Adam's SK Pro Micro Cordless Swirl Killer Polisher 2.0 Rotary Kit
Adam's SK Pro Micro Cordless Swirl Killer Polisher 2.0 Rotary Kit
Adam's SK Pro Micro Cordless Swirl Killer Polisher 2.0 Rotary Kit
Adam's SK Pro Micro Cordless Swirl Killer Polisher 2.0 Rotary Kit
Adam's SK Pro Micro Cordless Swirl Killer Polisher 2.0 Rotary Kit

Adam's SK Pro Micro Cordless Swirl Killer Polisher 2.0 Rotary Kit

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Adam’s Swirl Killer Micro is the paramount tool for your polishing arsenal. Polish every inch of your vehicle to perfection with this lightweight, paint perfection tool. This Kit includes everything you need to polish hard to reach areas with the Rotary Attachment Kit included.

  • Cordless, Lightweight Detailing Tool
  • Perfects Areas that Swirl Killer Mini Cannot
  • 1 hour of continuous run time
  • Rotary, 3mm & 12mm throw attachments
  • Includes 2 12V, 2 Ah batteries and charger
  • Includes Rotary Attachment Kit
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  • Adam's SK Micro Cordless Swirl Killer Polisher
  • 2" Blue Foam Compound Pads (x3)
  • 2" White Foam Polish Pads (x3)
  • Compound 12oz
  • Polish 12oz
  • Single Soft Microfiber Towel (x2)
  • Rotary Complete Kit:

    • 1x Mini Polisher Tool With 5 ft. cable
    • 1x Adaptor for connecting to Mini Polisher
    • 5x Wool Pads
    • 5x 1.5" Red Foam Cones
    • 5x 1" Red Foam Cones
    • 5x .5" Blue Foam Pad
    • 5x 1" Blue Foam Pad
    • 5x .5" White Foam Pad
    • 5x 1" White Foam Pad
    • 1x Rotary 5/8” Adapter
    • 1x Wrench 
    • 1x Soft Shell Case
    • 1x Extension Shaft

The Adam’s Cordless Swirl Killer Micro Polisher is a small-sized paint correction tool that has been specially designed to be mobile and lightweight to provide detailing freedom. Adam’s Cordless Micro Polisher features a rotary, 3mm and 12mm throw to maximize your paint correction experience. Matched with a 1.5 inch backing plate, this machine effectively polishes around your emblems, body lines, and tight areas to perfection. There is nothing more frustrating than completing a paint correction and leaving the spots around the emblems or license plate frame scratched and imperfect. Piano black trim components and fragile interior panels can now be spotless and mirror-like with the mobile-sized tool. This compact and wireless polishing tool allows you to achieve a flawless finish without worrying about finding the nearest wall outlet and needing an extension cord.

Ditch your extension cord and polish wherever you please. Adam’s Cordless Swirl Killer Micro is the perfect tool for tight areas and simplified polishing practice. The Swirl Killer Micro is a mobile and lightweight polisher that weighs over 50% less than a standard polisher. The nimble 80W battery allows you to achieve up to 1 hour of  working time at maximum speed and charges back up to full in no time while your second battery is already ready to roll! The free spinning, dual action rotation allows for hologram-free polishing and actively generates heat through its 6000 RPM power plant. The variable-speed controller is out of your way when polishing and switches between 1000 and 6000 oscillations per minute on the fly. If a heavier cut is desired, or you’re wanting to use the carpet drill attachment, the rotary attachment puts all 6000 OPM’s at your fingertips for however you need to use it. 

Adam’s Cordless Swirl Killer Micro bridges the gap between professionals and the driveway detailer-- The Swirl Killer polishing system has put professional-grade polishing tools in consumers and helped them to achieve a flawless finish. Now, we’re excited to welcome the next cordless tool to the line and the predecessor of many to come.

Adam’s Swirl Killer Micro can accomplish niche polishing tasks and tight areas of paint correction on a standard size vehicle on one battery. Adam’s Cordless Swirl Killer Micro removes the mess from your garage when polishing and cuts the need to have an extension cord.

Includes Backing Plates, Pads, and Cones

Everything you need to get polishing right away.

Batteries Included

Two 12V, 2.3Ah batteries with charger.

All New Design

The box, unit itself, and everything in between has been re-designed for maximum performance.