Adam's SK Pro 15mm Swirl Killer Polisher Basic Kit
Adam's SK Pro 15mm Swirl Killer Polisher Basic Kit
Adam's SK Pro 15mm Swirl Killer Polisher Basic Kit
Adam's SK Pro 15mm Swirl Killer Polisher Basic Kit
Adam's SK Pro 15mm Swirl Killer Polisher Basic Kit

Adam's SK Pro 15mm Swirl Killer Polisher Basic Kit

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The SK Pro 15mm Polishing Basic Kit is ideal for those who want to perfect their paint. Whether your paint has extreme or light paint imperfections, our two-step polishing system will make your paint perfect. The only thing harder than perfecting your paint is keeping it that way! Luckily, we've got you covered on all the tools and systems that you need!

  • 15mm Throw, 5-inch Backing Plate
  • Optional 6-inch backing plate (Not included)
  • Patent Pending, Integrated Polishing Light
  • Raised rubber touch-points absorb vibration and increase control
  • Lightened counter-weight for extremely smooth oscillations
  • 25-ft Detachable Cord
  • Progressive trigger, 5000 OPM Capable/ Brushed Motor=
  • 5.5 Lbs (without cord) 1000W, 110V, 9 Amps
  • Made In China
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  • 15mm Pro Swirl Killer Polisher
  • Microfiber Cutting Pad 5.5"
  • Blue Compound Pad 5.5"
  • White Polish Foam Pad 5.5"
  • Compound 12oz
  • Polish 12oz
  • Pad Conditioning Brush

Adam’s Swirl Killer Pro is a full-sized, paint perfection tool. After months of research and development, the Swirl Killer Pro was engineered to reduce fatigue during your paint corrections, effectively correct paint, and increase your efficiency while doing so with the integrated polishing light. Not only can you take extra care near body lines and crevices, but you can visualize the cycle time of your compounds and polishes breaking down to create a more effective polishing experience. The 15mm Swirl Killer Pro allows users to obtain a flawless finish even in the hardest to reach areas while covering 5 inches of ground with each oscillation. When you’re completed with the polishing task, simply unplug the polisher and stow the cord free of tangles in your detailing cabinet.

When developing this machine, we wanted the orbit to be standard to our customer base but crafted for the most effective polishing experience possible. Adam’s Swirl Killer Pro offers 1000W and 5000 OPM’s at maximum speed, meaning you’re not only covering the maximum amount of surface area with the 15mm orbit, but also displacing compounds and polishes in the evenest way possible. Having a speed over 5500 OPM is effective for paint correction, however, it raises the risk of burning your paint as your displacing paint and friction faster than usual. The Adam’s Swirl Killer Pro evenly displaces 5 inches of polishing pad surface while equally abrading compounds and polishes to the most optimum gloss levels possible.

When polishing your paint, one of the most underestimated forms of detailing help is lighting. Lighting exposes swirls, imperfections, compound cycling, and others during your detailing process. Our Swirl Finder Light outputs 170 lumens through a combined beam and bar light setup— this light helps to show swirls and scratches in any finish and help your path to paint perfection. Adam’s Swirl Killer Pro features a 120 lumen LED light, the ideal light to mimic sunlight for your polishing experience. While this light is incorporated into the unit, you have zero power-draw even at maximum speed.

Adam’s Swirl Killer Pro has the ability to change from 5 inch backing plates to 6 backing plates on the fly with the help of the supplied M8 Allen Key. A few turns of the centering bolt and you’re increasing your polishing surface from 5 inches to 6 inches mated to a comfortable 15mm orbit. When switching from 5 inch backing plates to 6 backing plates, ensure the center nut is seated safely inside the rings of the backing plate guide.

The Swirl Killer Pro was designed to be effective and a detailing tool for extensive use. During the development process, our primary focus was ensuring that the customer has not only the most effective polishing experience but also the safest and least fatiguing polishing session possible. In our research, we discovered that vibrations caused near the handle and polishing head of Dual-Action polishers can exert excessive amounts of energy that travel through your hands and arms during polishing. Through the use of the raised rubber grips, touch-points, and trigger controls, we were able to reduce the vibrations to 25% lower than competitor products on the market today. The reduced vibrations help your focus to remain on detailing and away from fatiguing your body with maximum vibrations of 38 Hz between the head and handle at maximum speed.

The below graph was constructed utilizing a Vibration Probe and Decibel Audiometer— Standing 2 feet away from the Decibel Audiometer, the polishers were all ran at their lowest speed and highest speed to take in their sound output. For vibration, the units were measured on 4 points of data on both the handle and polisher head— those numbers were then taken the average of and inputted into the graph.

Patent-Pending, Integrated Polishing Light:
Adam’s Swirl Killer Pro features a patent-pending integrated light into the polisher head. The 15W LED helps to reveal polishes and compounds being cycled down to perfection. When polishing, it can easily be turned on and off with the push of the top metal button while the 4-finger grooves allow you to safely polish your vehicle in any position or style. The light is the most ideal temperature for mimicking sunlight on your finish. This light color effectively reveals polishing cycles, swirls, imperfections, and scratches with ease as you polish.

Heavy Defects: Compound w/ Microfiber Cutting Pad--- Speed 4-5. Brush with Pad Conditioning Brush after each pass.
Mild Defects: Compound w/ Blue Compound Pad-- Speed 4-5.
Second Step: Polish w/ White Polish Pad-- Speed 4-5

Be sure to always protect your paint upon polishing as you’re removing the existing protection. For simplicity, we recommend Adam’s Spray Wax as it seals the paint temporarily leaving behind a brilliant shine until further protection is applied.

Integrated Polishing Light™

120 lumen LED that leads the way.

Fits 5.5" Polishing Pads

Utilizes our two-step, color coded polishing system.

Progressive Trigger

Slow start trigger ensures that you won't sling polish!