Adam's Essentials Detail Kit
Adam's Essentials Detail Kit
Adam's Essentials Detail Kit
Adam's Essentials Detail Kit
Adam's Essentials Detail Kit

Adam's Essentials Detail Kit

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This hand-selected kit features our best sellers and the products that will leave you wanting gallons on your next visit.

  • Best Selling Kit & Great For Beginners!
  • Maintain the Value of Your Car with Proper Car Care
  • Everything you Need to Clean and Protect Your Car From Top to Bottom
  • Includes The Essentials for Maintenence Detailing
  • Interior & Exterior Products
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Cars can be expensive, but you can retain more value while making your car look its best with Adam's Essentials Car Detailing Kit. Plus, as our top selling kit, you surely won't be let down with the performance or the price. 


  • (1) Single Soft Towel
  • (2) Edgeless Utility Towels
  • (2) Borderless Grey Towels
  • (1) VRT Foam Block Applicator
  • (1) 16oz Super VRT
  • (1) 16oz Detail Spray
  • (1) Visco Clay Bar Kit
  • (1) 16oz Interior Detailer
  • (1) H2O Guard & Gloss
  • (1) 5 Gallon Car Wash Bucket with Grit Guard & Gamma Seal
  • (1) 10" Car Wash Pad
  • (1) Ultra Plush Drying Towel
  • (1) 16oz Car Shampoo
  • (1) 16oz ECO All Purpose Cleaner
  • (1) 16oz ECO Wheel Cleaner
  • (1) Red Wheel Brush
  • (1) Air Freshener Strawberry Scent

Adam's Essentials Car Detailing Kit makes car care fast and easy! That's because our best selling detailing kit includes the right tools to get the job done in five easy steps:

Exterior Care:
Single Soft Towel, Detail Spray & Visco Clay Bar:
Perfect for removing polish and wax residues or a quick wipe down with our legendary Detail Spray. Adam’s Single Soft Towels are made with a select blend of microfiber fabric for exceptional softness, durability, and a luxurious silk-banded edge to further reduce the chances of scratching sensitive paintwork.
Adam's Detail Spray is a safe and effective lubricant for Adam's Visco Clay. This powerhouse combo will clean and smooth your paint like no other paint cleaner can, removing fallout, overspray, rail dust and other contaminants that leave your finish rough or dull.

H2O Guard & Gloss & Borderless Grey Towels:
At 480 GSM, this premium 16" x 16" plush towel features a borderless design that does away with the satin stitched edges of other towels and gives you all the plushness you need to detail like a pro! This material is soft enough for even the most delicate surfaces, never introducing swirls or scratches and leaving behind a clean streak-free shine. Match our Borderless Grey Towel with Adam’s H2O Guard & Gloss. Adam's H20 Guard & Gloss delivers lasting protection and unmatched gloss in a unique water-activated formula that is fast and easy to apply. The incredibly effective blend of acrylic polymer resins and water activated nano-polymers leaves your paint slick and protected without the extra effort and hassle of traditionally applied sealants or waxes. The optical grade polymers won't stain exterior trim, and even leave rubber and plastic looking darker and protected from the elements.

Car Washing:
5 Gallon Car Wash Bucket with Grit Guard & Gamma Seal
All detailing enthusiasts upgrade from their hardware store bucket at some point, whether a weekend warrior or a professional detailer. For the standard safe washing process, the first step is the two bucket wash method! By using a dedicated, heavy-duty, premium bucket, you’re taking the first step to elevating your detailing expertise!

Adam's Grit Guard Insert fits perfectly in the bottom of your wash bucket and serves as a washboard for the wash pad, keeping dirt off your pad and your vehicle. For best results, rub the wash pad along the grit guard each time you dunk for more suds.
This Gamma Seal Lid is great if you ever need to transport your bucket or need a place to sit.

10" Car Wash Pad
Made of plush synthetic wool to ensure you are washing without introducing new swirls or scratches! If you want the sudsiest, satisfying car wash experience you've ever had, you're ready for the Adam's Professional Car Wash Pad. Our large, 10" by 10" pad holds a whopping 26 ounces of soapy Adam's Car Wash Shampoo wash water.

Ultra Plush Drying Towel
Adam's Ultra Plush Drying Towel is the perfect size to get the job done at a generous 29" x 36". Carefully fold the towel in half or in quarters with the thin side facing the surface. After rinsing your car clean of car Shampoo, mist the wet vehicle with a light amount of Detail Spray, which acts as a drying aid, minimizes the chance of water spots, and adds an extra kick of shine!

16oz Car Shampoo
Adam’s Car Shampoo is for the routine maintenance wash on your daily driver or a thorough cleaning before cleansing the paint with a Clay Bar or Mitt. Simplicity, versatility, and ease of use were the objectives for Adam’s Product Development Team when designing our Car Shampoo Formula. Whether you are a weekend warrior or car care expert, this product will work for you! No matter the setting, it can be used in full sun as well as any indoor setting.

Wheels & Tires:
VRT Foam Block Applicator & 16oz Super VRT
Want the power of detailing your vinyl, tire, rubber, plastic, and trim in the palm of your hand? So, did we! Introducing Adam’s Tire & Trim Block Applicator, a molded foam applicator that gives you control over your tire shine and trim dressings while letting you thoroughly cover the area you’re applying product!
Advances in polymer technology have allowed us to construct an advanced chemical formula that provides a low gloss appearance packed with SPF 35 UV surfactants that also repel water! With Adam’s VRT, you can now dress your tires, rubber, trim, and plastic components with a water-based dressing leaving a finish looking like the first day out of the factory!

16oz ECO Wheel Cleaner & Red Wheel Brush
Adam's NEW Eco Wheel Cleaner is a wheel cleaning formula combined with the cleaning technology of our Eco All Purpose Cleaner, making it the perfect option for cleaning delicate wheel finishes. Adam's Eco Wheel Cleaner will not stain your wheels. Whether your wheels are matte black, polished aluminum, chrome, powder coat, or any other custom finish, this cleaner is safe on all wheel finishes, provided that you read and follow the instructions before use.
The fully synthetic brush is tough on dirt, grime, debris, and brake dust, yet gentle on painted, chrome, powder coated, and polished wheels. The durable plastic handle is scratch and abrasion resistant and will not damage wheel finishes if accidentally rubbed on the surface. Our custom designed brush fibers are slightly more rigid than natural fibers, allowing them to more effectively agitate the cleaner and break the bonds of dirt and grime for a scratch-free cleaning job.

16oz Total Interior Detailer & Edgeless Utility Towels
Adam’s Interior Detailer safely removes smudges, oils, and dust from your interior surfaces to leave behind a factory-like finish. Using the Edgeless Utility towels, wipe down your non-porous surfaces, dashboards, door panels, and nav screens to complete your weekend detail.

16oz ECO All Purpose Cleaner
Adam’s Eco All Purpose Cleaner is a versatile cleaner that can be utilized on various detailing jobs. Adam’s Eco All Purpose Cleaner effectively cleans wheels, tires, wheel wells, engines, exhaust tips and more. When developing this product we wanted to make it chemically advanced for cleaning, but safe enough for household and repeated use. Eco All Purpose Cleaner contains EPA approved ingredients from Safer Choice that are Direct Release to the Environment safe!

Our Best Selling Kit

Looking to give our products a shot? This is the kit for you. We designed it to get you hooked.

7 Top-Notch Chemcials

We've included our top selling chemicals in this kit to complete a full detail.

Includes A Bucket

To achieve a flawless wash, you'll want to use this bucket with a Grit Guard included.