Adam's Polishes x Barrett-Jackson Detail (Service)
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Express - Express Hand Wash - Starting at $150
Waterless Wash
Wheels Cleaned
Tires Cleaned & Dressed
Glass Thoroughly Cleaned In & Out

Light - Light Detail - Starting at $300
Express Hand Wash +
Interior Vacuum
1-Step Machine Polish
Premium Wax/Sealant

Show - Show Detail - Starting at $500
Express Hand Wash + Swirl Reduction Machine Polish
Premium Wax/Sealant
Interior Leather, Vinyl & Plastics Cleaned & Conditioned
Engine Bay Cleaned

Wheels - Wheel Detail - Starting at $200
Polishing of Aluminum, Chrome, Painted Wheels, etc. Only
Starting at $50/Wheel

Engine - Engine Bay Detail - Starting at $150
Cleaning and Dressing of Engine Bay Only
Cleaning of Underside of Hood Included
Metal Polishing or Heavily Dirty Engine Bays Require a Custom Quote

Daily - $250 Daily Wipe Down
Wipe down twice per day for entire event

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