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Adam's Brilliant Glaze 16oz

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Add amazing depth, shine, and a whole new dimension to your finish.
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  • Amazing Depth, Gloss and Clarity
  • Super Easy On and Easy Off
  • Achieve that Deep, Wet Looking Shine
  • Quick Hazing for Fast Application
  • Made in 

Add amazing depth, shine, and a whole new dimension to your finish with our Adam's Brilliant Glaze. Easy on and easy off,  this is the fastest way to an unbelievable shine. Our all new formula is 110% guaranteed to impress!

Adam's Brilliant Spray Glaze was one of our earliest products here at Adam's and great solution for a quick and easy shine on paint, glass, chrome, or polished aluminum. A step beyond our detail spray, but just short of our Adam's Buttery Wax, it's been a staple of our line for nearly a decade. 

Now we've released its replacement... Adam's ALL NEW Brilliant Glaze and its easier, faster, and better than ever! 

  • Simply pour a small amount of Adam's Brilliant Glaze onto one of Adam's Blue Microfiber Applicator Pads or Adam's Brilliant Glaze Machine Pad.
  • Apply to freshly cleaned and/or polished paint, glass, chrome, or aluminum.
  • Allow a few moments to haze then buff away the residue by hand using one of our Adam's Double Soft Microfiber Towels.  

We've improved the drying time - This product cures quickly, meaning less time waiting for it to haze up and more time spent admiring that shine!!

We've improved the looks - Darker, wetter, and deeper looking shine. This product will take black paint to never before seen levels of dark, reds will appear more rich and vibrant, metallic and pearl paint jobs will POP with increased depth and gloss. 

We've improved the durability - our previous formula lacked durability, lasting a week if not less. The new formula will hold up about twice as long, up to 2 weeks or more, meaning fewer applications to maintain that shine.

Better filling - Got a minor defect that won't polish out? This new formula has incredible filling properties that will help temporarily mask imperfections when polishing doesn't get the job done, or you simply don't have time to pull out your polishes before a show. 

  • Amazing Depth, Gloss and Clarity
  • Super Easy On and Easy Off
  • Achieve that Deep, Wet Looking Shine
  • Quick Hazing for Fast Application
  • Made in 
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50 Review(s)
4.98 out of 5 stars
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I purchased this product almost a year ago and just started using it. It's great. It's the best quick-shine product I have ever used. Perfect before a show o... more
Purchased the brilliant glaze hoping it would add some shine and depth to my vehicles paint and let me tell you what it did exactly that and more! I have a dark... more
I've used two other company's glazes before getting this one in a mystery box. This by FAR has the most shine and covers up the most small swirls of all the gla... more
Robert on 5/5/2019
I purchased this product almost a year ago and just started using it. It's great. It's the best quick-shine product I have ever used. Perfect before a show or showing off your car.

MJ on 3/17/2019
Finally tried this on the inside and outside of the glass on my Tesla Model 3 and got amazing results. After I applied the BG using the MF applicator pad and removed with an AP’s single soft towel I had to drive in the morning directly east into the sun. There wasn’t anything on the glass! Perfectly clear! Since the Model 3 has a glass roof, the BG really brings the outdoors in and you don’t even notice the glass. I just hope birds don’t start flying into my windshield because they can’t see (or hear my Tesla since it’s an EV) the glass on my car. Bravo Adam’s!!!!
Jennifer on 12/24/2018
Over the years I have used so many products trying to find what would work to get rid of the film that builds up in my windshield. Everything I’ve used always left steaks and didn’t really do anything to make my windshield clear. This product did! My windshield is clear of streaks and filmy buildup! Thank you Adams Polishes!
Barry on 9/13/2018
I have always been a Meguiar's products person. I tried other car care products Brands but always gone back to Meguiar's products. I have seen Adams products on line before but i thought I would dip my toe into the water and try your Brilliant Glaze. I have to say if your products achieve the same level of amazement as did the Brilliant Glaze, give then I will convert to your products.

Brilliant (excuse the pun).
KENNY D on 6/9/2018
I have used this on the inside windshield of two of our cars and it is absolutely the easiest product that I have used to leave the glass absolutely invisible. It also kept the inside of the windshield and other windows that it was used for cleaning clear of the residue from off gassing from the interior. I also used it to clean our bay window in the house and my wife noticed that the window appeared as though it wasn’t even there it was so clean. I have cleaned our computer screens with the brilliant glaze also and it is incredibly clean and is easier to keep clean of fingerprints and such. Also polished our flat panel TV screen with it with no adverse side effects and it to stays clear for the most part of our little grandson’s tiny finger prints and they just wipe off with a microfiber towel. As for the vehicle, I have used it in the sun on red paint and metallic blue and it is simple and wipes off very easy and leaves no residue. I highly recommend it, it is one of the most simple glazes out there to use, and it is remarkable on glass.
DCar on 3/18/2018
Had this for a little while just now doing a review for it it was my second time using it and man did it impress me with covering up small scratches on my black mustang I have two long scratches that mysteriously got on my car don't know how they got there I've only ever hand washed my car using the two bucket method but back to those scratches one is about 5" or 6" long and the other one is about 3" or 4" long both are thin hairline scratches I did a full detail and went over it with the brilliant glaze twice and it did a great job masking them only way I can tell they're there now is I have to stare directly up close at them but a few feet back I can't tell that they're there I feel much better now cause I believe someone intentionally scratched my car overall great product did better than expected covering up scratches and I followed up with the Americana paste wax my car is crazy shining.
Adam on 1/2/2018
Purchased the brilliant glaze hoping it would add some shine and depth to my vehicles paint and let me tell you what it did exactly that and more! I have a dark grey vehicle and applied the glaze and the grey is extremely dark and glossy, this product is extremely easy to apply and buffs right off with no effort at all. This glaze is 100x better than the chemical guys glaze puts their glaze to shame!
Steven on 9/27/2017
Adds a ton of shine! Very easy to apply and remove. I topped the glaze with the paint sealant and buttery wax and the results are insane!
Nick on 7/16/2017
This stuff is amazing, but then again what from Adam's isn't amazing!? I had never heard of a glaze before I met Adam's Polishes. I purchased based on reviews and was more than pleasantly surprised!! Use this on the inside of your windshield to avoid that weird haze. Use it on your paint, trim, chrome, glass etc. I wash the glass storm door and rear sliders in my house then glaze them, the appearance is that there is no glass present! Its absolutely remarkable!!! It smells like coconut and is perfect. Not to mention it wipes/buffs off extremely easy, little to no effort!!
Gary on 7/14/2017
This has to be my favorite product to add a great shine to your vehicle. It goes on quickly and easily comes off by hand. I have swirl marks on my car from the previous owner and using the glaze helps to hide the swirl marks. It does not get rid of the swirl marks but the car looks much better after applying the Brilliant Glaze.
Kevin on 6/13/2017
I got this in my mystery box last night and it came with the red hex grip applicator used for wax and glazes first off the smell is amazing what i love about thi sglaze is that its in liquid form not cremeish so it will last you a very long time. i used it on my charger it made my b5 blue pop AND I MEAN TO THE POINT WHERE IT LOOKS SUPER SHINY AND WET also used it on a nissan ARMADA huge huge huge improvment on that black paint my bottle is still alost full and i used it on a huge SUV and a pretty big Sedan little goes a long way with this product . highly recommend you pick this up
Ryan on 5/20/2017
See so theres two different kinds of shine. Theres the impressive shine and then theres the absolutely blows you away shine. And this product is the absolutely blows you away shine. Every time I apply this on my metallic black paint I'm always blown away. After every wash it always has that same look and its always so mind-blowing that paint can look that good. This product completely won me over to only use Adams polishes on everything that I do. Great product doesn't take a lot to do my whole truck and super easy to remove. Buy all the Adams you can you won't be disappointed!!
James on 5/15/2017
I have a 2015 DSOM Corvette ZO6-ZO7 and have been using Adam's Polishes from the first day the car arrived at the dealership. Yesterday, I was surprised to find a new use for Adam's Brilliant Glaze, after washing the Corvette using the 2 bucket method with Adam's Car Shampoo, pull the Corvette back into the garage and dried it using an Air Force Master Blaster, proceeded to go over the car with Adam's Detail Spay.......but when examining the Corvette with my RUPES LL150 LED Penlight it noticed micro water spots on the Corvettes black 'A' pillars, hmm......resprayed with Adam's Detail luck getting rid of the micro water spots.......applied a coat of Adam's Brilliant glaze to the problematic pillars, wiped the haze and rechecked using the RUPES LED.....every micro water spot was gone......went back this morning and applied a coat of Brilliant Glaze to Corvette ZO6-Z07.......It's now ready for this upcoming Plastic Fantastic Corvette Show at Village Motors sponsored by Suburban Corvettes of Minnesota.
Omar on 4/11/2017
Excellent glaze that provides a high gloss shine and makes water bead extremely well.
Rebecca on 12/15/2016
Okay, guys or girls, I'm sold after reading the reviews, I was thinking of getting Adams products for hubby for christmas. Any advice on what to apply this with so I can purchase that too or find it in a kit. Thank you
Ryan on 10/1/2016
Received this product in a mystery box and I have to say, I thought it really brought out the shine and color on my silver cars. I just bought a black car and having used this for the first time on it, I was amazed at the outcome. Easy to use (less is more), and easy to remove. Bottle will last a long time if you are applying it correctly. Another great product from Adams!
Elijah on 9/19/2016
This stuff is next level. I used to wash my car and give it a good clean and wax to make the paint pop. It's a sunburst orange, so it already has some insane shine to it. But when I applied Adam's Brilliant Glaze, I saw a new dimension of shine I'd never known was possible. This stuff blew me away. Really easy to apply and take off, gives real depth to my cars paint. This is a must have as a pre-application before laying down a wax to boost your paint.
Chad on 9/13/2016
I've used two other company's glazes before getting this one in a mystery box. This by FAR has the most shine and covers up the most small swirls of all the glazes I've tried. It goes on easy, comes off easy. Especially with the new microfiber towels, which are just awesome. I've found a new favorite glaze!
mark on 9/12/2016
Other item that is so easy to use and after use you get that wow shine just enough right before a show
jose on 9/12/2016
I was lucky enough to get this in my mystery box. First I have to say smells great but that's not all. This product is amazing. It will give you that high gloss mirror shine. It's easy to apply and even easier to take off. Really makes my paint pop. Couldn't be more happier with this product. There's nothing negative about this. Definitely try this product if you like to have a nice shine to your paint job and if you regularly go to car shows. It's a must have in any detail arsenal
Nathan on 9/12/2016
The smell is reason enough to use this. It smells so good! Plus it leaves an awesome shine and is super easy to use.
Acid666 on 9/11/2016
I grabbed a few products to test some Adam's products out with recommendations from some friends and the Corvette Forum. The main suggestion for my C5 Z06 which is a weekend car occasional autocrosser was to give it a full glaze, Americana wax on top of that, followed by the Detail Spray for wipe downs and extra shine. The Glaze REALLY makes the car POP after a full strip wash. Laying this down gives the Americana wax an awesome bling to seal. The detail spray on top of that is awesome. I'll gladly keep some Glaze in stock from here on out.
kyle on 9/11/2016
love this stuff. always using it on windows,paint. put it on my boat once a month makes everything look wet an looks like the paint is 10 foot deep!! love adams products been using them for 5 years an will not use anything else
Austin on 9/11/2016
After a long frustrating search for a product that could make the jet black paint on the 69' Camaro my father and I restored. We finally found the Holy Grail, Adams products. DO NOT mess with the high dollar brand names that leave the haze on your beautiful paint frustrating you at those moist or hot morning car shows. This product is YOUR savior the application is so simple and smooth a child could do it! (The applicator pad is also a big plus when buying because, you only need to use a spot the size of a dime to do a whole panel!) In other words you could spend more time reading these reviews than polishing your entire car! So what are you doing man?! (Or lady) Just buy this amazing product and enjoy your deep vibrant paint on a beautiful day!
Michael on 9/11/2016
love this product!! it goes on so easy and just wipes right off and leaves behind an amazing shine. I use this with several other Adams products on my 2015 Camaro and it really looks great at the car shows!!
Brian on 9/11/2016
Brilliant Glaze is hands down my FAVORITE detailing product! It's so easy to use, and wow does it go a long way! I've used a single bottle to glaze both of my cars, and I've glazed 3 customer cars so far with the same bottle - still have half the bottle left! Just watch the video, and use as directed. I get compliments everywhere I go and I'm always getting questions about how I get my car so shiny! I always have to start off with "nope, I haven't machine polished it recently" because people always think that I have.
Allen on 9/11/2016
I love using Adams Brilliant Glaze. This products adds a nice color pop and the shine is amazing!
keith on 9/11/2016
Absolutely love the glaze, perfect for a quick shine on my white paint before a show, really makes it pop
Randy on 9/10/2016
A friend of mine who is sponsored by Adams turned me onto this product. He gave me some of his supply to try it out and I loved it. I then had to purchase some for myself. It works great! And makes every head turn when I drive by.
SANTIAGO on 9/10/2016
Jeremy on 9/10/2016
All I can say is WOW! Put a light coat of this on my fiance's Camry after I paint sealed it and I have never seen a car like that in my life!! I couldn't even look into the hood because it was so shiny and reflective that it was blinding to look at the car! I will definitely have to get another bottle of this when I get low. Thanks for a great product y'all!
John on 9/9/2016
I use this after EVERY Wash. It makes my white truck practically Glow-in-the-dark. It's an amazing product. To bad it's a little expensive, but for a quality product it's worth it every time. I use a little less than half a bottle every time I do my entire truck, FYI.
Jayson on 4/11/2016
All I have to say is shine in a bottle!!! Perfect right before a car show to make the paint pop!!!
john r on 3/29/2016
Really great product. I like to use it after I have washed my truck and used either detail spray or H20 Guard and gloss Then I apply a second layer of of brilliant shine and it is so shiny really makes the heads turn when I drive down the street. It is very easy to apply no effort at all to remove glaze after it has hazed over. If you are after some added shine it makes a great second layer really a great product and a little goes a long way.
William on 11/8/2015
Just used this product on my '14 Ram R/T and am totally blown away with the shine it produces. I had done the full paint correction, liquid paint sealant along with Buttery wax a few weeks ago. Washed the truck today and applied the Brilliant Glaze, and all I can say is WOW! Definitely will be using it before car shows. Nice thing is it doesn't take a lot of product or time to produce the awesome shine!
Stewart on 10/16/2015
I just used this for the first time and I'm totally impressed at how simple it was to apply and remove! I did my whole vehicle in less than 20 minutes by hand and the gloss was amazing! This will be well used product in the future!
KVILLE on 10/14/2015
Love Brilliant Glaze. Gives the paint a brilliant shine and wet look. What I like most about it is that it hides small scratches VERY well. I had a few light scratches on my hood and used the brilliant glaze and the scratches were gone. Also, very easy to apply and remove and this product goes a looong way.
Seth on 12/22/2014
Just an all around fantastic product, from making the paint "pop" to making chrome wheels looks unbelievably shiny. Best glaze I have ever used, would highly recommend to anyone looking to get that extra pop from the paint.
Mohammad on 12/5/2014
This is my first glaze to try, I was impressed with the result after I applied it to my clear coated wheels then topped it with Americana paste wax! A great shine in a bottle! Application was easy as ABC (use a microfiber applicator for best results and don't forget to continously shake the bottle! ) you don't need to use too much product.. A little goes a long way and today It was the second application on the body of my c7 stingray, it had minor scratches and the brilliant glaze did a great job hiding most of them and gave me an outstanding shine, I then topped it with Adam's liquid paint sealant, I was blown away by the result! My paint job now looks shinier and feels slicker than ever, Thanks Adam's!
Hime on 12/2/2014
One of my favorite products. Truly leaves a magnificent shine. Gives the paint a glossy sleek look and leaves the car smooth. Easy to use and takes very little time to let haze and wipe off. Great after waxing to give extra depth and shine. Love using this on my s5. Really makes the paint pop.
Amoneyevokiller on 12/2/2014
This has to be my top favorite product by Adams. The deep wet look it gives when applied correctly is just jaw dropping. My car breaks necks wherever I go :)
Jihad on 12/2/2014
Brilliant glaze is self explanatory, brilliant! Adds a next level gloss to my silver subaru. Applies effortlessly and comes off just as smooth. I love that I can apply it before and after the liquid paint sealant for even more pop.
Todd on 11/26/2014
Easy on, easy off. Amazing shine with zero streaking. I use it with a Cyclo/red foam pads after every wash. Great on glass and flat black vinyl decals too.
Jamey on 9/22/2014
Love Brilliant Glaze. Gone through several bottles. Smells great and makes the paint look dripping wet. Easy on easy off and great on windows too. I like applying it by hand or machine. You can usually do the whole car in about 15 minutes. The fact it doesnt build up is great too. You can use it every wash. Adams knocked it out of the park with this one.
dan_striped_t on 9/21/2014
Brilliant Glaze gives my vehicles and customer cars that extra pop at a show or on a fresh detail. I've used other glazes many years ago that were difficult to remove, but the Brilliant Glaze wipes off with ease. A little bit of product goes a long way, and one bottle of this magic lasts me through well over a dozen vehicles. Without a doubt, one of my favorite Adam's products!
@detailak on 9/21/2014
This is amazing. ive tried many glazes for that last minute touch for a last minute meet or show. but boy oh boy does it make your car shine. Lets just say this stuff could polish a turd if you really wanted too
xbam77x on 9/21/2014
I've yet to find a product that can add shine like Brilliant Glaze! Like they say in the videos, it is "shine in a bottle."
Kevin on 9/21/2014
This stuff is like shine in a bottle. If your looking for that WOW factor, this is what you need. Shines your paint like crazy, also covers up light scratches/swirl marks. Great to put on right before a car show. People will be drooling over how wet it makes the paint look!
Chas on 9/19/2014
Product is a joy to work with. Awesome for enhancing shine after a wash and in between applying Adam's Paint Sealant.
Kris on 9/19/2014
I really like this product, but couldn't quite give it five stars. The glaze makes the paint pop and works amazing on wheels also. The only reason I couldn't give it five stars is that it just doesn't last long enough. I like to use this product first then top with a sealant.

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