Adam's Two Step 5.5" Pad & Polish Kit
Adam's Two Step 5.5" Pad & Polish Kit
Adam's Two Step 5.5" Pad & Polish Kit
Adam's Two Step 5.5" Pad & Polish Kit
Adam's Two Step 5.5" Pad & Polish Kit

Adam's Two Step 5.5" Pad & Polish Kit

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These are the key polishes you need to bring your paint back to perfect! Don't worry, we bundled in the pads you need to get the job done, too.

  • Includes Pads & Polish For Two-Step Correction
  • For Use With 5" Hook & Loop Backing Plates 
  • Compatible With Adam's Swirl Killer 15mm Polisher
  • Polish & Reusable Pads For Multiple Vehicles
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Adam's Correcting Polish is a super effective way to remove the majority of surface imperfections, swirl marks, and light scratches in your paint, but sometimes you may need a more aggressive approach, rather than struggling with too many passes with the polisher on a vehicle that has deeper imperfections or a hard clear coat. Situations like these are why we are introducing Adam's Heavy Correcting Compound. Heavy Correcting Compound is an optional first step in our polishing system if you're struggling too much with the orange Correcting Polish and Orange Foam Pad on your vehicle, turning our 2-Step Polishing System into a 3-Step Polishing System. In other words, this compound may not be necessary for your vehicle.

Adam's Heavy Correcting Compound is color-coded and designed to work with our new Blue Foam Pad and our new White & Blue Microfiber Cutting Pad. It is the best polish in the Adam's line to remove heavy swirl marks caused by neglect and improper care of the car's finish. Adam's Heavy Correcting Compound gives the ability to correct extremely hard clear coats and begin the process to achieving a perfect finish. It's a low-dust formula that has a long open-time just like our new Correcting Polish and Finishing Polish, and the residue from the diminishing abrasives wipes off with no trouble at all. We think you will be a fan of the pleasing smell that fills your garage as you use this compound, too.

Heavy Correcting Compound produces excellent results when restoring paint with moderate to heavy swirls and imperfections. You'll be completely stunned with the results that can be achieved in less time than ever before. We truly think you will be amazed at how awesome all three of our new polishes work together as a world-class polishing system!

As with all Adam's products, Heavy Correcting Compound is formulated, manufactured, and bottled here in the USA. It's also backed with the Adam's 110% satisfaction guarantee!


For a full explanation, reference our videos:

For severe correction, start with Adam’s Microfiber Cutting Pad.
1. Apply 4 drops onto Blue Foam or Microfiber Cutting Pad. Prime foam pad with one mist of Detail Spray.
2. Spread compound over 2-foot by 2-foot area.
3. Set polisher speed to High, 5 or 6. Slowly work in up-down and left-right patterns, 3-5 pounds of pressure, 25% overlap.
4. Work until clear/oily on paint surface. Use Adam’s Pad Conditioning Brush on pad when microfiber becomes matted-down.
5. Remove residue with an Adam’s Microfiber Towel. Inspect surface.
6. If imperfections remain, repeat process using Adam’s Blue Foam Pad.
7. For each section, add minimal Heavy Correcting Compound. Moisten pad with a mist of Detail Spray. Less is more!
8. Move onto Adam’s Correcting Polish and Adam's Finishing Polish.

Fix Scratches & Swirls

Adam's Heavy Correcting Compound is designed to fix oxidized, swirled paint in a hurry.

Includes The Pads You Need

Don't worry, this kit has all of key pads needed to polish out scratches, swirls and oxidation.

Our Most Popular Polish

Adam's Correcting Polish features a long open time, and finishes amazing.