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Adam’s Waterless Wash is designed to clean the surface of a car that is slightly dirty or dusty without getting out the hose! Adam’s Waterless Wash provides for an effective and efficient way to safely clean dirt, grime, and debris from the surface without causing scratching or marring. This formula is best served to provide a means of washing without access to a water supply or in areas that are under water restrictions.

What’s the deal with the updated formula?

Adam’s Waterless Wash was updated to include additional slickness, cleaning and emulsification properties while even further lowering the opportunities for streaking or smearing. The polymers included in this formula provide more aggressive emulsification and encapsulation of dirt particles and grime to avoid scratches or marring in the automotive finish.

  • Wash Anywhere, Anytime – Without a Water Source!
  • Advanced Polymers Prevent Scratching and Swirling During the Wash Process
  • Eco-Friendly Waterless Car Washing Made Easy
  • Ultraviolet Color, Sour-Citrus Scent
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    Tried a 16 oz bottle and just ordered a gallon

    I have been meaning to try this stuff for years and finally ordered a 16 oz bottle and love the stuff (enough for a pickup truck). In New Mexico we get blowing dust/sand and this worked perfectly on that. Saved time, water, and a hassle getting the two bucket system going which leads to water marks (humidity is less than 10% here) due to hard water and quick evaporation. Just ordered a gallon. Great stuff. You won't be disappointed.

    Kyle W.

    Waterless = Effortless

    I was hesitant, as many others who have written reviews, but this stuff is a MUST HAVE!!!! My wife's Escalade was washed with another Adam's product, then hadn't been washed for 2 weeks. My wife drove it a few times but it mostly sat in the driveway thru at least 2 heavy rains. I used the Waterless on it just to see how it would really perform....UNBELIEVABLE!!! I sent pics of half the truck done and the other half not done, my friends were blown away. I have a 16oz left, time to step up to the gallons now. YOU WILL NOT REGRET BUYING THIS PRODUCT!!!



    This was recommended to me by a fellow car nut and is the perfect option for a wipe down after a day of driving when the car isn't so filthy that it needs a full wash. A quick couple of sprays and a quick wipe down is all that's needed for a smooth shine before the car gets covered up again. I'll also use this at car shows and follow up with the detail spray for a stunning shine with depth and clarity. It also works great on a black car without leaving any scratches in the clear coat.


    Worth every cent

    I recently found out about Adam’s products and I purchased this product in my first order. It is the best product to give your car a quick touch-up wash. It removes all water spot and dust laying on the paint. It is an amazing product and I will for sure buy it again when the bottle is empty. Highly recommend!


    Pleasantly pleased

    I, like some others, was hesitant to try this product as I've never really used something like this before. My son however, convinced me to give it a try. I've used it twice on my truck which was only mildly dirty as well as my wife's Santa Fe. It did a great job in cleaning the vehicles as well it was very easy to use. Will be going from the 16 oz bottle to ordering in gallons...quite happy. My son uses it to clean their golf cart.

    Adam’s Waterless Wash is a water-based, advanced blend of emulsifiers and surfactants designed to be sprayed onto the surface and lift dirt up and away from the finish and into the towel.

    Unlike Detail Spray that is designed to shine, enhance gloss, and protect, the primary use for Waterless Wash is to safely clean without damaging the finish, leaving behind a streak-free result.

    Adam’s Waterless Wash is safe on all painted surfaces, trim, wheels, windows and chrome. To remove bugs safely, spray Adam’s Waterless Wash on stream setting on the contaminated areas and allow to sit for 3-4 minutes-- After that time, spray Waterless Wash on the fan spray option and wipe with an Adam’s Waterless Wash Towel.

    Your car doesn’t always need a full bath with a two bucket wash method or a foam cannon. Light surface dust, fingerprints, or other minor surface contamination can be easily and safely removed using Adam’s Waterless Wash and the proper Waterless Wash Towel.

    Waterless washing saves water, can be done in full sunlight, and is safe on any exterior surface. This product extends the life of your sealants and waxes by providing a gentle method of cleaning and not introducing a bulky process for a simple wipe down. Follow with Adam’s Detail Spray or Spray Wax for added gloss, depth, and protection.

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