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Adam's Drencher Hose Nozzle

A water maximizing hose nozzle that drenches your vehicle with a delicate stream of water for quick rinsing.

  • Ergonomic Design
  • 1000 Precision Drilled Holes for Water Maximization
  • Premium Rubber O-Ring for Maximum Water Flow
  • High Quality, ABS Plastic & Stainless Steel Structure
  • Rubberized Face
  • 7.1 GPM Flow @ 40 PSI
  • 1.6 oz

The Drencher from Adam’s Polishes is a small but effective tool that is certain to be the next favorite tool in your weekend wash routine. Utilizing high-grade ABS plastic and a stainless steel face, this washing accessory amplifies your conventional garden hose and can pump over 7 gallons per minute. This not only allows you to rinse your vehicle with ease and have your waxes or sealants go to work with self-drying capabilities, but it also allows you to fill your bucket over 50% faster! Filling a 5 gallon bucket just got a rapid upgrade with this nozzle with a sub-40 second fill time!

The Drencher provides a soft, effective stream of water that douses the surface in a rush of water. The lightweight design is wrapped in an outer rubber ring that is perfect for fender, wheel, and tire rinsing to prevent harsh plastic edges from scratching the surface of your finish. This nozzle is ergonomic and fits in the palm of your hand, and the convenient size of it allows it to be nimble during the entire washing process!

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