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Adam's Hybrid Drying Towel uses a 1020 GSM Material that is designed to absorb like our famous Ultra Plush Drying Towel. This perfect sized 20" x 30" drying towel will dry any full-sized Truck or SUV without having to wring it out. Gliding the towel over paint, trim, and glass it is sure to leave a streak-free, dry finish without risking swirls or scratches.

Pricing Breakdown:

1 Towel = $22.99 Per Towel

2 Towels= $20.00 Per Towel

4 Towels= $18.75 Per Towel

6 Towels= $18.33 Per Towel

12 Towels= $17.50 Per Towel

  • Scratch Free Drying
  • 20" x 30" 1020 GSM with Black Latex Edge
  • Combined with both Low Pile Plush Material and High Pile Drying Material
  • Streak-Free Drying on Glass, Paint and Chrome
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    chris n.

    One of, if not the best drying and detailing towel

    Lets be honest here, Anytime you make contact with the cars clear coat your more than likely be scratching it at different level, the key is "minimizing" i've used this one from waterless to full on drying towel and normally can dry 2 mid size sedans. Some detailing tips i highly recommend, spray 3-4 spray of Adams quick detail ceramic or graphene to again minimize and or prevent towel drag which can produce scratches or marring, again do not use any towel at a dry state, spray some QD and use an adams edgeless soft micro towel to dry and buff to gloss this will protect and make your clear coat slick and easier to clean the next time. Lastly do not lay the towel flat and drag it all around which most people do, ive experimented with different methods and the best one so far is to lightly have the towel touch the wet area and let the micro fibers do the work, just very light towel pressure to the clear., with these tips you'll minimize scratches or marring a lot better than the traditional method, hope this Helps and btw Would like to take this opportunity to tank Adams customer service for their quick response and assistance on my last order again thank you very much.

    Todd M.

    No issues

    I use this on mainly black cars. I’ve had 0 issues with this towel and drys very well using a drying agent such as detail spray. I didn’t get scratches or swirl marks from this towel. Not sure why other reviewers did considering I have the worst color for swirl marks. Then again all my cars have professional ceramic coating on them. Only issue I’ve had is it holds so much water it unbalances my washing machine and I have to physically get the water out of towel


    Not scratch free

    I've had great success with the Ultra Plush drying towel and Great White drying towel, thought Adam's came out with something even better but I am extremely disappointed. Used this towel on my Lithium Grey (zero metallic or pearl, so it shows EVERYTHING) Ford F350 and my truck is destroyed - completely covered in swirls that Adam's compound will not remove. Wish I could send Adam's the bill for having a shop remove the scratches and swirls. After being a loyal Adam's customer for a while now I am extremely disappointed.


    Thirsty Towel

    Received this towel in my mystery bucket. It dried my LR Discovery Sport entirely! Excellent!


    Lacking Performance

    I originally bought this towel to get my cart total up to the free shipping value. I was excited to see how this compared to a basic chemical guys drying towel. My initial thoughts after receiving this towel, is cheap. It felt cheap, and the 'silk' border was not sewn on in a careful manner like their other towels, But, what I really cared about was performance. I use warm water through my pressure washer, to rinse my clean car, and even got the towel slightly damp to help it absorb water. This towel, when using the pulling technique, leaves massive streaks. Yes, the towel held a lot of water, but I'm not concerned if I have to wring out a towel as long as it drys my paint to perfection. I've had greater result using the Chemical Guys Happy Ending towel, which is only 1/3rd the price of this piece of garbage. Sorry, this product is NOT worth the money.

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