Adam's Fine Grade Clay Bar & Detail Spray Kit

A fine grade clay that will remove light contamination without marring your paint! Clay Bars are great for removing sap, embedded dirt, stuck on grim, and more unwanted particles that have latched onto your vehicle. With Adam's Fine Grade Clay Bar Kit & Detail Spray 16oz you can remove those specs to ensure your vehicle feels buttery smooth before applying your preferred wax, sealant, or ceramic. 

  • Super Soft, Ultra Fine Grade Material
  • Removes light contamination and grime with ease
  • Safely removes fallout, brake dust, hard water spots, or tree sap
  • Flexible enough for tight spots, durable enough for repeated use
  • Maximize look and feel of your sealants, waxes, and coatings
  • Perfect for glass, polished metal, clear plastics, or painted surfaces!
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People often ask whether or not they need to clay, or how often they need to— The better question to ask is where you park your vehicle when you’re not driving it! For instance, if you park outside, or in an unprotected/unshaded area, you’ll want to reach for a Clay Mitt due to convenience and the aggressiveness of it. If you park in a parking lot or in a parking structure, the Visco Clay Bar will be your tool of choice as there is a decent amount of particles in the air, but large buildings like apartments will guard some of the partial airborne materials. Let’s say you park your vehicle in a garage, or a Sunday cruiser that spends its life in the garage, the Fine Grade Clay bar.

We worked with the manufacturer to develop a specific clay for what we needed: a soft, yet durable clay for picking up the finer particles on your finish and restore the smoothness we all enjoy. 2-100 gram bars in the pack allows you to finish your vehicle and still have a bar left over for the next time you need it. This super soft clay will fit in the smaller, hard to reach areas and allow the clay to conform to the surface that you need to be cleansed.

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