Adam's Fire Hose Car Wash Nozzle 9 reviews

When washing your vehicle, you come into contact with various angles, crevices, and body panels that can hold suds in a variety of ways! The wheels, lug nuts, and wheel wells have a different water pattern preference than rinsing the roof of your vehicle down. With a premium, adjustable Fire Hose Nozzle, you are able to switch the pattern on the fly with a simple flick of your wrist.

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Adjustable Stream Pattern
  • Stainless Steel Structure
  • Premium Rubber O-Ring
  • High-Quality ABS Plastic
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    Alisha L.

    Excellent customer service

    Had a replacement order from customer service in less then 24 hours

    Alisha L.


    2 years later and it fell apart

    Alisha L.


    Drips on my foot when spraying. Fills buckets much faster then a squeeze nozzle though.



    Yes this is a nice nozzle and I like Adam's products BUT browsing through the web site I spied this little nugget. The price point is through the roof. Any hardware store carries similar if not better for less than $20 bucks.



    I love this firehose nozzle as I believe it is the most powerful spray you can get without a pump from a pressure washer. And it is very powerful. I use this thing to clean my driveway and fence weekly. This nozzle also allows me to water plants and grass areas that are 25+ yards away which saves me from having to attach another hose. My wife, her mother and sister do not like this nozzle because they cannot turn it on. This is the only possible negative about it and I want potential buyers to know that it is difficult to turn on. This does not bother me so much, there are a few times when I wish I could hold the hose between my knees and turn the nozzle on with one hand because my other hand is holding something but you cannot do this due to the water pressure built up behind the nozzle. So what makes this thing good, so powerful, also makes it difficult to turn on at times. I have been thoroughly happy with every Adam's product I have bought (pretty much everything they sale) and I believe their offerings are better than anyone else. I think this nozzle fits this description as well but I wanted to make it know it can be difficult to turn on. If you are in a situation where you will be turning the nozzle off and on often you may want to look elsewhere for a nozzle but if you need a powerful spray that will go the distance and last likely forever, then add to cart. It is hands down the best nozzle I have ever owned for durability and long cleaning sessions. I am giving it 4 stars primarily so this review gets read. I never write them but I wanted to give back.

    The Fire Hose Nozzle is a small but effective tool that is certain to be the next favorite tool in your weekend wash routine. Utilizing high-grade ABS plastic and a stainless steel face and internals, this washing accessory amplifies your conventional garden hose and allows to pump over 7 gallons per minute. This not only allows you to rinse your vehicle with ease and have your waxes or sealants go to work with self-drying capabilities, but it also allows you to fill your bucket over 50% faster with this nozzle! Filling a 5 gallon bucket just got a rapid upgrade with this nozzle with a sub-50 second fill time!

    The Fire Hose Nozzle provides a soft, effective stream of water that douses the surface in a rush of water. The lightweight design is wrapped in an outer rubber ring that is perfect for fender, wheel, and tire rinsing to prevent harsh plastic edges from scratching the surface of your finish. This nozzle is ergonomic and fits in the palm of your hand, and the convenient size of it allows it to be nimble during the entire washing process!

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