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SiO2 infused soap that is designed to protect and maintain as you clean.

  • Special lubricated formula infused with 10% SIO2 concentration
  • Leaves finish clear and protected
  • Rinses clean without streaks
  • Works on both coated and uncoated vehicles
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    An easy to use, excellent product.

    I purchased the Wash & Coat for the weekly wash my car that has had Adam's Ceramic Spray Coating applied to it. I do vary from the published instructions for use to suit my personal preferences. I start by thoroughly mixing 1 ounce of Wash & Coat with 1 gallon of water in a 2 gallon bucket. After mixing, I submerge the wash mitt in the solution. For my wash mitt, I use an Auto Drive Microfiber Sponge Wash & Scrub with the sponge removed. It is extremely flexible and gets in all the little corners and small areas many mitts can't. Next, using the gentle shower position on the hose nozzle, I thoroughly rinse the car starting with the roof, and working down the car to remove as much as dirt and grime as possible. Washing the car is done in stages, and rinsing areas as I go along. Starting with the roof, rinse, then all the windows, rinse, hood, grill and front bumper, rinse, driver side doors, rinse, trunk and rear bumper, rinse, passenger side doors, rinse, then the wheels, rinse. Finally, a complete rinse of the whole car. I then dry the car with a blower to get almost all the water removed, then I use Carcarez Coral Fleece 450 GSM microfiber towels to remove the very small amount of water that is left. I am more than satisfied with the results of the Wash & Coat. It does a better job that the auto soap I was previously using. I would recommend Adam's Wash & Coat.


    Doesn't clean or rinse well

    Dries up too fast when washing a vehicle. Doesn't rinse well at all after it dries up, even with a pressure washer. Left a film of dirt and water spots all over my truck after washing. I'll be sticking with the regular tried and true car shampoo.


    Good for maintenance and/or short standalone product.

    If you follow the directions 3-4 oz in foam cannon (I use 4 oz) and then use 2 oz in wash bucket (I use 4 oz). I use the 1 bucket method with multiple towels to wash vehicles much faster then having to always go back to rinse bucket and use grit guard to remove any debris on wash mitt. Anyhow, if you use the recommended amount of product you will indeed leave behind a small amount of protection. I’ve used it on multiple cars that have no protection at all. After rinsing the vehicles after wash you will see there’s definitely protection, water will sheet/bead off the paint but it’s not going to be anycrazy water beading like a coating or ceramic boost. After I wash vehicles with this, I either dry vehicle using ceramic boost or dry vehicle then spray and wipe ceramic boost on vehicle. I’d say it’s a good soap for someone looking to help aid in applying protection while washing that also helps aid in drying (water sheets/beads off paint). I will continue to use for the customers I have that want the less expensive route of paint protection.


    Leaves no protection behind

    I got this to maintain the Adam's Ceramic Spray Coating and it foams up decently lubrication is ok, I'd rather just use the original Car Shampoo instead. I've tried using this soap on unprotected vehicles and it leaves ZERO protection behind. The surface is just as flat as it was before this soap even touched the surface so I wasn't happy with that as it claims it works for unprotected vehicles and will leave protection behind 4/5 for already protected vehicles, 2/5 for unprotected vehicles

    Adam’s Ceramic Wash & Coat is a revolutionary way to clean your ceramic coated vehicle and safely remove dirt while maintaining protection. This product is a concentrated, extremely high performance, pH neutral soap that is designed to protect, shine, and enhance your current coated vehicle. Our formula is handcrafted and adjusted to optimize results on ceramic coated vehicles and refresh your ceramic coating with simple wash procedures. This product was designed to be used with an Adam’s Foam Cannon or Adam’s Foam Gun, but can also be used in regular washing methods.


    1. Fill a bucket 2/3 full with water. Pour 1-2oz. of Adam’s Ceramic Wash & Coat directly onto the Adam’s Wash Pad.
    2. Immerse Adam’s Wash Pad into the bucket. Spray hose directly into Wash Pad to disperse soap and create suds.
    3. Rinse Vehicle with hose, wash top to bottom following proper wash methods, then rinse again.
    4. To ease drying and enhance gloss and hydrophobic properties, spray a fine mist of Adam’s Ceramic Waterless Wash onto the wet vehicle.
    5. Dry vehicle with an Adam’s Ultra Plush Drying Towel, or Adam’s air accessory.

    Foam Gun/Foam Cannon Usage:

    1. Fill Adam’s Foam Cannon or Adam’s Foam Gun canister nearly full of water.
    2. Pour 3-4oz. of Adam’s Ceramic Wash & Coat into canister.
    3. Screw sprayer lid back on to canister, shake well for optimal mixture.
    4. Attach foaming accessories to garden hose/pressure washer.
    5. Squeeze handle to spray suds onto vehicle.
    6. Continue through proper wash and drying methods.

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