Adam's CS3 - Canada
Adam's CS3 - Canada
Adam's CS3 - Canada
Adam's CS3 - Canada
Adam's CS3 - Canada
Adam's CS3 - Canada

Adam's CS3 - Canada

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Adam's CS3 combines three detailing concepts into one. It offers the ability to clean, shine and protect in one product without using water or a hose. CS3 offers an easy spray & wipe application while adding a gloss and layer of ceramic for protection to enhance or maintain the finish.

  • Uses high quality cleaning surfactant
  • Adds a gloss, and water-based ceramic (Si02) protection
  • Waterless cleaning capability
  • Streak-free spray and wipe formula
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  1. Check vehicle for large dirt particles or grit. Do not use for very dirty finishes.
  2. Spray product liberally onto area, starting from the top and working down the vehicle.
  3. Use an Adam's Borderless Grey Microfibre Towel folded into fourths & lightly wipe the towel across the wet surface. Roll the microfibre towel as you clean.
  4. Turn the towel over to a fresh side and repeat while wiping in straight lines.
  5. When all sides on the first towel are soiled. use another microfibre towel to avoid streaks.
  6. After applied to desired surfaces, use a fresh microfibre towel to gently buff away any residue. 


Effectively Cleans Mildly Dirty Surfaces


Add Amazing Shine & Depth To The Surface


This Ceramic Infused Formula Protects Against The Elements For Months