Adam's Eraser Wheel
Adam's Eraser Wheel
Adam's Eraser Wheel
Adam's Eraser Wheel
Adam's Eraser Wheel
Adam's Eraser Wheel
Adam's Eraser Wheel

Adam's Eraser Wheel

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Adam's Eraser Wheel is the perfect tool for safely getting left over adhesive off from stickers, decals, and removed badges. 
Vented: Creates less surface friction and heat, with a shorter lifespan.
Solid: Tendency to create more surface friction and heat, with a longer lifespan.
  • Adam's Eraser Wheel can be used for a wide range of detailing and at home or on the job site uses. Allows for quick removal of decals, vinyl stickers, pinstripes, bumper stickers, reflective tape, adhesives, and more.
  • Attaches to any power drill which provides quick results with ease. Let the rubber Adam's Eraser Wheel do the work removing decals, stickers, badges, wheel weights, vinyl wraps, and more.
  • Adam's Eraser Wheel is safe on your vehicle. It is made of high quality, soft rubber so it will not harm your vehicles paint or glass. 
  • This product can be paired with Adam’s TAR, Detail Spray, Bug Remover, etc. for even more specialized results. 
  • Vented Wheel creates less surface friction and heat.
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How to Use:
Adam’s recommended operating speed is in between 1500 and 3000 RPM, with a maximum of 4000 RPM. This magic eraser wheel comes ready to use with an electric or pneumatic drill. Start wheel before beginning removal or decal, sticker, adhesive, etc.

1 - Remove wheels from packaging, install universal arbor onto the wheel's threading and twist until snug fit. Use thread-locking fluid if your drill has an auto-stop feature.
2 - Thoroughly clean the area using a surface cleaner like Adam’s Eco All Purpose Cleaner or Detail Spray to insure dirt or debris build up does not damage your vehicle’s surface.
3 - Use the entire width of the wheel evenly to maximize the life of the eraser wheel (holding at an angle will cause uneven wear and shorten lifespan). Do not overheat, allow eraser wheel to cool down. Extended/continued use may soften the wheel, leaving excess residue which can reduce life span.
4 - Start at the top of your project and move left to right using light pressure. Let the eraser wheel do the work!
5 - Some residue and some of your projects adhesive will likely be left behind. Use Adams TAR or Adam’s All Purpose Cleaner to clean the residue as needed.

Not suitable for lacquer paints, acrylic, lexan, plexigalss, fiberglass, and soft plastic substrates.

4" Eraser Wheel

Easiest way to remove left over residue.

Maximum of 4000 RPM

Best to operate between 1500 and 3000 RPM.

Power Drill Ready

Provides quick results with ease.