Graphene Boost™
Graphene Boost™
Graphene Boost™
Graphene Boost™
Graphene Boost™
Graphene Boost™
Graphene Boost™
Graphene Boost™

Graphene Boost™

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Graphene Boost™ is a fresh take on an express, water-based, boost to your existing coating or can be used as a stand alone protection. This is the perfect product to add hydrophobic properties to your existing coating to maintain the longevity. Simply spray and wipe for a streak free, brilliant finish which also provides considerable slickness and depth of color with relentless water beading to any exterior surface of a vehicle for up to 6-9 months!

  • Contains Graphene Ceramic Resins
  • Enhance Gloss, Slickness & Depth of Color
  • Generates a Highly Hydrophobic Surface – Lasts up to 6-9 Months
  • Easy, Streak Free Finish – Safe on All Exterior Surfaces
  • Extends the Protection of Waxes, Sealants & Coatings
  • Prickly Pear Scented
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Due to the unique nature of graphene-oxide, we are able to formulate the same resins contained in our Adam’s Graphene Ceramic Coating™ and Adam’s Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating™ directly into water-based systems! This added functionality allows Adam’s Graphene Boost™ to universally extend the life of any of our waxes, sealants and coatings or be utilized as its own form of stand-alone protection.

Instructions for General Use:

  1. Apply to a cool, clean surface by spraying a fine mist onto one panel at a time or directly into a premium microfiber towel.
  2. Wipe into surface and flip towel over to a fresh side and wipe again for a streak free shine.
  3. Repeat on remainder of exterior of vehicle.

For Use When Washing as Drying Aid:

  1. After vehicle has been rinsed and still dripping wet, mist each panel, glass and plastics.
  2. Use a clean Adam’s Great White Drying Towel, or another drying towel to dry vehicle completely.

Note: This product is not recommended to be applied to dirty or dusty vehicles. Always apply to a clean, preferably freshly clayed, surface for maximum protection. 

Common Sense Warning:

With Graphene Boost™ a little goes a long way. Spray lightly to achieve a streak free finish. Applying liberally can leave undesirable smearing or streaking. Change towel periodically, especially when laden with product. Work quickly when using in direct sunlight and only apply to a panel at a time to avoid the product drying on the surface.

Contains Graphene Ceramic Resins

Boost existing coating or add stand alone protection.

Provides Up To 9 Months Of Protection

Safe on all exterior surfaces.

Enhance Gloss, Slickness & Depth of Color

Simply just spray and wipe to apply.