Rinse + Coat
Rinse + Coat
Rinse + Coat
Rinse + Coat
Rinse + Coat
Rinse + Coat
Rinse + Coat

Rinse + Coat

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Adam’s Rinse + Coat is an instant, hydrophobic sealant that can be applied with a simple mist and rinse style of application to boost hydrophobicity of your current protection or to generate new protection stand alone. Adam’s Rinse + Coat produces a dazzling amount of gloss and is surprisingly durable and chemically resistant for its ridiculously easy nature of application. One quick application can last as long as 90 days!

  • Ready to Use Formula – No Dilution Necessary
  • Effortless Spray On/Rinse Off Application
  • Provides Added Hydrophobicity, Slickness and Gloss
  • Suitable for All Surfaces Including Glass and Plastics
  • Hybridized Polymer Formulation Seals Paint for up to 90 Days!
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Adam’s Rinse + Coat is most at home for our customers who like to visit self-serve car washes and need some instant gratification when in a hurry. After completing a wash, simply mist the Adam’s Rinse + Coat over several panels and quickly rinse off the excess product to generate a highly hydrophobic coating. Reapply as frequently as desired and enjoy the self-cleaning properties of this effortless to use detailer without the need for touching and potentially scratching your paint.



  1. Wash vehicle and rinse thoroughly.
  2. On a still wet vehicle, evenly spray several mists of the sealant per car panel. Typically this is about 4-6 sprays in a given 4 ft2
  3. Immediately rinse with plenty of clean, ideally pressurized, water. You will see a white foam produced. Ensure that all areas are thoroughly cleaned until there is no more foam production.
  4. Dry the vehicle using any of our premium microfiber drying towels while ensuring any leftover remnants of the sealant are captured and leveled. 

Common Sense Warning:

Adam’s Rinse + Coat is a sprayable sealant and its touchless nature requires the surface to be clean and clear of debris and contaminants prior to application in order to properly bond to the paint. Application of Adam’s Rinse + Coat to a dirty vehicle will result in an ineffective performance. Additionally, do not apply on a hot surface. Do not allow the product to completely dry and always give special attention to the seams of the vehicle when rinsing off the excess product.

Multiple Sizes

12oz and 64oz available.

Ready To Use

Just spray and rinse it off.

Safe On Multiple Finishes

Use on paint, glass, wheels, and trim.