Adam's Hoseless Wash with Free 16oz

Adam’s Hoseless Wash was designed to allow for washing a dirty vehicle anywhere when you don’t have access to running water. This highly concentrated formula can clean, shine and protect in one single step by using powerful emulsifiers for encapsulation of dirt and grime that can cause marring to your vehicle’s finish and creating a barrier to provide anti-redeposition.

  • Wash Anywhere, Anytime – Without a Water Source!
  • Advanced Polymers Prevent Scratching and Swirling During the Wash Process
  • Eco-Friendly, Rinse-Free Car Washing Made Easy
  • Dilute Multiple Ways to Achieve A Variety of Uses
  • Ultraviolet Color, Sour-Citrus Scent
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Adam’s Hoseless Wash is simple to use and packs a lot of utility. Depending on how it is diluted and used, it can: make a highly effective waterless wash and detail spray; act as a clay lubricant or primer for pads; be added to a two-bucket wash routine for a boost in emulsification, lubrication, gloss and slickness; conserve water during summer droughts and allow for comfortable use inside the garage during winter with minimal mess.

Suggested Dilution Schemes:

  1. Add 1 fl oz of Adam’s Hoseless Wash to 2 gallons of water in a bucket to make a rinseless wash.
  2. Add 1 fl oz of Adam’s Hoseless Wash to ‘Wash Bucket’ in a Two-Bucket Wash Method process along with the soap of your choice, such as Adam’s Car Shampoo, to give a boost to your usual wash routine.
  3. Add 2 fl oz to 14 fl oz of water in a 16 fl oz bottle to make an effective waterless wash detailer and drying aid.
  4. Add 1 fl oz to 15 fl oz of water in a 16 fl oz bottle to make an effective, all-purpose detail spray and quick detailer.

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