Adam's Barrel Vacuum 18 reviews

Made for both detailing pros and garage enthusiasts! Adam’s Barrel Vacuum makes cleaning your interior easy and portable enough to stow in your garage cabinet!

  • 5 Gallon Capacity
  • 20’ Power Cord/ 10’ Rubberized Metal Hose
  • 3 Interchangeable, rubberized tools
  • 120V, 60Hz, 10A, 1200 Watts
  • 15” x 12”
  • HEPA Filter
  • Made in China
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      Got 2 vacuums they both had dents on lid in same places so there was no suction and when I contacted Adams I got nothing back about it. so I put tape to cover hole on them but they both had about 20 uses and they just stopped working would spend more money somewhere else to get a vacuum that isn't such poor quality


      this vacuum doesn't vacuum

      i buy all my car detailing products from adams, i got this vacuum around christmas time. ive only used it maybe 4-5 times and it just turns off and wont turn back on. they should really get this figured out and stop selling it.


      This vacuum cleaner is trash

      I love this company, they make fantastic products, but this trash can was the largest waste of money ive ever spent on any vacuum. It overheats within 3 minutes of running, wont turn on for at least an hr after it shuts down. I pulled the motor apart to see if things were getting fried and it straight comes to a cheap filter and cheap Chinese ****. Horrible airflow, low suction, and clearly is a 12$ vacuum. Youd be better saving and getting a actual shop vac from home depot or somthing. Afain this tin can is nothing good besides being used as a literal trash can. Unbelievable

      Mandy m.

      Not worth

      Overheats within minutes. Suction isn’t terrible. Once it over heats it won’t turn back on for hours. This is the one and only Adam’s product I’ve been disappointed with. I’m not sure if it’s because the vacuum is metal and this is why it happens but I have no use for it now after buying it only for personal use. I will continue to shop with Adam’s polishes but just don’t recommend this product at all.



      I'm not sure why there are so many negative comments, so that's why I'm going to go ahead and leave one. I bought mine over a year and a half ago and mine is still working great. It's so quiet and the suction is super powerful. I think one time the suction wasnt so great and I thought it was starting to go out on me, but realized I just needed a new filter. Then it was like brand new again. There was one other time when I thought it was going out on me recently, I noticed the seal on the top part where the button is to the next part( both on the lid) wasnt completely sealed off anymore so it was affecting the suction power. It was over a year old and very used ( I'm a dog groomer) so I cleaned it up and put some silicone on it and voila. Like new again! With some basic maintenance to keep suction at its peak, this product can last a long time. I was very happy with this product. I only wish that they had a wet vac as well. I also love the hose on this thing! *hint hint* they should use this hose on the air Canon as well**

      Adam’s Barrel Vacuum is the perfect interior cleaning system for the professional detailer or garage enthusiast. The 10 foot, rubberized metal hose conveniently reaches from side to side in your vehicle or trunk while removing the worry of scratching your door sills or trim if mistakes happen. Adam’s Barrel Vacuum features an extremely quiet motor while outputting a over 30 Kpa of suction.

      Adam’s Barrel Vacuum features an aluminum casing that stands just under 16 inches in height and takes up only a foot in width. This small, portable unit can conveniently be stowed away in your garage under a workbench or in your detailing cabinet. During use, you have the option of using three rubberized interchangeable tips to make your detailing experience even easier: Brush attachment, Chisel attachment, and a Standard Round attachment. The brush attachment makes cleaning loose debris and dirt a breeze while helping to loosen dog hair-- if you’re working on with rubber floor mats or door seals, this tool is useful to reach in to hard to access areas and loosen stuck on dirt and dust. The Chisel attachment is perfect for reaching between the floorboard and door seams, or reaching between the seats of your vehicle! Lastly, the Standard Round attachment is a classic rubberized option for maximizing surface area while cleaning your interior or your shop. Adam’s Barrel Vacuum utilizes a HEPA filter, or High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbing, to get the most suction out of your vacuum while filtering out harmful dust particles and airborne bacteria.

      Adam’s Barrel Vacuum is perfect for interior cleaning of your vehicle, shop, or garage. The 10 foot rubberized metal hose is crush-resistant and able to be driven over in case you accidentally leave it in the path of your tires! The onboard storage stows away the 3 attachments and 10 foot hose, while keeping the 20 foot power cord tidy around the handle. The bagless, HEPA filter makes emptying out the unit quick and easy with two metal locking clips to hold on the 5 gallon canister.

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