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An effective way to remove stubborn odours that can build up in the interior of your vehicle over time. This formula is safe for use on fabric and carpeted areas on a weekly basis, as part of your detailing routine to maintain an odour-free interior

  • Eliminates odour
  • Lightly mist and allow to air dry
  • Dries without any shine
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    Cliff H.


    I put this stuff to the test...a stinky bedroom of a 15 year old boy in the height of puberty. I tried Fabreeze and Lysol, cleaning his room out, carpet deodorizer...nithing made a dent until about 15 trigger pulls and its gone!!! This stuff is no joke! Must buy!!


    Pineapple Orchid in Gallon Size coming soon....right??

    I've tried all the scents, once. All Nice, but that Pineapple Orchid is in a class of its own...We've all seen the cottons, freshies, & cinnamons, etc etc and theyre great, but this strange gem of a mixture should branch off on its own and ignite a dozen other expertly curated combos from around the globe (but only because you're producing them with that same next level of quality that we all can sense but can't quite identify...) This must be the next scent to "go gallon" at least, I mean why not? Cmon, knock out a wall of that warehouse, make some room, and lets keep this party going....


    Fresh Scent is by far my favorite smell

    Please, pretty please, with a dang cherry on top, make a car scent with the Fresh Scent odor neutralizer smell. I cannot get enough of that smell. It reminds me of a simpler time. It smells like a smell, that i could only find at one other place, and that place would be in front of a certain store in the mall, but i could never figure out what store it was.



    I got this product in one of the mystery buckets and I am pleasantly surprised (although i shouldn't be at this point, all the Adams products have performed well). This has a very light, "clean" smell. It's definitely not overpowering since it's not trying to mask any odors, but actually eliminate them. Smells like clean laundry to me (kind of like a dryer sheet). Just a few sprays made the interior of my car smell fresh. I'll report back with how long it remains.



    Review for pumpkin spice version. Great spice/cinnamon mix of aroma. Sprayer mists mixture superb. My favorite interior product to use. Always pleasant inside


    1. Turn spray nozzle to the mist setting.
    2. Lightly mist Adam's Odor Neutralizer onto carpeted and fabric areas until slightly damp - do not soak. Allow to air dry.
    3. Make sure to spray under seats and in the trunk.
    4. Wipe away an excess residue on plastic panels or trim pieces with
    5. Adam's Edgeless Utility Towel

    PRO-TIP: Use Adam's Odour Neutralizerto get rid of unwanted odours
    from your vehicle's HVAC system on an as-needed basis:

    1. With engine running and vehicle parked, turn on the A/C to a cold setting and a high fan speed to turn on the compressor.
    2. Set HVAC controls to upper/dash vents only, then turn on Recirculation.
    3. Mist 3-4 sprays underneath the dashboard at the recirculation intake vent. This is typically located at the passenger side foot area below the glove box.
    4. Adam's Odor Neutralizer will travel through the HVAC system and exit through the dashboard vents.

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