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Adam's Eco Wheel Cleaner is a wheel cleaning formula combined with the cleaning technology of our Eco All Purpose Cleaner, making it the perfect option for cleaning delicate wheel finishes. Adam's Eco Wheel Cleaner will not stain your wheels. Whether your wheels are matte black, polished aluminum, chrome, powder coat, or any other custom finish, this cleaner is safe on all wheel finishes, provided that you read and follow the instructions before use.

  • Direct Release to the Environment Formula
  • Cleans any wheel finish, no risk of staining
  • Safe on Carbon Ceramic Brakes
  • pH Neutral
  • Light Green, Fruity Fragrance
  • Made in the USA
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    Received in a mystery bucket. Was excited to try it because I’ve always stuck with the standard wheel cleaner for when my wheels are very dirty or p&s break buster or wheel and tire cleaner for standard washes. Product seems pretty average, doesn’t suds up very well and doesn’t cling much at all. Does a decent job of cleaning and rinses easy. Cannot say I’ve used it on ceramic coated wheels. But the product does seem to not be too aggressive



    Tried it out as the BOGO and loved it so much that i bought the 5 gallon and its easier now to refill.

    Arizona A.

    light duty - feels safe for coated wheels!

    I feel safe using this product on my ceramic coated wheels after watching some YouTube videos on what heavy degreasers and detergents do to ceramic coatings!! This cleaner doesn't necessarily sud up super well for me for some reason, id rather use it than a harsher cleaner. It surely works good enough and takes care of my wheels! Does what it should! I bought a gallon during BOGO haha. Thanks Adams!


    Eco WC

    I love the eco wheel cleaner! I have matte black powder coated rims and they definitely do not have the thickest coat to them so I wanted something a little safer to use than a full strength wheel cleaner. I can literally spray the eco on all 4 wheels and go through a touchless and it takes everything right off or do the same at home with a wheel woolie / mitt and get perfect results. Highly recommend it!


    Works Great

    I have a 17 Challenger Scat Pack and used this with a wheel brush and was easy to use and wheels look new. Did a great job and will order more soon. Good product.

    Eco Wheel Cleaner contains EPA approved ingredients from Safer Choice that are Direct Release to the Environment safe! This formulation can be used full strength or diluted down to conserve chemical usage. Many wheel cleaners are designed to target brake dust and metallic contamination at the source. Although effective, those products clean so much in fact that they have a tendency to mistake your finish for a particle of brake dust, resulting in increased chances of staining! Adam’s Eco Wheel Cleaner is safe on any wheel finish and effectively removes contamination with the hassle.

    Eco Wheel Cleaner contains no iron activator, which is the main culprit for staining wheels when used incorrectly. Naturally derived surfactants in this formula generate high-foaming, as well as high-wetting and detergent properties, that are safe for the wheel, tire, brake components, and the environment. Best of all, Eco Wheel Cleaner doesn't have the pungent and lingering chemical smell associated with most other wheel cleaners - no more smelly hands after a wheel cleaning session, as you enjoy a pleasant citrus scent instead!

    Adam's Eco Wheel Cleaner pairs excellent with all of our wheel cleaning tools, including the Adam's Microfiber Wheel Wash Mitt, Adam's Short Wheel Brush, Adam's Wheel Woolie, Adam's Turbo Stick, and Adam's Trim & Lug Nut Brush.


    1. Clean one wheel at a time. Rinse wheel with a powerful blast from hose.
    2. Spray the wheel surface liberally with Adam's Eco Wheel Cleaner.
    3. After the cleaner is applied to the wheel, agitate with Adam's Wheel Brush or Adam's Microfiber Wheel Wash Mitt. Be sure to use an Adam's Wheel Woolie or Turbo Stick on the inside barrel of the wheel, too.
    4. Rinse wheel and brushes thoroughly after cleaning each wheel. Do not let Adam's Eco Wheel Cleaner fully dry onto any surface of the wheel or brake components.
    5. Dry wheels with Adam's Master Blaster Revolution, Adam's Blaster Sidekick, or a microfiber drying towel; preferably dedicated to wheels only.

    Only clean wheels when they are cool to the touch. If you are using this product for the first time, make sure to test in an inconspicuous area first to ensure no unusual reactions or results occur.

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