Adam's Dish Soap
Adam's Dish Soap
Adam's Dish Soap
Adam's Dish Soap
Adam's Dish Soap
Adam's Dish Soap
Adam's Dish Soap
Adam's Dish Soap

Adam's Dish Soap

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While we continue to discourage using a dish soap to wash your car, we absolutely advocate for using our newly formulated Adam’s Dish Soap to wash your dishes in your home! Thanks to the relevancy and success of our automotive washes, we’ve developed our own Adam’s Dish Soap to be a concentrated formula that safely and effectively powers through stuck-on foods and leaves dishes sparkling clean

  • Powerful Grease Cutting Power with Less Scrubbing
  • Highly Concentrated – Less Soap Required
  • Works Great on Dishes, Glasses, Utensils, Pots & Pans
  • pH Neutral & Gentle on Hands
  • Zesty, Citrus Scent
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Adam’s Dish Soap was designed to be as effective as popular, abrasive dish soaps while not being as overtly aggressive on your hands by utilizing an intelligent blend of synergistic surfactants and chelates rather than relying on brute alkalinity. Adam’s Dish Soap is not simply relegated to kitchen use either. Utilizing a teaspoon of Adam’s Dish Soap in a bucket wash will yield a grease cutting solution capable within the home and garage for other tasks and projects such as cleaning cabinets, counter tops, stainless steel appliances, and tools.

Instructions for Washing by Hand:

  1. Check articles for labels and determine if they are able to be washed by hand or not. Certain items, such as cast iron, are prone to rusting and may require special cleaning instructions. Wash those items in accordance with their stated process.
  2. For those items able to be hand washed, place into the sink while stacking from largest to smallest. Add a few drops of Adam’s Dish Soap to your moist sponge and scrub, rinse, and dry. Start with utensils and then move to glassware, plates, bowls, and other mid-size objects. Larger dishes should be saved for last and given a good rinse before placing them in a drying rack.
  3. For the toughest, baked-on messes, add several drops of Adam’s Dish Soap directly and allow to soak for at least 30 minutes, or even overnight, to fully loosen up grime.
  4. Once all dishes are clean, and the sink is empty, rinse out the inside of the sink and allow dishes to evaporate dry.

Common Sense Warning:

Adam’s Dish Soap was designed for dishes and not for automotive washing – we have other soaps for that!

Not Just In The Kitchen

Use in your house, garage, clean your cabinets, appliances, or even tools.

Leave Your Dishes Sparkling Clean

Works great on Dishes, Glasses, Utensils, Pots & Pans.

Citrus Scented

Not only leave your dishes clean, but smelling good too.