Adam's Graphene VRT - Canada
Adam's Graphene VRT - Canada
Adam's Graphene VRT - Canada
Adam's Graphene VRT - Canada
Adam's Graphene VRT - Canada
Adam's Graphene VRT - Canada

Adam's Graphene VRT - Canada

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Adam's Graphene VRT™ is designed to darken, restore, and protect vinyl, rubber and tires by utilizing various silicone polymers and a blend of curable resins that protects from UV damage, oxidation, and without the worry of slinging.

  • Contains Graphene Ceramic Resins
  • Darkens, Restores and Protects Vinyl, Rubber, and Tire Appearance
  • Thick Crème-Lotion, Zero-Sling Formulation
  • No Oily Residue & Dry to the Touch
  • Crisp, Green Apple Scent
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  1. Clean and prepare surface to receive dressing by using either Adam’s All Purpose Cleaner or Adam’s Tire & Rubber Cleaner to degrease contaminants and old dressing from the surface and allow to dry.
  2. Apply several drops of Graphene VRT™ onto an Adam’s VRT Block or an Adam’s Grey Microfiber Applicator Pad. During application, as the applicator gets dry, apply more product directly to the applicator.
  3. Work to level the product evenly across the surface using broad strokes and light pressure. For tires, work into the treads, face, lettering and tire details using the applicator in a clockwise and counter clockwise fashion, changing directions periodically.
  4. Allow the dressing to penetrate and dry for 10-15 minutes and wipe down any excess using an Adam’s Edgeless Utility Towel and ensure no product was left on unintended surfaces such as rims and paintwork.
  5. Where possible, avoid weather or unintended moisture exposure for several hours to a day.

Darkens, Restores and Protects

Apply on vinyl, rubber, trim or tires.

Easy Application

Best if used with our Block Applicators.

Evolution Of A Fan Favorite

Contains graphene ceramic resins.