Adam's Swirl Killer Mini 12mm Basic Kit
Adam's Swirl Killer Mini 12mm Basic Kit
Adam's Swirl Killer Mini 12mm Basic Kit
Adam's Swirl Killer Mini 12mm Basic Kit
Adam's Swirl Killer Mini 12mm Basic Kit

Adam's Swirl Killer Mini 12mm Basic Kit

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The perfect companion to our Swirl Killer 15mm Long Throw Polisher or 21mm Long Throw Polisher, for paint correction of small or hard-to-reach areas. This spot-correction machine polisher will be a must-have tool in your paint correction process once you try it out. You will find a use for it on nearly any vehicle you paint correct, where a larger pad and our Swirl Killer Polisher may not fit. Whether you need to polish those swirled up A, B, and C pillars on your doors, complex curves around fog lights, rear spoilers, headlights, taillights, rocker panels, the Swirl Killer MINI with its smaller machine housing and smaller pads has more than enough power to do the job and achieve perfection. The short overhang around the backing plate also allows for access into more difficult areas like on and around mirrors, clear coated wheels, door handles, and around tight emblems.

  • Removes swirls in small and hard-to-reach areas!
  • Compact design, smooth operation, low vibration
  • Strong correcting ability with 12mm throw and up to 5500 OPM
  • Works perfectly with Adam's 4" microfiber and foam polishing pads
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  • 12mm Swirl Killer Polisher
  • White Foam Polish Pad (2)
  • Polish 12oz
  • Blue Foam Compound Pad (2)
  • Blue Microfiber Pad (2)
  • Compound 12oz
  • Pad Conditioning Brush

The Swirl Killer MINI is intended to be used for spot correction of specific areas on a vehicle where a fullsize machine polisher cannot fit. It is not designed or intended to be used to paint correct an entire vehicle. Most swirl mark removal can be achieved at speed setting 3 or 4 on the adjustable speed dial, with the higher speed 5 and 6 left for heavier scratches.

A long throw polisher like the Adam’s Swirl Killer MINI is a dual-action machine polisher that oscillates and shakes the backing plate and polishing pad in many directions in quick motions, several thousand times per minute. The movement mimics how our hand moves in an irregular circular pattern when polishing or waxing a surface by hand. Dual action polishers differ from rotary buffers in that rotary buffers have fixed rotation and spin only in a circular motion without oscillating the pad. Rotary buffers are rated in Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) as opposed to the Oscillations Per Minute (OPM) of a Long Throw Dual Action Polisher.

Long Throw Polishers typically have a 15mm or 21mm orbit pattern. While a 21mm throw can correct imperfections a little more quickly than a 15mm throw, the larger orbit and larger pad size for these machines can make them a little more difficult to use on some vehicles with very complex curves. On a much smaller casing size like the Swirl Killer MINI, a 12mm orbit pattern provides better correction capabilities than some of other random orbital machines with an 8mm throw, while still providing great balance and ease of use with smaller 4” pads.

Adam's Swirl Killer MINI allows you to finish down a surface amazingly, to as near flawless as possible with minimal effort. In some instances, this can be accomplished in as little as one polishing step, unlike rotary buffers. Rotary buffers can leave holograms or buffer trails from improper technique, pad type, or compound, which then require additional polishing steps to make the surface hologram free. The longer throw of the Swirl Killer MINI when compared to other traditional random orbital polishers allows for stronger and faster correction, while still being safe on the surface. For these reasons, Long Throw Polishers are bridging the gap in regards to time savings compared to Rotary Buffers.

The Swirl Killer MINI polisher has several design features that make it more enjoyable and comfortable to use. The ON/OFF rocker switch is large, easy to engage, and reduces strain and fatigue on your fingers when polishing by not having to hold in a trigger. The ON/OFF switch also features a soft start for a smooth and safe start. The hand grip above the polishing head is rubber for reduced vibration through your hand and arm. The backing plate has a strong Velcro hook and loop system to keep polishing pads secure during use, but still easy enough to remove the pad without too much effort. The power cord is a soft rubber design so that it can comfortably drape over your shoulder while polishing and not twist or tangle as easily. The cord is a longer 25-foot length for easier maneuverability around the vehicle.

We have been extensively testing this polisher and now it's time for you to enjoy this affordable, high-quality precision machine too!

Backing Plate:

3" or 74mm
120-127V 50/60Hz (UL/JP)
Power Consumption:
Rated 500W (Maximum 750W)
Free Speed:
4-1/8 lbs

The Perfect Accessory Polisher

We don't recommend polishing an entire vehicle with this tool, but it's a great addition if you already have a primary polisher that's 15 or 21mm.

Ideal for Polishing Small Areas

Great for A Pillars on your vehicle, or small strips of paint that would be hard to polish with a larger polisher.

Achieve Flawless Paint

Quickly remove swirls & scratches from the surface in just a few minutes.