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Adam's Polishes Wheel Cleaner is the best performing wheel cleaner you will have ever tried. It is a pH neutral formula that specifically targets iron and metallic particles left behind by today's modern brakes. 
  • Safe on painted, powder-coated, clear coated, and chrome wheels
  • Thick gel-like viscosity clings to wheels for excellent cleaning power
  • Dissolves brake dust, road grime, and dirt
  • Color changes to purple as it's working


  1. Clean one wheel at a time. Rinse wheel with a powerful blast from hose.
  2. Spray the wheel surface liberally with Adams' Wheel Cleaner.
  3. As the cleaner begins to change color, agitate with a soft wheel brush. Be sure to use a long, soft wheel brush on the inside barrel of the wheel.
  4. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning each wheel. Do not let Adam's Wheel Cleaner fully dry onto any surface of the wheel.
  5. Dry wheels with an air blower. 

Note: The active ingredient in Adam's Wheel Cleaner will give off an odor when activated. This is normal, and the smell will dissipate. 

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