Adam's Glass Sealant
With extended longevity, increase your visibility and peace of mind in rain storms with Adam’s Glass Sealant! 
  • Helps keep glass cleaner for longer
  • Water rolls away past 30 mph
  • Reduce the use of your wiper blades
  • Creates a slick surface modification for your glass
  • Protects your exterior glass for 4-6 months
  • Made in the USA

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          Customer Reviews

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          Adam’s Glass Sealant provides a crystal clear, protective coating over your glass surfaces to keep windshields cleaner longer. Not only does this reduce the stubborn bug buildup on the front, but it also makes your driving experience safer by providing crystal clear vision for months on end. Adam’s Glass Sealant is formulated using active silicone fluids and xylanes to provide a slick, uniform surface modification for your glass surfaces. By doing this, Adam’s Glass Sealant increases slickness and decreases surface tension on your exterior glass, ultimately allowing rain, water, and bugs to have a much more difficult time sticking to your window and exterior glass, and if they do, it’s much easier to clean them away!

          Adam’s Glass Sealant is an ultra-concentrated formula in 4oz pour top full of optical clarifiers to create a super slick surface on your exterior glass. By creating a non-stick hydrophobic surface it forces water to bead up and roll away, working so effectively that rain will simply blow off your glass at normal highway driving speeds without the use of your windshield wipers. Used in conjunction with our Adam's Glass Cleaner and Adam's Green Glass Towel your windows will stay cleaner for longer and look clearer than ever before.

          Adam’s Glass Sealant comes in a 4oz bottle to easily protect more than 5 vehicles full-sets of exterior glass. Use this product after proper preparation and surface cleaning with a clay bar and appropriate glass cleaning practices.

          Once complete, this product can be used in your household on shower doors, mirrors, and exterior home windows to prevent water spotting!


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