Ceramic Glass Coating Maintenance Wipes (Part B Only)
Ceramic Glass Coating Maintenance Wipes (Part B Only)
Ceramic Glass Coating Maintenance Wipes (Part B Only)
Ceramic Glass Coating Maintenance Wipes (Part B Only)
Ceramic Glass Coating Maintenance Wipes (Part B Only)
Ceramic Glass Coating Maintenance Wipes (Part B Only)

Ceramic Glass Coating Maintenance Wipes (Part B Only)

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Scroll down to see the video. Note, this only includes Part B wipes that are required to extend protection and beading on the surface. For the full kit, please visit here.

The ultimate glass protection for your windshield, windows, and any glass surfaces. 

  • For use with Adam’s Ceramic glass protection in a wipe delivery system
  • Provides an extremely hydrophobic surface for safe driving conditions under inclement weather
  • Part B of a 2-part system is designed specifically for glass and windshields
  • Long term solution for protecting your glass 
  • DIY, User-Friendly application
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Adam’s Ceramic Glass Coating puts a professional grade product in the hands of the everyday consumer. How frustrating can it be to see a durable coating on glass only to be dealer installed? We’ve spent months formulating this system and process to carefully protect, shine, and enhance your windshield’s performance in less than 15 minutes. Adam’s Ceramic Glass Coating is a 2 part ceramic coating system that is only for use on glass surfaces. This carefully applied system ensures the slickest finish and self-cleaning results when applied to contaminant free, clean glass. 


Adam’s Ceramic Glass Coating is a two-part chemical application system that must be applied on top of clean, contaminant-free glass. Utilizing the clay bar included in the kit, the pores of your glass become contaminant-free and fully open for a protective coating. Adam’s has historically offered a simple Glass Sealant and Glass Boost to protect your windshield and glass components, but we wanted to achieve a more durable, lasting finish for your investment. Over the course of 6 months, we have identified specific raw materials to carefully react to glass and bond to the pores of your windows, rather than having a sealant or wax that just sits at the surface for a topical solution. Adam’s Ceramic Glass Coating must be applied after carefully reading the instructions-- the installation of the product undergoes a series of reactions that make the glass surface incredibly slick after application.

In the kit, you will find a two-part glass coating system. The way the two-part system works is Part A is a ceramic coating formulation that acts to fill in the porosity of the glass surface to keep it free from contamination and give the glass a uniform surface modification to act as a strong foundation/anchor for Part B.

Part B is a very reactive, hydrophobic barrier that provides slip and slick surfaces-- this bonds to the glass and previously applied part A (ceramic coating) and gives another layer of surface modification with very hydrophobic functionalized and organized groups. Once applied, Part B reacts with the coating and begins to flash/sweat/coagulate with Part A keeping it from further reacting. This allows the product to be less tacky, and easier to remove during the final stage.

Adam’s Ceramic Glass Coating should be used before long road trips, harsh climates, or seasoned weathering as this not only makes your driving experience safer and more visible, but also allows your cleaning process to be much easier when driving longer miles and bugs are a factor. The 2-part system makes window cleaning a task of the past and any caked on bugs are easily removed with a Green Glass Towel. 

This product must be used indoors, or under shade and away from direct sunlight. Utilizing a cool-to-the touch surface is critical for application as any heat on the window will shorten your timeline to apply and remove the systems. Adam’s Ceramic Glass Coating can be used by anyone wanting durable glass protection. This two-part system is simple enough to use after reading the instructions that consumers can be back on the road within 15 minutes of application time. Adam’s Ceramic Glass Coating wipes cover a standard size windshield, so purchase additional wipes if you plan on protecting your side, rear, and sunroof glass afterwards… we know you want to! 

Adam’s Ceramic Glass Coatings has created a user friendly process and placed it in the hands of any consumer wanting the ultimate in water repellency. There is no ties to a dealer, no installer link, or need for a warranty program-- this system is designed for yearly use and should be maintained or “boosted” quarterly with additional Part B applied on a clean surface. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

“How do I apply additional Part B if my windshield is already coated?” Adam’s Ceramic Glass Coating functions as a system, meaning, to get the full benefits of Part B, Part A must be present. To apply, clean and clay your glass with Adam’s Glass Cleaner and a Green Glass Towel. Reapply Part B over the top once clean and wipe thoroughly over the windshield surface. Once complete, remove with a Green Glass Towel and wipe to a streak-free finish.  

“How is this better than Glass Sealant/ Glass Boost?” Adam’s Ceramic Glass Coating is a 2-part ceramic coating system that provides much longer durability and hydrophobic properties over our synthetic Glass Sealant and boost. You can see up to 50-60% increases in longevity over Glass Sealant and Boost-- through the system, you can see 1 year of standalone protection, however, proper maintenance of this product will surpass timelines.  

“Can I use Glass Sealant to top this product?” You can, it is recommended to revamp the coating with additional Part B wipe or our Glass Sealant. The chemistries are much more familiar with one another and will ultimately bond much stronger than a topical treatment such as our previous Glass Sealant. 

How long does this product last? How often does it have to be maintained?” 

The longevity to be expected out of this product is over 1 year with the need for a quarterly or bi-annual maintenance product application. This means a thorough cleaning with Glass Cleaner and the application of more Part B. You will see in the graph that the contact angle upon application is just below 110 degrees (extremely hydrophobic) and after about 30 wash cycles with Dawn Dish Soap, the product is dwindled only down to low 80’s. After boosting

with Part B, this number spikes back up to 100 degrees and then can be expected to fall off more rapidly after each consecutive maintenance boost with Part B. 

Ideally you should get 2-3 “boosts” out of it and then you should reapply the whole kit and not just infinitely boost it with maintenance. For calendar reference, you would apply in January, boost #1 in April, boost #2 in July, boost #3 in October, reapply in December/January. As the wash test was performed with Dawn Dish Soap, the use of a pH neutral soap and a drying aid will prolong this process much more.

“If my windshield is already coated with Glass Sealant, can I use this product?” Yes! During the cleansing step, the use of a clay bar technically functions as an abrasive with the supplied Glass Cleaner. As you’re preparing your glass, the clay bar will even out the surface leaving behind a flat, open surface for the system to bond to. 

“Once applied, how long do I have to wait for the product to cure?” As the system has a timeline of about 15 minutes of installation, you can expect to drive your vehicle in any condition 1 hour after the application. 

“If my windshield is already coated with any Ceramic Coating, can I use this product?” Yes! Since this coating is ceramic based, you’re introducing additional ceramic technology to the surface that will bond very well. All that is required is a thorough cleaning, cleansing with a clay bar, and the two-part treatment to be applied.

“Seems like Part B is the key component, why can’t I just apply that over my bare window?” We all love Part B and how slick it makes your window, but in order for it to work properly, there must be a Part A for it to bond with. After 4 applications or boosts, the Part B dwindles in an accelerated fashion and the entire process should be reapplied for maximum performance.