Adam's 6" Clay Decon Pad
Adam's 6" Clay Decon Pad
Adam's 6" Clay Decon Pad
Adam's 6" Clay Decon Pad
Adam's 6" Clay Decon Pad
Adam's 6" Clay Decon Pad

Adam's 6" Clay Decon Pad

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Adam’s 6” Clay  Decon Pad removes stubborn surface contaminants on paint, metal and glass. It can be paired with our Swirl Killer 15mm or 21mm polishers, making it our fastest decontamination method. The pad should be stored in a clean container velcro side down, with proper care this pad can clay 30+ cars before needing to be replaced. Adam’s 6” Clay Decon Pad is the most aggressive clay we offer, and it could potentially leave light micro-marring that would need to be corrected from polishing.

  • Remove Stubborn Surface Contamination Quickly
  • Pair with Adam's SK 15mm or 21mm Polishers
  • 6" In Diameter
  • Clay 30+ Cars With One Pad
  • Machine Polishing Could Be Needed Afterwards
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Contamination: Contaminants can be introduced to paint, glass, and metal over time, or before the vehicle makes it off the showroom floor. Paint overspray, industrial fallout, rail dust, exhaust, catalytic converter particles and many other things will bond to your paint causing the surface to be rough and hinder the performance of waxes, sealants, and coatings.


  1. Ensure you are working on clean paint. Watch Adam’s Polishes Two Bucket Wash video for in depth details.
  2. First time use: Complete steps 3-7 on glass before moving on to metal or paint. It's best to break in the clay for 30+ seconds.
  3. Spray Adam’s Detail Spray onto the surface and on the pad, work one panel at a time, or a 2’x2’ area.
  4. Place pad onto the surface and start the machine on the lowest speed.
  5. Use minimal pressure on the machine, and work in a cross hatch pattern.
  6. Wipe the surface with an Adam’s Premium Microfiber Towel.
  7. Continue this process until the desired panels are decontaminated.



6" Diameter Clay Decon Pad

Pair with Adam's Swirl Killer 15mm or 21mm polishers.

Clay Decon Pad Will Last 30+ Cars

Remove stubborn contaminants on paint, metal or glass.

Remove Stubborn Surface Contamination Quickly

Use Adam's Detail Spray as a lubricant.