Adam's Standard Step Stool
Adam's Standard Step Stool
Adam's Standard Step Stool
Adam's Standard Step Stool
Adam's Standard Step Stool
Adam's Standard Step Stool

Adam's Standard Step Stool

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Adam’s Standard Step Stool provides a sturdy yet lightweight detailing accessory to your arsenal. Featuring locking legs and grip tape to prevent any slipping or mishap, this working platform allows you to wash roofs, roof boxes, and work vans with ease. Adam’s Standard Step Stool allows users and detailing professionals to get to the most overlooked area of your detail… the roof! The locking design and slip-resistant surface elevates you a foot and a half off the ground and it light enough to be easily moved.

  • Lightweight, Aluminum Design
  • Custom Molded Rubber Non-Slip Feet
  • Sturdy, Locking Legs For Increased Stability
  • Red Safety Locks For Interlocking and Safe Use
  • Grip-tape for increased grip and safety
  • Maximum weight 330lbs
  • Weight: 12.20lbs
  • Folded: 14” wide x 38” long x 8” tall when collapsed
  • Working Area: 12” wide x 38” long x 20” tall 
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Adam’s Standard Step Stool weighs under 15lbs and provides a sturdy working surface for any detailing job. Whether you’re polishing, ceramic coating, or simply drying off the roof line, this detailing platform gives you peace of mind and a reliable foundation. Not only is the working area covered in high-quality grip tape, but the feet themselves are rubberized to avoid scratching on fragile floor finishes and give additional stability.

This step stool can hold up to 330lbs of direct weight, meaning you can easily have a wash bucket and supplies on top of the platform with you to avoid a bulky process! This lightweight aluminum ladder is a simple but effective tool to take your detailing process to the next level… literally!

Warning: Electrocution Hazard: This product conducts electricity. Watch for wires. Before use: Always make sure both legs are fully extended and catches locked before use. Always make sure the platform treads are clean and dry. Always make sure the platform is placed on a firm, level ground. Always wear flat shoes. In Use: Always have both feet on the platform. Never overreach or overstretch. Never position the platform behind a door. Always be aware of your surroundings. After use: Always take care while getting down from the platform. Always store the platform with the legs folded.

Holds Up To 330lbs

Built to hold plenty of weight so you can safely finish a task without worrying.

Sturdy, Thoughtful Design

Features a lightweight, aluminum design with sturdy, locking legs.

No Slip Grip

The top features grip tape designed to help reduce any chance of slipping.