Adam's Interior Cleaning Gun
Adam's Interior Cleaning Gun
Adam's Interior Cleaning Gun
Adam's Interior Cleaning Gun
Adam's Interior Cleaning Gun
Adam's Interior Cleaning Gun

Adam's Interior Cleaning Gun

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Got an Air Compressor? Grab an Interior Cleaning Gun to clean your carpets and fabric seats.

  • 600 ml Plastic Container
  • Aluminum & Stainless Steel Fittings
  • On & Off Nozzle Adjustments
  • Bristle Tip for Improved Cleaning
  • Air Compressor Min-Max: 60 PSI Min - 130 PSI Max
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Adam’s Interior Cleaning Gun provides impressive cleaning power by combining compressed air, water, and an interior cleaner like our Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, to deep-clean fabric surfaces. Perfect for blasting out grease and dirt stains embedded into floor mats and carpets, or coffee stains in your cloth seats, the Interior Cleaning Gun does the heavy scrubbing step for you, to make cleaning interiors faster and easier.

The Interior Cleaning Gun has an On/Off switch above the container that allows you to choose whether to spray a forced air and water/cleaning solution mixture (for cleaning surfaces), or compressed-air-only (for drying surfaces afterward, blowing out air vents, etc). At the end of the barrel is a spinning tip assembly that will rotate at high speed as it sprays the mixture of air and cleaner down into the surface to loosen embedded dirt and stains. The end features a brush head with bristles that further aid in scrubbing and cleaning the area.

The Adam’s Interior Cleaning Gun has other uses too - cleaning out tight areas such as door sill plates, window switches, door panels, center consoles, and so on. It can even be used with a degreaser like our All Purpose Cleaner for engine bays, exhaust tips, and more! Just make sure to use caution around any buttons or electrical components - turning the switch to compressed-air-only will ensure that you do not get too much liquid into any electrical areas.

How It Works:

The Interior Cleaning Gun requires an Air Compressor for operation (sold separately). Fill the plastic container with water for lighter cleaning, or add about 3-4 ounces of Adam’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner into the water to make a solution suitable for heavy duty cleaning. We recommend to pre-treat any areas first - vacuum up any loose dirt and debris, and spray the affected area with Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner.

Next, fill the Interior Cleaning Gun Container with water and a few ounces of our Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner - anywhere from 1-4 ounces will work, depending on how severe of stains you are working with and if you are cleaning a small or large area. Screw on the lid, and shake to thoroughly mix the water and cleaner.

Connect the Interior Cleaning Gun to the airline of your compressor, and turn on the compressor. Push the mixture switch to the On (upward) position, then with the end barrel close to the surface you wish to clean, pull the trigger to begin spraying the pressurized air and cleaning solution into the surface. Work the cleaner into the area evenly, then flip the switch to air only to begin drying the area. Use an Adam’s Interior Microfiber Towel, Edgeless Utility Towel, or wet-dry vacuum to remove any excess moisture, then allow the area to dry.

Connects To Air Compressors For High Power Fabric Cleaning

Pair with Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner or Interior Cleaning Gel for stain removal!

Durable Plastic Container

600 ml container capacity.

Removes Embedded Dirt & Grime

Swirled forced air & water extracts dirt with ease!