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Adam’s Anti-Fog Solution is an all-purpose glass, mirror, lens, and visor treatment that cleans and produces an anti-condensation effect, simultaneously! Fogging is caused by micro-beading of water on glass as condensation forms due to a temperature variance on either side of the glass – temperature moves from hot to cold bringing moisture with it. Adam’s Anti-Fog Solution produces a super hydrophilic effect to force the water to flatten and not bead, rendering fogging on the treated surface difficult. If left undisturbed and untouched, Adam’s Anti-Fog Solution will persist through many repeated condensation exposures.

  • Cleans, Lubricates, and Treats Simultaneously
  • Super Hydrophilic – Produces Contact Angles <10°
  • Persists Through Repeated Condensation Exposures Without Needing to Reapply
  • Usable on Glass, Mirrors, Lenses, Goggles, Visors, and Plastics
  • Safe On Tint
  • No Dyes or Fragrances
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United States United States

Great product!

Its great once you read the directions and apply generously. 1st time i cheaped out and only applied small amounts. 2nd time around couple weeks later i added a lot more as shown in the demo video. And it works amazing. I would HIGHLY suggest doing it in a well vented area and or have your doors or windows open. Stuff has a strong chemical smell.



As Jon said, people need to read the dang descriptions and quit asking product questions in the reviews. Idiots give 5 star ratings in a review just to ask a question, when the answer is in the product description. If you have a question, use the chat, or email, or call Adam's. Don't be that guy that asks a question in the review, it's dumb and skews the overall rating of the product. Now for the product.... I tried this out on my windshield and driver's side window as a test. I didn't clean the window prior, as I wanted to see how the product functions as a cleaner as well. It's been through 3 fogging episodes so far and the two windows that are treated are starting to wear down, but is still working. The product does work, but I'm not sure if it will last much longer than a week or two, depending on the weather conditions. It applies easily and did clean the windows during the process. Make sure you apply it evenly. I just wish the longevity was longer, but if you clean your interior regularly, just use this instead of glass cleaner and the protection should be there all the time.



For you people who can’t take the time to read a product description but somehow find the time to ask ****** questions, READ THE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION AND SAVE YOURSELF AOME TIME!!!! It CLEARLY states that the product is TINT SAFE! Good lord ‍♂️

Jackson L.

Pretty good but I hope there is a V2 at some point

So I received this yesterday and I tried it out today, its a great product but I recommend cleaning the windows with your favorite window cleaner first. I had some adhesive residue on my windshield from the oil change sticker in the top left that some places leave on it and it went across the whole windshield leaving what looked to scratch, further realizing that it wasn't the product. But this isn't the reason I gave the product 4/5 stars, the reason is longevity, I own my own detailing business and use a ton of Adams products and they make amazing products, but this one is a one time use, once you use a window cleaner on it, the anti-fog is gone. This is according to their comments on their posts on Instagram responding to their followers and from my testing, I removed the product and steamed up the window and there wasn't any protection. So in longevity terms, this product is not good for a business but the bottle could last about 5 cars, I only used about .75 oz. of the 4 oz. bottle and I say that that is amazing. I hope they someday come out with some sort of coating that can last a season, especially in the "end of fall to the beginning of spring months" because this is when this product is most useful and would be good for businesses to use this product. What the smell reminds me of is like when you go to the doctor to get a shot, it smells like what the shot smells like, a very sterile smell. Amazing product, love it.


Windshield tint

Also curious if this can be used on a tinted windshield?

If needed, the product can be removed using a cleaner and a quality microfiber towel or re-deposited by simply reapplying the product to treat the surface once more. Persistent use of the product as an alternative to a glass cleaner will maintain the effect indefinitely.

Adam’s Anti-Fog Solution will not damage or harm surfaces and is safe for tint, navigation screens, lenses, and all types of glass, mirrors, and even plastics! Try it on goggles, safety glasses, helmets, visors, and face shields!

Instructions for General Use:

  1. If desired, clean and prepare surface by using Adam’s Surface Prep. Adam’s Glass Cleaner is not preferred, since it has a hydrophobic additive built into it. If Adam’s Surface Prep is unavailable, the Adam’s Anti-Fog Solution will work well even with the surface unprepared.
  2. Shake well before use. Apply a liberal amount of Adam’s Anti-Fog Solution directly onto a microfiber applicator. Spread a layer onto the surface, evenly, using the applicator in a cross-hatch motion. Adam’s Anti-Fog Solution will flash quickly leaving a haze.
  3. Wipe down the haze using a quality microfiber towel and observe from many angles to ensure no smearing or streaking. Continue to wipe down with fresh sides of the microfiber towel until the surface has clarity.
  4. Anti-fog effect will be immediate with no cure time required. Reapply as frequently as desired. If any haziness appears, simply wipe down with a microfiber towel – the effect will persist despite repeatedly wiping down.

Common Sense Warning:

Adam’s Anti-Fog Solution leaves a coating film behind. Agitation or touch may ruin the effect as the surface can be modified. Reapply product when and where fogging manifests to eliminate visual impairment.

Note: Some prescription glasses, designer sun glasses, and other eyewear are made with engineered materials or coatings that may resist Adam’s Anti-Fog Solution from generating the desired effect. Keep in mind that some surfaces are unlikely to be able to be made anti-fog with this product.

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