Landa Electric Pressure Washer
Landa Electric Pressure Washer
Landa Electric Pressure Washer
Landa Electric Pressure Washer
Landa Electric Pressure Washer
Landa Electric Pressure Washer

Landa Electric Pressure Washer

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Includes a Free Gallon of Mega Foam.  Not Eligible For Discounts.

The Landa Pressure Washer by Karcher is the perfect premium detailing option to effectively wash, foam, and rinse your vehicle without the worry of damaging clear coat or fragile finishes!

  • Includes a snub nose
  • 2.0 GPM 1000 PSI/ 2000 CU
  • Includes 5 different tips: (0, 15, 25 ,40, Detergent)
  • 50 FT Hose, 35 FT GFIC Power Cord
  • 5 hp, 120V, 15 Amp
  • Made in Italy 
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The Landa HD Electric Pressure Washer is our premium pressure cleaning unit designed with the detailer in mind. This 1000 PSI pressure washer is the perfect flow at 2.0 GPM to foam your vehicle with ease and removing stubborn built-up dirt, grime, and contamination. This unit is a cold water pressure washer for industrial or commercial use-- this product is perfect for mobile detailing, weekend washing, or tackling those pesky house chores to clean up around the house! At 2.0 GPM, this product maximizes how much water you can move across the surface and maintains a steady, underrated operating flow at 1350 PSI.

Adam’s Pressure Washer is made from durable weldless, corrosion-resistant aluminum modular framing and can be easily converted to a skid for mobile detailing. The soft-start feature allows the pump to have a longer life while running at an extremely quiet output-- This unit features a VRT3 Unloader with a bypass loop to divert water flow when the trigger is shut off and keeps bypass water cooler, protecting the pump and your investment. This self-priming unit immediately starts building pressure once a hose is connected and turned onto the unit, provides a continuous blast and powerful cleaning option for your detailing arsenal.

Designed for versatility, the HD Electric carts are corrosion-resistant aluminum pressure washers that easily convert from a cart to a skid for maximum cleaning agility and durability. These reliable pressure washers have a low profile handle and compact footprint, making them easy to maneuver. They also offer a bypass loop for additional pump protection, a 7-year warranty on the oil end of the pump, and flat-free tires. All models are ETL certified to UL safety standards.

Adam’s Landa Pressure Washer features 1000 PSI and 2.0 GPM, allowing 2000 cleaning units to remove dirt, grime, and buildup with ease while enabling you to flock your car with thick foam! This unit comes supplied with a pistol-grip snub nose that is nimble and small to fit into your hand with comfort while having a rubberized grip for increased control. This pressure cleaning unit is utilized for basic washing, decontamination before polishing, or cleaning your polishing pads. This unit easily foams your vehicle with our Foam Cannon or any foaming accessory with the proper fitting.


Frequently Asked Questions:  

“Why Do I Need A Pressure Washer?”: The old phrase, “Work Smarter, Not Harder” is the easiest answer. Utilizing a pressure washer during your wash cycle not only removes dirt, debris, and grime with ease but also removes caked-on brake dust, road contaminants and bugs in one pass.

“Will this damage my paint or finish on my vehicle?” No, luckily this pressure washer puts out 1000 PSI, meaning its paint-safe. It is good practice to maintain 12 inches away from your surfaces and keep away from your hands.

“Can I use a Foam Cannon with this unit?” Of course! Adam’s Landa Pressure Washer features a ¼” Quick Connect fitting that can be utilized with any Foam Cannon, Undercarriage Wand, Extension Wand,

“Why should I buy this over the ones in the big box stores?”: Adam’s Landa Pressure Washer boasts 1000 PSI and 2.0 GPM for flow. This unit cannot be purchased in big bog stores and consumers must purchase a unit from a Landa Approved Dealer.  

“Why should I use pressurized water over a garden hose?”: This is a multi-faceted answer, however, efficiency is the best option. Not only are you using less water and chemical, but the power of pressurized water is much more suitable for details, rather than your standard garden hose. 

Adam’s Pressure Washer should be used with clean water-- if other water is used, be sure to run clean water through the unit to avoid clogging, algae buildup, or contaminants degrading the unit.  

Adam’s Pressure Washer is perfect for use with our Foam Cannon and Mega Foam Shampoo. Just 3-4 ounces in a foam cannon with water highly increases your washing experience… We guarantee it!