Adam's Polishes Trim Coating

Adam's Ceramic Trim Coating | Darkens and Protects Exterior Trim

Adam's Trim Coating is a durable ceramic barrier that darkens and keeps trim looking new for a minimum of one year. Use it on plastic side mirrors, wiper cowls, bumper inserts, and even rubber trim around windows, leaving a nice satin, semi-gloss appearance. Once cured, the coating provides excellent hydrophobic properties that bead and repel water.



Q: How is this product used?

A: Like all ceramic coatings, preparation and application technique are very important. Read and follow the printed instructions, and watch the product video, prior to trying this product for the first time. Since this coating cures when exposed to air, the initial application needs to be correct.

Q: How is Trim Coating different than VRT?

A: The Trim Coating is a product that contains ceramics. It soaks into and bonds with the plastic trim, creating a very durable layer of protection that can last up to one year, while also darkening faded trim. VRT is a water-based trim dressing that temporarily improves the appearance of trim while providing some temporary protection. Since VRT is water-based, subsequent washing or rain will remove the dressing, requiring frequent re-application.

Q: Do I really need to do both cleaning steps?

A: YES! The visible results and longevity of the protection from the coating require that the trim be cleaned thoroughly, first with Tire & Rubber Cleaner, and then with the Coating Prep solution. Even trim on brand new vehicles needs to be clean thoroughly, since new plastics off-gas after manufacturing and leave a residue that would impede the trim coating.

Q: If the trim is really faded and needs two coats, do I wait for the first coat to cure?

A: No, a second coat can be applied after letting the first coat dry for an hour. However, you are not likely to need a second coat, as even really faded trim that was tested looked great with just one coat. Unlike sealants and waxes, there is no benefit to layering additional coats of Trim Coating.

Q: What happens if I get this on the paint next to the trim?

A: Wipe any coating off the paint with the plush towel within 30 seconds, so that it does not cure. If the coating is too sticky or smears when wiping off the paint, use some Brilliant Glaze on the towel to help remove the product from the paint.

Q: Why is the cure time so long?

A: The time that it takes for the coating to cure depends on ambient conditions (temperature, humidity, air flow, etc.). The recommended time frame of 24-48 hours would cover most typical application conditions. However, certainly use common sense (do not apply outside during winter temps). Also, be aware that simply having the coating dry to the touch does not mean it is cured. While it might feel dry in 20-30 minutes, the coating needs 24-48 hours to fully cure before getting damp/wet or getting exposed to residue from polishes or sealants that might be used on the paint.

Q: What is the hardness rating of this coating?

Adam’s Trim Coating has a hardness rating of 4H on the Pencil Hardness Test. This test determines resistance to scratches on a coated surface by using pencils and other materials of specific hardness ratings. A 4H rated coating is durable, but allows flexibility to be used on textured plastics and rubber trim. It is a semi-permanent barrier that bonds with trim that can very difficult to remove, which is why preparation work is extremely important when applying this coating.

Q: Is this product only for faded trim?

A: Nope. While this coating will darken faded trim, it’s a very durable layer of protection that will keep your trim from becoming faded in the first place. It is great for new trim, as it seals up the surface which makes cleaning easier, and it beads water! On brand-new vehicles, make sure to clean the trim thoroughly, since new plastics off-gas after manufacturing and leave a residue that would impede the trim coating.

Q: Can you still use VRT over the Trim Coating?

A: VRT would not be applied over trim that is coated. Since the coating effectively seals the trim, then the VRT would not soak in, and you would likely see the VRT run off the trim and onto the paint when washed or rained on. Plus, the coating would provide all the protection needed.

Q: Can H2O Guard & Gloss be layered over the Trim Coating?

A: Layering additional protection is not needed. The durability of the coating provides all the protection. It will not be an issue when you apply H2O Guard & Gloss to your paint and it also ends up on the coated trim.

Q: Can the applicator or towel be cleaned and reused?

A: No. The product cures hard and cannot be cleaned from the applicator or towel, so careful application is important. While additional applicators will be available for purchase, keep in mind that each applicator can be used for more than one application/vehicle, since each has 6 total sides. Just clean and prep all the trim first, then apply the coating to all the trim at one time, so the coating does not cure in the applicator while you are cleaning the next area of trim. The plush towel that is used to wipe any coating of adjacent painted areas cannot be cleaned, so it should be discarded.

Q: Why is this product so expensive?

A: Ceramic coatings are expensive, and our bottle is 50ml, which will provide enough product for multiple applications/vehicles, provide it is stored and maintained properly. Always replace the cap immediately after dispensing the product onto the applicator each time, and store the product in a cool, dark place.

Q: Why is it only offered in a kit?

A: Since the preparation/cleaning and application methods and techniques are important and unique for this product, we wanted the kit to have all the items needed to provide a good result. There was concern that initially selling individual bottles of coating and prep solution might result in customers that might not have the other required products, or that their existing towels might have other residues that could impede the cleaning/prep and the application of the coating. In addition, the plush towel that is used for wiping any product off paint will need to be discarded, since the coating will cure and cannot be cleaned out of the towel.

Q: Can Trim Coating be used on headlights?

A: No, this specific type of coating is not designed for application on headlights.

Q: Does it make plastic surfaces like running boards slippery?

A: No. The Trim Coating can be applied to plastic running board and tailgate step surfaces without leaving a slippery surface. In fact, testing on some of these surfaces showed that the surface had a little better grip than prior to coating.



It is imperative to have a COMPLETELY clean and de-oxidized surface before applying Adam’s Trim Coating. For the coating to adhere to the surface, work properly, and have a uniform appearance, cleaning is a must. Applying to a dirty surface can cause some areas to look dull or discolored compared to other areas. CLEAN FIRST!

1. Move vehicle indoors. Vehicle must remain dry for 24 hours after applying Adam’s Trim Coating for proper curing time.

2. Clean all trim to be coated by spraying Adam’s Tire & Rubber Cleaner directly into an Edgeless Utility Towel or onto the plastic trim surface, then scrub the area with moderate pressure to remove all dirt and oxidation.

3. Next, continue the cleaning process by using Adam’s Coating Prep to leave the trim surface bare and free of any residue.

4. Spray Adam’s Coating Prep directly into a second, clean Edgeless Utility Towel or onto the plastic trim surface, then wipe the entire area to remove any excess residue from the Tire & Rubber Cleaner used in Step 2.

5. Put on the set of supplied rubber gloves to avoid any coating contact with your skin – Adam’s Trim Coating will make the applicator sticky.

6. Pour several drops of Trim Coating onto the supplied microfiber applicator. Immediately secure the cap back onto the bottle to avoid premature curing of the product inside of the bottle.

7. Wipe the applicator onto one trim area at a time, using even pressure across the surface. Ensure that the Trim Coating has a uniform appearance. You may need to wipe back and forth several times to level the coating properly for an even, semi-gloss shine.

8. For any excess Trim Coating accidentally applied onto painted surfaces, use a Single Soft Microfiber Towel to quickly wipe away any residue – Do not allow Trim Coating to dry on any painted surfaces! Do not apply any other products to trim areas and do not exposure the vehicle to any moisture for 24 hours.

9. Repeat for remaining trim areas. Discard the microfiber applicator afterward. It is a single-use item that will harden as it dries when used with Adam’s Trim Coating. If a Single Soft Microfiber Towel was used to wipe away excess coating from paint, it may need to be discarded as well.

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