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Adam's Plush Microfiber Blanket
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We've restocked 50 blankets. More are on the way, don't worry! Beat the rush and grab one before they go on Pre-Order again. 

Extremely Soft Heavy Weight Blanket that's perfect for your home. If you've ever used our Double Soft Microfiber, you know how soft it is! Keep this blanket in your home for the cold winter days.

  • 900 GSM / Extremely Soft
  • 65" x 90" / Fits A Queen Size Bed
  • 80% Polyester, 20% Polyamide
  • Grey Microfiber With Black Satin Edge
  • 12lbs / Heavy Weight
  • Machine Washable
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Adam’s Plush Microfiber Blanket is back again for this holiday season! This blanket is BIG - large enough to use on a queen-size bed, or perfect to bundle up on the couch this winter. In addition to the generous size, this blanket also has generous weight. The Adam’s Plush Microfiber Blanket is thick and heavy, and will certainly keep you warm. The blanket is made from an 80/20 blend of Polyester and Polyamide like the rest of our towels, and the 900 GSM rating provides a heavy, but soft and delicate feel.

This season’s blanket is a light-gray microfiber that features our Adam’s logo embroidered in black, dark gray, and white. It incorporates the same scratch-free black satin edge that we use on our Single Soft Polishing Towels too. These blankets are great to keep in the car or truck to stay warm at your local Cars & Coffee, concerts, or other sporting events.

The Adam’s Plush Microfiber Blanket is machine washable like our other microfiber towels. We recommend using our Microfiber Revitalizer & Brightener when washing for best results. Do not use any powder detergents, fabric softener, or bleach when washing this blanket or any other microfiber towels. You’ll love it, 110% guaranteed.

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