Adam's Citrus Degreaser
Adam's Citrus Degreaser
Adam's Citrus Degreaser
Adam's Citrus Degreaser
Adam's Citrus Degreaser
Adam's Citrus Degreaser
Adam's Citrus Degreaser

Adam's Citrus Degreaser

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We’re frequently asked which product is best for degreasing surfaces and cleaning without the chance of damaging surfaces. Adam’s Citrus Degreaser is our answer, an all-purpose cleaner and citrus-based degreaser utilizing Foam Burst™ technology. The Foam Burst™ technology provides a thick, rich lather that lubricates while it works and allows the chemistry to cling to the surface. This gives the formula more working time and the Foam Burst™ technology keeps the formula safe to use on all surfaces including delicate finishes. Adam’s Citrus Degreaser also contains corrosion inhibitors and leaves a thin water-film formation, called surface hydrophilization, which will prevent water-spotting and future grease adhesion – this provides a long-lasting effect and makes the surface easier to clean with each subsequent use! 

  • Thick Foam Clings to Surfaces Better & Boosts Cleaning Performance
  • Contains Corrosion Inhibitors & Powerful Degreasing Surfactants
  • Safe for All Types of Surfaces Including Delicate Finishes
  • Generates Surface Hydrophilization – Making Subsequent Cleanings Easier & Effective
  • Foaming Sprayer Included
  • Pleasant Citrus Scent
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Instructions for General Use:

  1. Adam’s Citrus Degreaser is suitable for all surfaces and can be used for a variety of tasks where cleaning or degreasing is desired, both inside and outside the vehicle.
  2. Begin by ensuring surface is cool and, if possible, wet the surface prior to application of the product.
  3. Liberally spray Adam’s Citrus Degreaser over surface to be cleaned and observe the intense foaming action.
  4. Allow several minutes of dwell time and agitate with a soft bristled brush and then rinse with clean water.
  5. For stubborn contamination, multiple applications could be necessary.

Common Sense Warning:

Always ensure surfaces being cleaned are cool before applying the chemistry. Rinse surfaces prior to application to help cool the surface and allow the chemistry to wet out for increased effectiveness. Always test in a small, inconspicuous area before first use.

Produces A Thick Foam

Clings to the surface better and boosts cleaning performance.

Includes Foaming Sprayer

Choose from foaming and non-foaming by just flipping up the cap on the front of the sprayer.

Contains Corrosion Inhibitors

Providing a long-lasting effect to make the surface easier to clean each time you use it.