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Adam’s Premium Foam Cannon is the most thought out design on the market. If you are shopping for a foam cannon there are many on the market with a wide variety of price differences. Over decades of information and product testing we have taken that information and transmitted it into the most premium, custom foam cannon on the market. Adjustable Fan Angle, Vertical or Horizontal Spray, 35oz Canister, and the ability to thread on to Adam’s 16oz bottles are just a few upgrades to this unique Premium Foam Cannon. Use with Adam's Mega Foam Shampoo for extreme suds.

  • Stainless Steel Construction with a 1.25 mm orifice  
  • Adjustable Spray Pattern with 360-degree Fan Adjustment
  • ¼ inch attachment to pressure washer sprayer
  • 35-ounce canister with wide mouth opening
  • Wide base to prevent tipping over
  • Min-Max Pressure: 870-3190 PSI
  • Min-Max Flow: 1.3 – 5.3 GPM
  • Max Water Temp – 140 degrees F.
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    Absolute garbage! After a few uses it started spraying soapy water out of the sides of the nozzle and sputters water out of the front of the nozzle. I've had cheaper $35 foam cannons that have worked better and lasted much longer than this Adam's foam Cannon.

    Adam's Polishes

    Hi Eric, We are very sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the Premium Foam Cannon. Can you please email our support team with a photo or video of the issue? Once received, we would be happy to warranty the foam cannon for you. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you! Adam's Polishes Support Team

    Alex S.

    So good, I dropped it, broke it, and Adam just replaced it!!

    I have come to appreciate Adam's's products, their quality, their branding....but I just lived their culture. I don't say this lightly...I have been in retail for almost 30 years, from working in it, consulting it and building tech for it. I have seen and helped hundreds of brands, both retail and CPG...and few live up to the "founder's persona". Especially 5-10 years after their founding, let alone over 20 years in the case of Adam. I feel that Adam's Polishes gets me. Understands me. All of me and my OCD. And when Christian just simply told me "we will send you a new one", I knew that Christian got Adam, otherwise he wouldn't have gotten me. I really get into in lost in it. Always amazed with how the foam gun works, how the foam shampoo smells, how the perfect pressure is coming out of my Adam's power washer....and that's when I tripped, got tangled in the hose, cable, and my foam gun just flew out of my hands and crashed on the floor. I noticed something came loose...I sent Christian a note to simply ask for a schematic to open the gun the right way and fix it. Christian wouldn't have it...we will send you a new one, and you can keep the other one for spare parts.... How can you not wash all cars and the floor and the garage door on the outside and and and ....when you know there is a brand that will just cover all your "washing and detailing needs". Nicely done Christian. Bravo Adam! Your culture is strong, alive and kicking ***!!


    Short life

    Worked great for about 15 uses. Now the threads won't hold with more than a couple ounces of liquid in the container. Just falls off and the soap goes everywhere. Needs twice as many threads on the bottle top.


    Bottle falls off with any bump

    Foams really good but is useless if the foam container falls off all the time. If you over tighten it'll unthread, if you set it down it'll fall off, very disappointed with this canon it was not up to the quality I expected from Adams.


    wouldn't stop leaking

    I got really good thick foam the first time I used it then after I went to use it again. It started leaking couldn't get the leak stopped tried with plumbers tape, Really expensive cannon I had to throw away cause as long as I had it probably couldn't return it. I also owned Adams foam gun and it started leaking. Get your foam cannon somewhere else cause two have failed me.

    At Adam’s Polishes we have found it necessary to develop the ultimate Premium Foam Cannon with such unique, thought out qualities that will leave our customers truly ecstatic. Adam’s Team has spent significant time designing every little detail about this premium foam cannon. The main canister has the ability to hold 35+ ounces of diluted product, which will give you more foaming time before you have to refill. The canister also features a wide mouth for pouring in soap from a gallon, and in turn, has a wide base to help prevent tipping over when you have a snub nose sprayer attached.

    The head features two types of threads. The first thread is able to thread easily onto the main canister for foaming parts of your vehicle with your diluted mix. The second set of threads allow you to screw onto an Adam’s 16oz bottle. This will ensure that you are able to get every last drop of soap out of those bottles. This feature will also allow us to come up with some very game-changing RTU (Ready to Use) chemistries in the future.

    The head also features a stainless-steel construction to prevent corrosion. With the ¼" connection, this Premium Foam Cannon is ready to attach to almost any pressure washer. The top has a calibrated air intake valve to easily adjust your dilution ratio. The sprayer tip has an absorbent number of upgrades. With a pull pin at the top you are easily able to clean out all of the internals to help this foam cannon last longer. The tip can also adjust the fan spray pattern from 0 degrees to nearly 120 degrees to allow you to be in control of your foam coverage. Adam’s also found it important that not only can you dispense foam vertically but you can rotate the nozzle tip to dispense horizontally and at every degree in-between. This allows our customers to be more versatile in what they use this foam cannon for.

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