Adam's Color Shift Detail Spray
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Adam’s Color Shift Detail Spray is an alternative version of our flagship detailer with a couple of unique twists. First, it’s readily apparent that this Detail Spray has got some things going on with the color shifting depending on lighting and angle of appearance – shifting between a royal blue-purple to a fluorescent green-yellow. Next, this formulation is clear and translucent as opposed to the myriad of opaque, milky detail sprays that we’ve all become accustomed to. Finally, it behaves uniquely on the surface due to the formulation operating with new, state of the art wax additive technologies. This new Detail Spray will provide additionally lasting shine, slickness, and hydrophobic performance relative to our original formulation.

  • Clear & Translucent, Color-Shifting Blue Green Formula
  • Available While Supplies Last
  • 16oz Bottle Size
  • Limit 4 Per Person
  • Easy to Use – Spray On/Wipe-Off
  • Utilizes Durable Wax Additive Technologies
  • Provides Lasting Shine & Slickness
  • Suitable for All Surfaces

What makes this new Adam’s Detail Spray unique is the heavy molecular weight silicone wax and carnauba wax additives that have been loaded into the formulation. These additives are built to be self-emulsified in a way that allows the product to remain clear while offering unmatched shine and slickness. These additives won’t leave a greasy film, boosts drying efficiency, and offers protection that will generate dazzling hydrophobicity and reduced damage due to acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, and other soil build-ups.

We’re curious to hear what you think about this newest formulation!


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