Adam's Ultimate Kit

Adam’s Ultimate Kit couldn’t have a better name. This kit features over 100 products that instantly outfits your detailing arsenal with every tool you need from Adam’s Polishes. While this bundle of products provides you with everything you to clean, polish, and protect every surface on your vehicle, it totals over $2,000 in retail value! Not only are you instantly Adam-izing your detailing area and wash bay, but you’re saving several hundred dollars by buying in bundles rather than each item separately.

We currently offer free shipping in the continental US on orders over $100 after discounts or $7.99 Flat Rate Shipping. If you don't love what you receive, we'll cover shipping back to our door too. Please note free returns are not included on international orders.

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16oz Detail Spray
16oz Spray Wax
16oz H2O Guard & Gloss
16oz Tire Shine
16oz Wheel Cleaner
16oz Wheel & Tire Cleaner
16oz Eco APC
16oz Eco Wheel Cleaner
16oz All Purpose Cleaner
16oz Tire & Rubber Cleaner
16oz Undercarriage Spray
16oz Iron Remover
16oz Bug Remover
16oz Buttery Wax
16oz Brilliant Glaze
16oz Car Shampoo
16oz Ultra Foam Shampoo
16oz Mega Foam Shampoo
16oz Wash & Wax
16oz Strip Wash
16oz Waterless Wash
16oz Rinseless Wash
16oz Leather Conditioner
16oz Leather & Interior Cleaner
16oz All Purpose Interior Cleaning Gel
16oz Interior Dressing
16oz Interior Detailer Eucalytus Mint
16oz Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
12oz Hand Polish
12oz Scratch & Swirl  Remover
16oz VRT
16oz Odor Neutralizer
16oz Glass Cleaner
12oz Compound
12oz Polish
12oz One Step Polish
12oz CS3
8oz Paint Sealant
8oz Metal Polish 1
8oz Metal Polish 2
8oz Tire Armor
4oz Glass Sealant
4oz Black Trim Restorer
12oz Wash + Coat
12oz Ceramic Boost
12oz Ceramic Waterless
12oz Ceramic Liquid Wax
12oz Ceramic Spray Coating non UV
Ceramic Coating Wax
12oz Surface Prep
12oz Trim Cleaner
50ml UV Paint Coating
Ceramic Metal Wipe x2
Ceramic Trim & Headlight Wipe x2
UV Flashlight
2X Suede Microfiber
2X Suede Applicators
4X Single Soft
4X Double Soft
Ultra Plush Drying Towel
Jumbo Plush Drying Towel
Mini Plush Drying Towel
Great White Drying Towel
2x Borderless Gray towel
2x Waterless Wash Towels
2x Green Glass Towel
2x Edgeless Utility Towels
Standard Foam Gun
Barrel Brush Large
Barrel Brush Small
Red Wheel Brush
Tire Scrub Brush
Trim & Lug Nut Brush
Interior Detailing Brush
Cockpit Brush
Deep Clean Eraser 6pack
Pro Tire Hex Grip
VRT Block Sponge
Red Hex
Yellow Hex
Microfiber Applicator 2 pack
Odor Bomb
Charcoal Odor Bag
5 Gallon Bucket w/ Gamma Seal Lid & Grit Guard
3.5 Gallon Bucket w/ Snap On Lid & Grit Guard
10" Car Wash Pad
Microfiber Wash Mitt
Premium Microfiber Wash Sponge
15mm SK Pro Polisher
12mm Swirl Killer Polisher
5.5" Blue Pad
5.5" Microfiber Pad
5.5" White Pad
5.5" Red Pad
3.5" White Pad 2pk
3.5" Blue Pad 2pk
3.5" Microfiber Pad 2pk
3.5" Red Pad 2pk
Pad Conditioning Brush
Swirl Finder Light
Medium Clay Bar Kit
Fine Clay Bar Kit
Visco Clay Kit
Clay Mitt
Americana Wax
Interior Protection Paste
Strawberry Air Freshener

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