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Adam's Revive Hand Polish
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A low abrasive polish designed to be used by hand to remove imperfections and swirls. Adam's Revive Fine Hand Car Polish is the perfect one-step polishing solution for perfect, or near-perfect paint, that needs that little something extra to bring back the shine. If your paint is flawless, but just seems to lack that luster use Adam's Revive Fine Hand Car Polish with our color coded Adam's BLUE Hex-Grip Polish Applicator to restore that 'new paint' shine and enhance gloss. Follow with any one of our waxes to protect the paint and add even more depth!

  • Adds Depth, Gloss, and Clarity
  • Super Easy to Apply & Remove
  • Restores & Adds Shine To Painted Surfaces
  • Perfect Pre-Wax Cleaner
  • Made In The USA

The combination of super fine polishing agents, paint cleansers, and essential oils in Adam's Revive Fine Hand Car Polish work to make your paint look darker and wetter than it ever has before, plus we've made it super easy to remove. Adam's Fine Hand Revive Polish wipes easily away with a microfiber cloth and, best of all, it won't stain your trim.

No hand applied product on the market can truly remove swirl marks, imperfections, or scratches. Adam's Revive Polish isn't intended to fix substantial damage, instead it adds gloss, restores luster, and helps improve the overall look of your paint.

Whether you're looking for a basic hand polishing product, or want a little something extra after you've machine polished away the imperfections, Adam's Revive Hand Polish is the perfect addition to any car cleaning routine.

Adam's Revive Fine Hand Car Polish has even been awarded "Voted Best Car Polish & Paint Cleaner" by in a head to head test with other industry leading products.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews Write a review

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