Adam's Motorcycle Kit
Adam's Motorcycle Kit
Adam's Motorcycle Kit
Adam's Motorcycle Kit
Adam's Motorcycle Kit

Adam's Motorcycle Kit

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Keep your bike looking its best whether you're on the road or at home. Here at Adam's Polishes, we receive requests and questions on a weekly basis for some great products to use for motorcycles. We've taken the guesswork out of it for you now with Adam's New Motorcycle Kit! This kit provides several key products to clean up your bike, giving you all of the products, applicators, and towels that you need to keep it looking its best in between rides.

  • Special Kit Designed With Motorcycles In Mind
  • Includes Everything Needed For Cleaning, Shining, & Protection
  • Necessary Applicators & Towels Included
  • Easily Keep Your Products In The Bag For Travel or Storage
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  • 8 Bottle Bag
  • Buttery Wax 8oz
  • Brilliant Glaze 8oz
  • Revive Hand Polish 8oz
  • Waterless Wash 8oz
  • Leather Conditioner 4oz
  • Metal Polish #1 4oz
  • Metal Polish #2 4oz
  • 2 Waterless Wash Towel
  • Single Soft Microfiber Towel
  • Blue Hex Grip Applicator
  • Microfiber Applicators
  • 2 Edgeless Utility Towels
  • Red Hex Grip Applicator

Start out with our Waterless Wash and blue Waffle Weave Waterless Wash Microfiber Towels to safely remove light dirt and dust from the bike - paint, glass, and chrome. Fold one towel into fourths or sixths, then spray down an area with Waterless Wash. Use one side of the towel to gently wipe away contamination. Once that side is dirty, flip the towel to another fresh side and continue the cleaning process. Then use the second towel to wipe away any remaining Waterless Wash residue.

Now that the paint and chrome are clean, it's time to start polishing! For the painted areas, pour a few drops of the blue Revive Hand Polish onto the color-coded Blue Hex Grip Applicator, and then polish the paint using light pressure in up/down and left/right motions to bring out more color and depth. Pro-Tip: Pay special care around any leather, vinyl, or textured plastic areas - you do not want to get any polish or wax residue on these areas since they could cause possible staining. Wipe away the Revive Hand Polish Residue with the included Single Soft Towel. Next, shake up Adam's Metal Polish #1 and Metal Polish #2 thoroughly to mix them up, and pour a few drops of Metal Polish #1 onto one of the Microfiber Applicator Pads from the kit. Apply the Metal Polish into the chrome, billet aluminum, and stainless areas on the bike. We recommend at least 20 passes for oxidized metal to bring it back to a shine. Wipe away the residue with Utility Towel, and then repeat this process with Metal Polish #2 to get as close to a mirror finish as possible!

You now have the bike gleaming with shine, but you want to take it that extra step. This is where Adam's Brilliant Glaze steps in! Shake up the bottle first, then apply a small amount to the Red Hex Grip Applicator. Apply the glaze to any painted and metal areas of the bike, no pressure is necessary, just even coverage. It will haze up in about a minute, and then you can wipe it away with almost zero effort using the Single Soft Towel. You will be amazed at how it makes paint, chrome, and metal pop!

To finish the detail, you will want to protect everything you just shined up. Adam's Buttery Wax will provide 1-2 months of protection per application in most environments, as a fast and easy way to add more gloss and protect the finish from bug guts and dirt. Having a good layer of wax will make the bike easier to clean up the next time - with just a bit of Waterless Wash, you'll watch those fresh bug guts wipe away no problem. Apply a few drops of Buttery Wax onto the Red Hex Grip Applicator, and apply it to the paint and metal in a thin, even layer. It will usually haze up within a minute or two, and then you can buff it away to an awesome finish with the Single Soft Towel.

The last step is to protect your seat! If you have a leather or vinyl covered seat, Adam's Leather Conditioner will keep it soft and looking great with SPF 65 protection. Adam's Leather Conditioner will darken leather, bringing it back to a rich, deep color, without feeling greasy. Simply apply a small amount to the second Microfiber Applicator Pad included in the kit, and work it into the seat surface evenly. Flip the applicator over to the clean side to buff away any unwanted amount of shine for a nice satin look to your leather or vinyl seat. Leather Conditioner also works great on saddlebags!

Adam's Motorcyle Kit will ensure your bike continues to look great for months and years to come, and it will be sure to put a smile on your face when you see how all of your hard work has paid off!

Pro-Tip: We do not recommend using Brilliant Glaze, Buttery Wax, or Revive Hand Polish on any matte paint finishes. Instead, use our Matte Detailer, sold separately.

Designed Specifically For Motorcycles

Designed to be the perfect collection of products in the correct size.

8oz Bottles

Easier to store and travel with.

Comes In A Bag

Designed to fit 8 bottles with the pads and applicators too!