Adam's SK Pro 12mm Swirl Killer Polisher Complete Kit
Adam's SK Pro 12mm Swirl Killer Polisher Complete Kit
Adam's SK Pro 12mm Swirl Killer Polisher Complete Kit
Adam's SK Pro 12mm Swirl Killer Polisher Complete Kit
Adam's SK Pro 12mm Swirl Killer Polisher Complete Kit

Adam's SK Pro 12mm Swirl Killer Polisher Complete Kit

Sale price$399.99

The Swirl Killer Pro is the latest advancement in our journey to paint perfection. Adam's SK Pro 15mm was a hit so we wanted to offer you the same quality for a 12mm polisher. This detailing tool is designed specifically for comfort and efficiency to accelerate your paint correction program. With this Complete Kit we have put together, you can polish any vehicle at any time with an amazing outcome.

  • 12mm Throw, 3 inch Backing Plate
  • Raised rubber touch-points absorb vibration and increase control
  • Lightened counter-weight for extremely smooth oscillations
  • 25-ft Detachable Cord
  • 2000-6000 OPM Capable/ Brushed Motor
  • 7.7 Lbs (without cord) 550W, 110V
  • Same Cord as Adam's SK Pro 15mm 
  • Made In China

Kit Contents:

  • 32oz Towel & Pad Revitalizer
  • Detail Spray 16oz
  • Swirl Finder Flash Light
  • (2) Single Soft Towels
  • SK Pro 12mm Polisher
  • Compound 12oz
  • Polish 12oz
  • (1) 3" 2 Pack Microfiber Pads (2 Total)
  • (1) 3" 2 Pack Blue Foam Pads (2 Total)
  • (1) 3" 2 Pack White Foam Pads (2 Total)
  • Pad Conditioning Brush
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Detachable, 25-foot cord:
The Swirl Killer Pro features a heavy-duty, rubberized 25-foot cord that safely clicks into place during use and cannot become detached on accident. The snug fit of the power plug ensures a thorough connection and will not prematurely wear the sockets out through repeated use. Adam’s Swirl Killer Pro offers a durable, scratch resistant cord, meaning that if you happen to scuff your paint with the cord, you’re safe from doing any heavy damage!

Raised-rubber touch points and resting rails:
When polishing your vehicle’s surface, vibrations can prematurely fatigue your hands, arms, and overall body. The rubber components on the Swirl Killer Pro feature a thin, raised surface to absorb shock, vibration, and fatigue-causing instances during your details. This polisher isn’t only effective in use, but keeps you feeling fresh even after hours of polishing. In our research, we discovered that vibrations caused near the handle and polishing head of Dual-Action polishers can exert excessive amounts of energy that travel through your hands and arms during polishing. Through the use of the raised rubber grips, touch-points, and trigger controls, we were able to reduce the vibrations to 25% lower than competitor products on the market today. The reduced vibrations help your focus to remain on detailing and away from fatiguing your body with maximum vibrations of 38 Hz between the head and handle at maximum speed.

What causes swirls?
You’re probably wondering how your paint got into the condition that it is, to begin with… that answer is much more complex depending on the scenario but it's generally a mix of: Improper washing. Each time you touch your vehicle, whether to simply wipe it down, or to dry it after a foam bath with Car Shampoo, you run the risk of damaging your finish and swirling your paint. A dirty drying towel, not using a drying aid to aid in lubrication on the surface, not utilizing a Grit Guard or Dirt Lock to clean out your Wash Pad… All items to introduce micro-marring, swirl marks, or deeper scratches into your finish. We have provided the safest, and most process-focused tools to enhance and elevate your detailing experience, not just for us, but for our customers. Perfect paint is something that every detailing enthusiast wants, and now you can obtain it with our Swirl Killer Polishing System.

Be sure to always protect your paint upon polishing as you’re removing the existing protection. For simplicity, we recommend Adam’s Spray Wax as it seals the paint temporarily leaving behind a brilliant shine until further protection is applied.

Heavy Defects: Compound w/ Microfiber Cutting Pad--- Speed 4-5. Brush with Pad Conditioning Brush after each pass.
Mild Defects: Compound w/ Blue Compound Pad-- Speed 4-5.
Second Step: Polish w/ White Polish Pad-- Speed 4-5

25-ft Detachable Cord

Easily store your polisher without bending the cord!

Raised Rubber Touch-Points

Absorb vibration and increase control.

Easy Switch On & Off

Self locking button to keep the machine running.