells like strawberry jello to me.
Joe on 6/2/2016
First, this smells much better than the pink cleaner :) Second, this is my favorite product that Adam's sells. I do lots of track days and the entire car gets covered in brake dust, a lot of it, this eats away at the brake dust quickly and cleanly, most of the time i dont need to do any scrubbing at all which saves me wear and tear on my brushes/towels. This doesn't damage any finishes on any of my wheels, which have a variety of paint/powder coating on my track wheels, paint and polished surfaces on my street wheels and keeps my brake calipers and rotors squeaky clean. This also works well in small areas on the body of the car where metallic dust can get into the paint, usually on the lower doors and bumpers. I was a Sonax fan for a few years before Adam himself came out to Detailers Domain and showed everyone how great this is, cant beat it for the price!
Brandon on 5/26/2016
Super awesome product. However seems I'm about 5/8-3/4 bottle for a set of truck wheels so I go through a lot but not exactly a bad thing. Product works very well and probably one of the better wheel cleaners on the market
Jeremy on 5/17/2016
Wheel Cleaner is one of very few Adam's products that doesn't smell great, but you know what? I don't need to smell my wheel cleaner! It works great, but you tend to use quite a bit to get your wheels clean. At least I do. That could possibly be because I have matte wheels, I'm not 100% sure. Regardless, it does work very well, especially when combined with the wheel cleaning brush. This is one of the products I'll make sure to always keep a gallon of.
Ladd on 5/7/2016
There is no auto-parts store cleaner that can come close to Adam's Wheel Cleaner! While I use my Adam's products mostly on my 'sunny day' car, I tried this on my wife's 07 Honda CRV daily driver, which typically has hardened brake dust stuck to the aluminum wheels. I have not done her wheels since last fall and it's been through an Ohio winter. I did one treatment of Adam's, let it soak, and brushed with a soft wheel brush. I gotta tell you.....wheels look like they are brand spanking new! Unbelievable. The only other time they looked this nice was the day we bought it brand new. (and I think they're even nicer now) I will never use another wheel product again! Love this stuff.....and it smells great too!
Jayson on 4/11/2016
Didn't think Adams could make there wheel cleaner better, but they did!! Smells better, I used less product, and it sticks to the gunk and doesn't run down and waste the cleaner!! Great job Adam!
Robert on 4/6/2016
This was the best tire cleaner I ever used it was easy to use and my wheels looked great
Stan on 3/31/2016
Used it for the first time and loved it! The new scent coupled with a improved formula, leaves my wheels looking clean and shiny with little effort!
Austin on 11/23/2015
Absolutely incredible! My wheels are powdercoated gloss black and im shocked how well this stuff works. Just spray on and let it sit for a minute or two and I used the Adam's wheel brush to finish it off and I couldn't be happier. Favorite part is the wheels stay shiny even after days of not cleaning them. Recommend this product 100%
Edgar on 11/18/2015
Buy this by the gallon best wheel cleaner i have used! Works best when the wheels are cool. Never spray it when you have been driving.
Vince on 11/11/2015
Ordered this because I saw awesome reviews and videos on it. It works amazing. Needs very little scrubbing and if you have light dust, you may not have to scrub at all, just rinse off. The only flaw besides wishing I had a bigger bottle of it because I used almost half the bottle cleaning my wheels one time, was the odor of the spray.
Stewart on 10/16/2015
The reviews speak for themselves. The first time I used this my jaw hit the ground! Not only did all of the crud melt off of my wheels but the BACK of the wheels cleaned up like new with very little agitation! I'll never use another wheel cleaner again, I ordered a gallon on my subsequent order!
Jesse on 10/5/2015
I love it! When I got my first one I got another with my next order!
Thomas on 9/20/2015
This is one of my Top 5 favorite Adam's Products. It absolutely dissolves brake dust and road grime, and foams up nicely when you "activate it" with a moist wheel brush. It's easy to go through it quickly, and I find myself using it religiously- so it's one of those products that you should buy the 16 oz to have the bottle, but get ready to have a gallon on standby. Using it in combination with the Adam's Wheel Woolie is a dynamic combination that will keep your wheels looking like new.

I can also say that I have little if any concern about this product being compatible with different wheel finishes. I've used it safely on the factory polished aluminum Camaro wheels (which are basically clear coated), with no issues. I've also used it on two different Audi with the traditional silver painted finish, and one with the current "S" model "Black Optic" wheels that are a brushed titanium look. The product has been completely safe and compatible on all counts. A++, will buy again.
Matthew on 9/6/2015
I used the deep wheel cleaner on my Camaro wheels that I have neglected for the last 6 months. Spray on, agitate, rinse off and my wheels looked showroom new! Absolutely no brake dust and they sparkled like new! Two thumbs up for this product.
Matt on 8/7/2015
Wow, do my wheels look great now. My wheels are gunmetal color, so it's not always easy to tell how dirty they are (not a bad thing). And they are 6 double-spokes so there are lots of places for brake dust to hide. But I used the Deep Wheel Cleaner on them for the first time and you could tell they had some extra shine. When I was done, I dried the wheels with a yellow microfiber towel that shows any dirt. But the towel was almost completely clean when I was done and I think the only dirty spots were from where I touched the tire. Some people don't love the smell, but they've probably never tried some other heavy wheel cleaners and acids that are so awful that you can't even breathe around it. I finished up with some Quick Sealant on the wheels so they are well protected too.
pat on 7/6/2015
I've always felt that if the wheels don't look great, the rest of the car won't either, no matter what. So over my last 6-8 cars, i've tried about every wheel cleaner there is. And this wheel cleaner is unquestionably the best I've ever used. Easy on, foams up well, doesn't stink, and hoses off. Another thing I've noticed is that I use considerably less per cleaning than the others. I don't know if that's because the sprayer on the Adam's is better, or that the foam created is easier to track on the wheel, but it's a fact. Highly recommend this. My wheels look brand new every time, and it's easy to use.
Robbie on 7/4/2015
I have to say, this is the first wheel cleaner that does a great job at making my wheels look like they just rolled off the showroom floor. However, the stench of this product can only be described as skunk vomit. If it wasn't for the smell, this would be a five start product.
Brian on 6/11/2015
Cleans nasty brake dust covered wheels with ease. This product clings to the wheel during the dwell time better than any other color changing product and I've tried them all, plus it smells better. Use at 1:1 for paint decon
Chris on 6/11/2015
The ONLY cleaner that can keep my ZL1 wheels looking brand new!
Cooper on 4/29/2015
I've been using the deep wheel cleaner since it came out, and its by far the best wheel cleaner I've ever used. From normal road grime and light brake dust on the daily drivers, to truly nasty track car brake dust, deep wheel cleaner leaves my wheels looking amazing. I use it religiously on my track car (on average once a week during track season) and the brake dust just comes right off. Best of all, I've seen absolutely no negative effect to the wheels, even after repeatedly using such a strong product.
ralph on 4/3/2015
truly impressed with how well this clean the backside of my rims.
Joey on 12/4/2014
Definitely recommend this wheel cleaner!! Does what it says it does!
Lawrence on 12/3/2014
During the summer I wash every week to other every other week. I cannot do a wash without cleaning my wheels due to high dust levels from my pads and this stuff works better than any others I have tried. I agitate with a damp mit and spray off to a totally refreshed finish. On clear coated stock painted wheels it comes out super shiny and almost looks waxed with a wipe down including detail spray. On Plastidipped wheels it makes it so easy to make it look like you just sprayed your wheels. Took a 2500 mile trip this year and my wheels(plastidipped) were caked in dust when I got home. Only difference while agitating was I needed to rinse off the mit more often. Wheels came out spotless.
Greg on 12/2/2014
My stock brakes dust horribly. Getting it off is very easy with the Deep Wheel cleaner.
hdav94 on 12/2/2014
This deep wheel cleaner is amazing! It makes cleaning wheels less of a pain. After trying out all different brands of wheel cleaner I can say that this is the best product out there. I have found that other wheel cleaners can be very harsh while Adams is not. This cleaner has a better outcome!
chapmandpk on 12/2/2014
This is by far the best wheel cleaner I've ever used, spray on rinse off and done, love the fact I don't have to scrub my wheels and it saves me time.
nick on 12/2/2014
I bought this product for my car because my wheels get caked in brake dust. For those of you who have Brembo brakes, you know what mean. I have to admit at first I was a little skeptical at first but because all other Adam's product work amazingly I ordered this. This product is AMAZING!!! I literally just sprayed my wheels and watched the brake dust drip off my wheels. All I had to do was use my wheel brush and get into the smaller spaces and finally risnse the wheels down. I went from black brake dusted wheels to sparkling clean up wheels in a matter of minutes. This product makes cleaning wheels a breeze and I highly recommend it to anyone that has wheels that are subject to crazy amounts.of brake dust. Thank you Adam's for a great product!!!!
Joel on 12/2/2014
Great stuff. Works on my chrome polished and powder coated wheels. Adams will never let you down two thumbs up.
Colton on 12/2/2014
WOW! Deep wheel cleaner is the best wheel cleaner I have ever used. Not only does it take off all brake dust but, caked on mud and other crap! Not to mention it doesn't have a terrible smell; just let the rest of Adams line up!
Elliot on 12/2/2014
Best wheel cleaner ive ever used!!
Bradley on 12/2/2014
Best wheel cleaner i have used hands down! Spray, let sit for just a minute, and bam! Breaks everything down and leaves your wheels like new!
Clayton on 10/29/2014
This product works way better than what i have expected. Spray, rinse and done. That simple
martin_pena10 on 9/22/2014
Best product ever!!!!! Very easy to use and very quick.
Obse5st on 9/22/2014
Best wheel cleaner I've ever used. You can see the cleaner just eat the brake dust and dirt away. I buy this stuff by the gallon!
dommer91 on 9/22/2014
xbam77x on 9/21/2014
One of my favorite products from Adam's! I've put it to the test on some trashed wheels that were caked in brake dust and road salt with amazing results.
BigBird_405 on 9/21/2014
WOW!! Blown away by this stuff! Adams Polish and car car works miracles!!! Forever using Adams on all my show cars!
TomTraube on 9/21/2014
Very easy to use, works perfect every time
aleeeeeeexxxxxx on 9/21/2014
I got this a few days ago and tried it for the first time that day, I have to say it is absolutely amazing and hands down best wheel cleaner I have ever used. With minimal effort it will make your wheels look brand new. Very happy with it.
Kevin on 9/21/2014
The Easiest way to clean your wheels. This stuff basically eats the brake dust off your wheels. Makes cleaning your wheels quick and easy.
Scott on 9/19/2014
This is possibly the best heavy duty wheel cleaner on the market today. I have tried numerous other cleaners and this one ranks at the top! It cleans as well and changes colors (so you know it's working) like the other 'major' players out there, however, the one HUGE plus for Adam's is that it smells good! The others are very, very unpleasant. Try some and you will not be disappointed!
Kris on 9/19/2014
If you own a German sports car do yourself a favor and buy the gallon size. This works just as well if not better than Sonax. I dilute 1:1 and use as a paint decontaminator before claying. Use it on your exhaust tips to attack all of the crap that builds up. Extremely versatile product that does' t kill you with an obnoxious smell.

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