Adam's TAR
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Adam’s TAR (Tar & Adhesive Remover) quickly dissolves and loosens difficult to remove contaminants such as tar, sap, grease, asphalt, glue and adhesive residues. Adam’s TAR is safe for all clear coats, paints and chromes. 

  • Ready to Use, Solvent-Based Formula
  • Quickly Eliminate Difficult Contaminants in Seconds
  • Suitable for all Clear Coats, Paints and Chrome
  • 9oz Aerosol For Easy Application
  • Designed To Remove Road Tar & Adhesive
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Adam’s TAR is a carefully crafted, unique blend of powerful solvents, natural citrus oils, and alcohols that have been found to be ridiculously effective on even baked-on contaminants that other all-purpose cleaners can’t seem to budge. Despite this high solvency, Adam’s TAR is formulated to be dependable on surfaces without dulling or damaging the finish.  

Instructions for General Use:

  1. Rinse the soiled area with water to cool down the surface and remove light dirt and contaminants.
  2. Spray Adam’s TAR onto the soiled area, doing small areas at a time.
  3. Allow Adam’s TAR to dwell and penetrate for 30-60 seconds.
  4. Thoroughly wipe off the product and soil.
  5. Rinse thoroughly with water to remove any excess materials.
  6. Buff to a high shine with a quality microfiber towel.

*Adam’s TAR is not to be used on a hot surface and works best when the area is pre-moistened with water. Do not allow Adam’s TAR to completely dry. Do not allow Adam’s TAR to dwell for more than one minute as the powerful active solvency may damage surfaces if forgotten.   

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