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Graphene Shampoo™ is a versatile solution combining a foaming degreaser and shampoo that will aid in the removal of stubborn contaminants without harming your existing coating, sealant or wax! This variation on a traditional foaming shampoo balances choice, high foaming surfactants, and citrus-based degreasers to generate a wash that is more than capable of powering through all kinds of road films and grime with ease!

  • Contains Graphene Ceramic Resins
  • Helps Maintain & Revitalize Graphene and Ceramic Coatings
  • Highly Concentrated, Low Viscosity, Free Rinsing Formula
  • More Easily Removes Road Films & Grime
  • Smoke Color and Fresh, Clean, Citrus Scent
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    Tyler B.

    Once you go graphene, you won't go back

    First of all, I coated the car and both set of mags myself using Adams graphene ceramic coating. It took a good 6hrs for proper application and removal/buff and it was a breeze to use. 1 year and 1 harsh winter far so good. I also use the graphene detailing spray after I wash the car with graphene shampoo and it really makes even my Lexus "super white" pop. Crazy reflection and shine. This combo also keeps the car cleaner longer with less brake dust bebree.


    Love this stuff

    This is the best shampoo I have ever used. Very slick feeling and foamed a lot better than I was expecting using my premium foam cannon (added 2.5 oz to 30oz of water in my cannon) followed by a 2 bucket wash...great stuff!


    Foam foam foam

    Used this in the Adam’s foam cannon gun tonight. 3oz of this product to 1 filled Container on the cannon and foam foam foam! Worked great

    Corey A.

    Graphene Shampoo is Awesome

    Its one of the most lubricated feeling shampoos Ive ever tried. I will definitely continue to buy this product. I have been using reset by Carpro for years and thought it was the best until i discovered this. Thanks Adams!!



    I’m shocked!!! The shampoo suds really well and smells really good. The paint feels smooth like butter and shines in this Florida weather.

    Graphene Shampoo™ is also the shampoo recommended to work best to revitalize and maintain the coatings generated by products like Graphene Ceramic Coating™ or Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating™ once applied. Graphene Shampoo™ helps to decontaminate the coatings by removing harmful contaminants that would sap the coating’s durability and interfere with the hydrophobic, self-cleaning effects.

    Instructions for Use with Foam Cannon, Foam Gun, or Pump Sprayer:

    1. Add a small quantity of water to your foam cannon, foam gun, or pump sprayer and dispense 2-3 fl oz of Graphene Shampoo™ to the reservoir. Top up with water to volume and tilt/agitate the to fully dissolve the shampoo.
    2. Adjust fan pattern and soap to water ratio for desired concentration and connect to dispenser.
    3. Foam down vehicle from top to bottom and allow the shampoo to wet out over the entire vehicle and penetrate grime.
    4. Utilize a wash pad, mitt, or sponge to agitate off any stubborn contaminants and road films.
    5. Rinse off thoroughly using pressurized water until no evidence of bubbles or foam persists.
    6. Dry the vehicle utilizing a combination of a drying aid, pressurized air, and/or drying towels, in order to avoid any potential water spotting.

     Instructions for Two Bucket Wash Method:

    1. Start by adding a grit guard to each of the rinse bucket and wash bucket, along with adding any of a wash pad, mitt, or sponge and 2-3 fl oz of Graphene Shampoo™ to the wash bucket specifically. Now add approximately 3 gallons of water to fill each bucket.
    2. Working from the top of the vehicle down to bottom, in small sections, wash the vehicle and periodically dunk the wash pad, mitt, or sponge in the rinse bucket before dunking it back into your wash bucket to get fresh suds. This helps keep contaminants that could scratch the paintwork trapped in the rinse bucket rather than infiltrating into the wash bucket. Repeat this process for the entire vehicle.
    3. Rinse off the vehicle thoroughly until no evidence of bubbles or foam persists.
    4. Dry the vehicle utilizing a combination of a drying aid, pressurized air, and/or drying towels, in order to avoid any potential water spotting.

     Common Sense Warning:

    Always apply soaps, including Graphene Shampoo™, on cool surfaces, trying to avoid allowing the soap to dry on the surface and, when able, not using in direct sunlight.

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