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Adam's Polishes Tire Shine offers a lustrous, deep shine on nearly all types of tires. Adam's Tire Shine provides increased glass and sheen while increasing longevity and extended appearance with silica technology. Our customers asked for a tire dressing that delivered a high-gloss shine and we think you'll agree that we delivered.

  • Silica-infused formula is guaranteed to last longer than conventional dressings
  • Once dry, does not sling while driving
  • Great for tall sidewalls and big tread blocks


  1. Apply to a clean finish. Clean old dressing, dirt and grime off of tires extremely well with an all purpose cleaner and scrub brush before applying Adam's Tire Shine.
  2. Spray Adam's Tire Shine only onto the outer edge of the tire sidewall. Do not spray onto the tire surface that contacts the road.
  3. Using the sponge or foam block applicator, even out the product on the face of the tire.
  4. If extra shine is desired, spray on additional coat without leveling with an applicator. 
  5. Remove any overspray residue on the wheel or painted surfaces with Adam's Detail Spray and a microfiber towel.
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