Ceramic Black Trim Restorer 3 reviews
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Restore your faded black trim and ceramic coat it in one step!
  • Restores black trim, plastic, and rubber components
  • Easy wipe-on and allow to air dry
  • Ceramic Coating and Pigment Restoration in one
  • Ceramic Protection for years
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    Tom R.
    United States
    I recommend this product

    Black Trim Ceramic Restorer

    This product restored the black trim on my Lexus to like new condition after two applications. It was easily applied and is holding up well after a couple of weeks.


    Color doesn't last

    The prep spray that comes in the kit turned my trim a lighter shade of grey and brought out all the old wax/polish that was in the trim. It didn't remove any of the old wax or polish like it claimed to. The colorant initially covered it all up and left the trim a nice and uniform black color. The colorant that "restores" the trim washed off the first time it rained, leaving my trim looking just as bad as it did before application. Ceramic coating works well which is why it gets 2 stars instead of 1.

    Ben P.

    Great Product!

    I ended up purchasing the “kit” version which includes everything you need to restore the plastic trim. I have some trim that’s on the top of my car that gets baked in the sun and it was nearly white. After using the product, it’s back to its original black color. I put the product on the rest of my black trim on my car to deepen the color and protect it. Another bonus is that it beads water similar to the ceramic coating used for painted surfaces. Overall, I’m very happy with this product!

    Adam’s Black Trim Restorer is a product designed to be a one-step process. Now with Adam’s Ceramic Black Trim Restorer you’re restoring and protecting your trim in one step! Like our interior components and exterior painted surfaces, plastic trim and rubber components become victims to the harmful UV rays and become grey in appearance-- this accelerated weathering process can make your vehicle look aged in dog years! Exterior trim and plastic lose their pigment and color from the sun drying them out-- in such cases, VRT can only dress plastics but doesn’t truly replenish the color back to the surface. Adam’s Ceramic Black Trim Restorer revitalizes your plastics and is the one-step solution for a factory finish and protects for 2 years or more.

    Whether we like it or not, plastic is becoming more and more prominent with each turn of the year in the automotive industry. Fenders, window cowling on hoods, bumper guards, you name it— It’s there and fading fast! The plastic is a cost effective way to offer customers a finished product without the hefty price tag of color matched fenders or metal components.

    Adam’s Ceramic Black Trim Restorer is a ceramic coating infused with black dye that chemically behaves like a deep cleaning degreaser but penetrates plastics deeply to leave a rich, dark finish behind. Adam’s Ceramic Black Trim Restorer is a semi-permanent dye that colors your faded black trim back to like-new and dries protected for 2 years or more. This product can be maintained with Adam’s Ceramic Boost or dressed quarterly with Adam’s VRT for an added “pop” to the surfaces. 

    Plastics get faded and oxidized over time due to the sun burning its way through the surface and draining out the pigment. Weather and the elements continue to wash out the surfaces and age your vehicle dramatically! Painted surfaces, windows, and all other surfaces have some form of protection or sealant against harmful UV rays, but plastic always seems to get the shorter end of the stick.

    For years, you could lather your plastics in a shiny/greasy product packed with silicone that really just sped up the fading process behind the scenes. Now there is a much better, safer, and cost effective option right at your fingertips. Introducing Adam’s Ceramic Black Trim Restorer, a ceramic-based product that restores the pigment back into the plastic and provides protection! This product not only penetrates the plastic and puts the color back where it belongs, but it also creates a ceramic coating for years worth of protection! With the use of our kit, you can thoroughly clean the plastic with Trim Cleaner, then prep the surface with our Surface Prep to remove any films left behind from cleaning, then use a suede applicator pad for easy installation.

    During your normal wash cycle, using Adam’s Eco All Purpose Cleaner or Adam’s Tire & Rubber Cleaner with a soft bristle brush can help remove any films or contaminants your normal wash may not rinse off entirely. Given that the plastic is a porous surface, using a brush helps target those pores and remove any grime or dirt the wash pad may pick up during the vehicle care process. Using these products will not damage or degrade the ceramic coating as it is specifically designed to reject such chemistry.

    After the wash cycle, help your unfaded, or temporarily dress your faded trim, with Adam’s VRT for a clean, factory-like appearance. Please note that for seriously faded trim, this is not your solution but rather a cost effective option for temporary satisfaction! If you do not have a brush, always be sure to wash your plastics last to reduce the risk of picking up any unwanted debris in your wash pad and scratching your finish.

    With advances in chemical technology, ceramics are quickly outperforming conventional methods of dressing plastics and trim. Older waxes and dressings can leave a white, chalky build up if improperly used, but ceramics apply a thick, durable coating to plastic, vinyl, trims, or non-painted bumpers. With Adam’s Ceramic Black Trim Restorer Trim Coating, you’re hitting restart on the state of your plastics while the rest of the car plays on. This coating will last a minimum of 2 years and makes the surface extremely hydrophobic! The good part about the above suggestions is they work extremely well together, meaning that you can restore your black trim and ceramic coat it!

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