• How to wash your car in under30 minutes

• How the express wash ispossible because of a ceramiccoating

• What are the best tools to do anexpress wash

• How an Air Cannon saves timeduring drying

• Why and when you should perform an express wash on your vehicle

• What main areas to focus onduring express wash


Doing a full two bucket wash that takes a lot of time may not always be required. The 2020 Midnight Blue Jeep Trackhawk in the video is the perfect vehicle to do a DIY express wash at home. After applying Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating Advanced to the vehicle the previous day, the Trackhawk was on its way back to its prideful owner when the weather shifted and began to rain. During that 10 to 15 minutes worth of rain driving, the Jeep got dirty, but mainly the bottom half of the vehicle, the back liftgate, glass, and rear bumper. The condition of the Trackhawk wasn't all that bad, but for how much dirt and road grime was on the car, Adam didn't feel confident enough to use a Waterless Wash method to clean the car. There were too many pebbles, visible dirt, and grime, so DIY express wash in the driveway was the best option.

The goal of a DIY express wash is to get your vehicle back to looking great, quickly and efficiently while still be safe, so as to not introduce any damage. Always start with rinsing the wheels and tires, with the wheels and brakes cool to the touch. In this instance, the wheels are coated and the tires are treated with Graphene Tire Dressing, so any light dirt easily blasts away with just the pressure washer stream, meaning they don't need any heavy duty cleaners for removing large amounts of grime and brake dust. Next, rinse the vehicle top-down. Because of the Graphene Ceramic Coating, the pressure washer alone will remove a majority of the dirt and grime, due to the reduced surface tension and excellent water beading. Adam then spends extra time slowly rinsing below the belt-line and the rear hatch, since those areas are the most dirty on the Jeep.

Then we move onto foaming the vehicle with Graphene Shampoo and performing a quick wash, focusing on the dirty areas - doors, rocker panels, hatch, and rear bumper - followed by a quick rinse. Adam then lightly mists the entire vehicle exterior with Detail Spray to aid in the drying process and to help minimize the chance of water spots while drying. The Air Cannon is a crucial tool to utlize with the express wash, since it will quickly remove water from key areas where water pools up or hides in cracks and crevices, then you can quickly dry off and touch up the remaining areas with an Ultra Plush Drying Towel with a little more Detail Spray.

And just like that, Adam shows you how to do a DIY Express Wash in your driveway in under 30 minutes using only a handful of products. The pressure washer and Air Cannon are two big factors in cutting down the washing and drying time, as well as providing a safer process with less chance of scratching. Without them, you can expect to increase your time to about 45-60 minutes, but you will still save time over a full and thorough two bucket wash!


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