Adam's Jump Starter Box
Adam's Jump Starter Box
Adam's Jump Starter Box
Adam's Jump Starter Box
Adam's Jump Starter Box
Adam's Jump Starter Box

Adam's Jump Starter Box

Sale price$99.99
Keep your vehicle prepared for the winter with this portable, rechargeable, and compact jump starter box! 
  • 12000 mAH Capacity
  • 1 Watt LED Light with 3 modes
  • 12V Jump starter for up to 7.5L Engines
  • Multi Port, Multi Function attachments
  • 13 different attachments for any application
  • Made in China
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Adam’s Jump Starter Box is a compact and portable yet advanced charging unit for your last resort needs. This lightweight tool packs over 10000 mAH capacity that will jump start and charge any of your battery powered items. Featuring 13 different attachments, Adam’s Jump Starter Box can charge your cell phone, provide an additional 12V socket-style port, or jump start your vehicle from the dead! This unit is rechargeable through the 12V wall adapter, or through your 12V vehicle charging port.

Adam’s Jump Starter Box offers charging properties for up to 7.5L engines that are in need of a jump and can function in extreme climates from -20 Celsius up to 60 Celsius (-4 Degrees Fahrenheit to 140 Degrees Fahrenheit). This portable tool comes in a weather-proof EVA bag that stows conveniently underneath your seat or in the trunk of your vehicle. This multi-function tool has all of your charging needs covered for the winter time, a camping trip, or simply to outfit your vehicle for the essential safety needs. Offering a three-mode light on the front, this product can both guide you and rescue you to a safer place to get home and back to detailing.

Jump starter cables with spark proof connections
12V Female Socket Style Connector
USB charging cord for Lightning Bolt and MicroUSB
8 various female plug ends for charging numerous devices.
12V Wall Charger
12V Car Charger
Female to Female 12V Extension plug