Adam's Standard Foam Gun & Car Shampoo 16oz
Adam's Standard Foam Gun & Car Shampoo 16oz
Adam's Standard Foam Gun & Car Shampoo 16oz
Adam's Standard Foam Gun & Car Shampoo 16oz
Adam's Standard Foam Gun & Car Shampoo 16oz

Adam's Standard Foam Gun & Car Shampoo 16oz

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A cost-effective but still efficient tool used for foaming down your vehicle with any of Adam's Shampoo without the use of a pressure washer. Foam Guns & Foam Cannons help loosen dirt and remove the top layer of dirt from your paint's surface making for a safer washing system.

  • Produces Thick Suds For Car Washing
  • Attaches To Standard Garden Hose
  • Includes 32oz Canister with Quick Connect & Spray Nozzle
  • Two Metering Tips Included
  • *Some Assembly Required
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Whether you're an experienced detailer or a weekend hobbyist, keeping a clean look to your vehicle is something that most of us will agree is a common goal to show pride in ownership. Vehicle ownership is usually one of the more expensive purchases you make, so it is important to take as many precautions when washing as possible to avoid damage from improper washing and drying. The Adam’s Standard Foam Gun produces a thick soap lather by mixing our Car Shampoo with the water pressure from your garden hose to provide extra lubrication to the paint, making the wash process even safer for your finish. When used with Adam’s pH neutral Car Shampoo, the foam instantly goes to work suspending those harsh minerals in your water and virtually eliminating the chances of water spots, even if the soap dries on the finish.

Operation is quick and easy:

    1. Fill the 32oz Foam Gun canister about 3/4 full with water.
    2. Pour 2-3oz of Adam's Car Shampoo into the canister.
    3. Insert the appropriate metering tip into the bottom of the Foam Gun Barrel.*
    4. Attach the clear fill tube to the barrel.
    5. Thread the barrel lid onto the canister.
    6. With the water supply off, connect the spray nozzle to the end of your garden hose.
    7. Pull back on the plastic quick-release of the spray nozzle, and insert the Foam Gun barrel until it locks in place.
    8. Turn on the water supply, then squeeze the spray nozzle handle to lay a thick layer of foam onto the vehicle.

*The Adam's Stand Foam Gun comes with three different metering tips, which affect the flow rate of how fast the soap solution is pulled out of the canister and onto the vehicle. We recommend starting out with the Yellow metering tip and then adjusting to the blue or green metering tip for your specific water supply. You can also run the Foam Gun without any metering tip installed. Using the Foam Gun without a metering tip will create a large amount of foam, but it will also run through the canister much more quickly - depending on the size of the vehicle, you may need to refill the canister with more Car Shampoo and water before sudsing down the entire vehicle.

The Adam’s Standard Foam Gun does not eliminate the need for buckets when washing. We still recommend using a Two Bucket Wash Method with a Wash Bucket with soap and a Rinse Bucket with clean water and Grit Guards in both. What it does provide is a way to pre-soak a vehicle to soften bug guts and help to loosen dirt and other debris from the surface more easily for a fun and safe wash experience!

Pro Tip

Pre soaking your vehicle makes the whole process safer. This allows dirt and grime to run off the paint before introducing a wash pad.

Quick Disconnect Included

Quickly connect, and disconnect your Foam Gun with the included connector.

Pro Tip

Before adding shampoo to your Foam Gun, add water! Otherwise, you'll be playing in bubbles instead of washing your car.